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Bermuda triangle

  1. 1. 1 archived as read more of time-travel at note: because important web-sites are frequently "here today but gone tomorrow", the following was archived from on November 20, 2001 . This is NOT an attempt to divert readers from the aforementioned website. Indeed, the reader should only read this back-up copy if the updated original cannot be found at the original author's site. The Bermuda Triangle Truth The Bermuda Triangle is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to the islands of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico, and then back to Florida. It is one of the biggest mysteries of our time that isn't really a mystery. The term "Bermuda Triangle" was first used in an article written by Vincent H. Gaddis for Argosy magazine in 1964. In the article, Gaddis claimed that in this strange sea a number of ships and planes had disappeared without explanation. Gaddis wasn't the first one to come to this conclusion, either. As early as 1952, George X. Sands -- in a report in Fate magazine -- noted what seemed like an unusually large number of strange accidents in that region. In 1969, John Wallace Spencer wrote a book called Limbo of the Lost specifically about the triangle. 2 years later, a feature documentary on the subject -- 'The Devil's Triangle' -- was released. These along with the bestseller The Bermuda Triangle (published in 1974) permanently registered the legend of the "Hoodoo Sea" within popular culture. Several books suggested that the disappearances were due to an intelligent, technologically advanced race living in space or under the sea. Phenomena noted in the area of the Bermuda Triangle included: ● glowing "white water" scanned from satellites ● a glowing green fog In my opinion, the Bermuda Triangle is obviously a space/time anomaly. It is linked to rips in the fabric of space/time created by the time travel experiments conducted during WWII.
  2. 2. 2 The Flight 19 Mystery 5 planes similar to these 'Avengers' disappeared in 1945. The tale of 'Flight 19' started on December 5th, 1945. 5 Avenger torpedo-bombers lifted into the air from the Navel Air Station at Fort Lauderdale, Florida at 2:10 in the afternoon. It was a routine practice mission. The flight was composed of all students except for the commander (a Lt. Charles Taylor). The mission called for Taylor and his group of 13 men to fly due East 56 miles to Hens and Chicken Shoals to conduct practice bombing runs. When they had completed that objective, the flight plan called for them to fly an additional 67 miles East, then turn North for 73 miles, and finally straight back to base -- a distance of 120 miles. This course would take them on a triangular path over the sea. About an hour-and-a-half after the flight had left, a Lt. Robert Cox picked up a radio transmission from Taylor. Taylor indicated that his compasses were not working, but he believed himself to be somewhere over the Florida Keys (the 'Keys' are a long chain of islands south of the Florida mainland). Cox urged him to fly North toward Miami, if Taylor was sure the flight was over the Keys. Planes today have a number of ways that they can check their current position including listening to a set of GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) in orbit around the Earth. It is almost impossible for a pilot to get lost if he has the right equipment and uses it properly. In 1945, though, planes flying over water had to depend on knowing their starting point, how long and fast they had flown, and in what direction. If a pilot made a mistake with any of these figures, he was lost. Over the ocean, there were no landmarks to set him right. Apparently Taylor had become confused at some point in the flight. He was an experienced pilot, but hadn't spent a lot of time flying East toward the Bahamas which was where he was going on that day. For some reason, Taylor apparently thought the flight had started out in the wrong direction and had headed South toward the Keys instead of East. This thought was to color his decisions throughout the rest of the flight with deadly results.
  3. 3. 3 The more Taylor took his flight North to try to get out of the Keys, the further out to sea the Avengers actually traveled. As time went on, snatches of transmissions were picked up on the mainland indicating the other Flight 19 pilots were trying to get Taylor to change course. "If we would just fly West," one student told another, "we would get home." He was right. By 4:45 pm, it was obvious to the people on the ground that Taylor was hopelessly lost. He was urged to turn control of the flight over to one of his students, but apparently he didn't. As it grew dark, communications deteriorated. From the few words that did get through, it was apparent Taylor was still flying North and East -- the wrong directions. At 5:50 pm, the ComGulf Sea Frontier Evaluation Center managed get a fix on Flight 19's weakening signals. It was apparently East of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. By then, communications were so poor that this information could not be passed to the lost planes. At 6:20, a "Dumbo Flying Boat" was dispatched to try and find Flight 19 and guide it back. Within the hour, 2 more planes -- Martin Mariners -- joined the search. Hope was rapidly fading for Flight 19 by then. The weather was getting rough and the Avengers were very low on fuel. The 2 Martin Mariners were supposed to rendezvous at the search zone. The second one -- designated 'Training 49' -- never showed up. The last transmission from Flight 19 was heard at 7:04 pm. Planes searched the area through the night and the next day. There was no sign of the Avengers. Nor did the authorities really expect to find much. The Avengers -- crashing when their fuel was exhausted -- would have been sent to the bottom in seconds by the 50-foot waves of the storm. As one of Taylor's colleagues noted, "they didn't call those planes 'Iron Birds' for nothing. They weighed 14,000 pounds empty. So when they ditched, they went down pretty fast." What happened to the missing Martin Mariner? Well, the crew of the SS Gaines Mill observed an explosion over the water shortly after the Mariner had taken off. They headed toward the site and there they saw what looked like oil and airplane debris floating on the surface. None of it was recovered because of the bad weather. But there seems little doubt this was the remains of the Mariner. The plane had a reputation as being a "flying bomb" which would burst into flame from even a single, small spark. Speculation is that one of 22 men on board -- unaware that the unpressurized cabin contained gas fumes -- lit a cigarette, causing the explosion.
  4. 4. 4 So how did this tragedy turn into a Bermuda Triangle mystery? The Navy's original investigation concluded the accident had been caused by Taylor's confusion. Taylor's mother refused to accept that and finally got the Navy to change the report to read that the disaster was for "causes or reasons unknown." This may have spared the woman's feelings, but it blurred the actual facts. The saga of Flight 19 is probably the most repeated story about the Bermuda Triangle. The planes and their pilots even found their way into the science fiction film classic "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Where is Flight 19 now? In 1991, 5 Avengers were found in 600 feet of water off the coast of Florida by the salvage ship Deep Sea. Examination of the planes showed that they were not Flight 19, however, so the final resting place of the planes and their crews is still the Bermuda Triangle's secret. The Bermuda Triangle The area of the Atlantic Ocean popularly referred to as the Bermuda Triangle is a complete enigma and has proven to be so for much of recorded history. Many seemingly inexplicable occurrences and disappearances have taken place in this particular area. No rational explanation that will satisfy the materialistic parameters of the typical scientist has been offered that would account for all the mysterious happenings that have taken place in the Bermuda Triangle during the course of many thousands of years. Where is the Bermuda Triangle? Many of us believe that the Bermuda Triangle is situated more-or-less in the middle of an area of the Atlantic Ocean that once housed Atlantis. While many eminent Atlantean authorities express differing opinions and ideas as to precisely where Atlantis was situated, I would like to refer to a reading given by Edgar Cayce in 1932: "The position that the continent of Atlantis occupied is between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco, British Honduras, Yucatan, and America. There are some protruding portions that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West Indies (or the Bahamas) are a portion of same that may be seen in the present. If the geological survey would be made in some of these especially -- or notably in Bimini and in the Gulf Stream through this vicinity -- these may be even yet determined". When Atlantis was destroyed, it sank to the very bottom of the ocean. While the ruined temples now play host to multitudinous underwater creatures, the great Atlantean fire-crystals that once provided so much of the tremendous power and energy that was found in Atlantis long ago still exist. And they are still emitting strong energy beams into the Universe. Unfortunately, however, when the destruction occurred some of these fire-crystals were partially damaged, which has resulted in them only being able to project their energy rays at random. It is said that each fire-crystal would have been at least 20-feet high and some 8-feet wide. In Atlantis, these fire-
  5. 5. 5 crystals would have been erected in a series of three, thus creating a vortex of astronomical energy and a power of the first magnitude! From time-to-time, the force field emitted by these damaged Atlantean fire-crystals becomes very powerful and any plane or ship coming within the influence of this force field disintegrates and is transformed into pure energy. Hence the inexplicable and mysterious disappearances that has very often been blamed on the area of the ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle! Some scientists have advanced the theory that many of the planes and ships that have been lost and that have disappeared within the Bermuda Triangle have been transported into some kind of Black Hole or time warp. And it's true. On a few rare occasions, ships that had been reported as having vanished have actually returned. The crew members, though, have all appeared to be insane, incoherent, and babbling wild stories. This has occurred because there are certain times when the force field projected by the Atlantean fire-crystals is not strong enough to effect total disintegration. Mental disorientation results instead! It is very similar to someone who receives an overdose from a shock treatment to the brain. Not enough, perhaps, to kill or destroy the person. But enough to seriously damage the brain structure and to cause insanity and other forms of madness. The ramblings that all these crew members have related are hallucinations, thoughts of fear and of unknown indescribable horrors with which their minds cannot possibly cope. In addition to the damaged Atlantean Fire-Crystals, the Timekeeper Crystal still stands guard within the ruined Atlantean Temple of Healing. The great Timekeeper Crystal, however, does not project its energies in the same way as the fire-crystals because it is hermetically sealed. The Timekeeper Crystal is waiting patiently for the time which is yet to come when once again it will play its important role in the affairs of the World! In 1970, Dr. Ray Brown -- a naturopathic practitioner from Mesa, Arizona -- went scuba-diving with some friends near the Bari Islands in the Bahamas, close to a popular area known as the "Tongue of the Ocean". During one of his dives, Brown became separated from his friends and while searching for them he was startled when he came across a strange pyramid shape silhouetted against the aquamarine light. Upon investigating further, Brown was surprised by how smooth and mirror-like was the stone surface of the whole structure, with the joints between the individual blocks almost indiscernible. Swimming around the capstone which Brown thought might have been lapis lazuli, he discovered an entrance and decided to explore inside. Passing along a narrow hallway, Brown finally came to a small rectangular room with a pyramid-shaped ceiling. He was totally amazed that this room contained no algae or coral growing on the inner walls. They were completely spotless! In addition, though Brown had brought no torch with him, he could nevertheless see everything in the room with his normal eyesight. The room was well lit, but no direct light source was visible. Brown's attention was drawn to a brassy metallic rod 3 inches in diameter hanging down from the apex of the center of the room and at its end was attached a many-facetted red gem, which tapered to a point. Directly below this rod and gem sitting in the middle of the room was a stand of carved stone
  6. 6. 6 topped by a stone plate with scrolled ends. On the plate there was a pair of carved metal bronze-colored hands, life-sized, which appeared blackened and burnt as if having been subjected to tremendous heat. Nestled in the hand, and situated 4 feet directly below the ceiling rod gem point was a crystal sphere 4 inches in diameter. Brown tried to loosen the ceiling rod and red gemstone but neither would move. Returning to the crystal sphere, he found -- to his amazement -- that it separated easily from the bronze hand holders. With the crystal sphere in his right hand he then made his way out of the pyramid. As he departed, Brown felt an unseen presence and heard a voice telling him never to return! Fearing, rightly, that his unusual prize might be confiscated as salvage-treasure by the American Government, Dr. Brown did not reveal the existence of his strange crystal sphere. Nor did he relate his experiences until 1975 when he exhibited his crystal for the first time at a psychic seminar in Phoenix. Since that time, the crystal sphere has made only a very few public appearances. But on each occasion, people who have seen it have experienced strange phenomena directly associated with it. Deep inside the crystal form, one gazes upon 3 pyramidical images, one in front of the other in decreasing sizes. Some people who enter a deep meditative state of consciousness are able to discern a 4th pyramid in the foreground of the other three. Elizabeth Bacon -- a New York psychic -- claimed while in trance the crystal sphere had once belonged to Thoth, the Egyptian God who was responsible for burying a secret vault of knowledge in Giza near the 3 great Pyramids. Perhaps the positions of the 3 pyramidical images in the crystal sphere hold the long-sought key to finding a fourth, as yet unfound. Looking at the crystal sphere from the side, the internal images dissolve into thousands of tiny fracture lines. Brown feels that these may prove to be electrical in nature like some form of microscopic circuitry. From yet another angle and under special conditions, many people have been able to see a large single human eye staring out serenely at them. Photographs of this eye have also been taken! Dr. Brown's crystal sphere has been the source of a wide variety of paranormal and mysterious occurrences. People have felt breezes or winds blowing close to it. Both cold and warm layers surround it at various distances. Other witnesses have observed phantom lights, heard voices, or felt strange tingling sensations surrounding it. A compass needle -- when placed next to the crystal sphere -- will spin counter-clockwise, then commence turning in the opposite direction when moved only inches away. Metals become temporarily magnetized when they come into close contact with the sphere. There are even recorded instances where healing has taken place by merely touching the sphere. Seismographic surveys carried out across the Atlantic Ocean have shown that there are many deviations and unexplained contours to be found right at the bottom of the ocean. Perhaps Brown's Bahamas pyramid once formed part of Atlantis. It has been suggested that this sunken pyramid once attracted, accumulated, and even generated some form of cosmic force. The suspended rod may have conducted forces accumulated in the capstone. The faceted red gem at its end may have been used to concentrate and project the energies to the crystal sphere below it. The burnt and blackened hands -- showing the evidence of an energy transfer -- probably amplified the release of these energies while the crystal sphere acted as the tuner and broadcaster of the energies.
  7. 7. 7 In 1933, Edgar Cayce suggested in two readings that the Atlanteans possessed some form of atomic power and radioactive forces: "Through the same form of fire the bodies of individuals were regenerated by burning, through application of rays from stone, the influences that brought destructive forces to an animal organism. Hence the body often rejuvenated itself and it remained in that land until the eventual destruction, joining with the peoples who made for the breaking up of the land, or joining with Belial at the final destruction of the land. In this, the entity lost. At first, it was not the intention nor desire for destructive forces. Later it was for ascension of power itself. "As for a description of the manner of construction of the stone, we find it was a large cylindrical glass (as would be termed today), cut with facets in such manner that the capstone or force that concentrated between the end of the cylinder and the capstone itself. "As indicated, the records as to ways of constructing same are in 3 places in the earth, as it stands today: in the sunken portion of Atlantis (or Poseidia) where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered under the slime of ages of seawater near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida. And (secondly) in the temple records that were in Egypt, where the entity acted later in cooperation with others towards preserving the records that came from the land where these had been kept. Also (thirdly) the records that were carried to what is now Yucatan in America, where these stones (which they know so little about) are now -- during the last few months -- being uncovered." (December 20, 1933) One particularly interesting piece of information in the above reading is the reference to Bimini. In 1969, steps were discovered leading down under the ocean at Bimini. These have always been believed to have once formed part of Atlantis although it appears that little further excavations or explorations have ever taken place on this site. But -- and really it is not too big a "but" -- it does seem that the balance of probability is firmly tilted towards the supposition that Atlantis was more than a legend -- that in reality it was a historical fact. In the meantime, however, the damaged Atlantean fire-crystals will continue from time -to-time to have an effect upon some of the planes and ships which pass through the area known as the "Bermuda Triangle". if on the Internet, press <BACK> on your browser to return to the previous page (or go to else if accessing these files from the CD in a MS-Word session, simply <CLOSE> this file's window-session; the previous window-session should still remain 'active'