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indoorDIRECT Media Kit


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Indoor Direct, Inc. (“indoorDIRECT”) produces “theBITE”, a national in-store
television show that delivers short clips of sports, music, entertainment, and lifestyle
content to over 150 million consumers annually. “theBITE” is currently distributed in the nation’s top 30 DMAs to more than one thousand major quick-service restaurants
nationwide including; Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Denny’s, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, McDonald’s,
KFC and Arby’s. Free Wi-Fi is currently being provided to customers in select locations
and plans are underway to expand free Wi-Fi access nationwide.

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indoorDIRECT Media Kit

  1. 1. MEDIA KIT
  2. 2. indoorDIRECT, named on Adweek’s Top 10 Hot List, owns and operates the Restaurant EntertainmentNetwork in soon to be nearly 2,500 Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) throughout the country, and entertainsmore than 36 million dining room guests per month. The Restaurant Entertainment Network features twodistinct hosted shows, theBITE and theBITE Weekend, a mix of music, entertainment, sports, technology,lifestyle and family-friendly content. DINING ROOM NETWORK POINT OF SALE NETWORK We place two LCD flat screens in the restaurant dining room Full motion digital promotions solutions placed at the point that air a hosted mix of content and advertising. of sale. Generic and customized content can tailor the programming You can use the Point of Purchase Screen to showcase calls- according to store demographics (including multi-lingual to-action like visiting a website, integrating mobile and social options). media campaigns and TV tune-in messages. While the restaurant customers are sitting in the dining Nielsen research shows that the promotional screen has a room, you can promote and reinforce: significant affect on consumer behavior. • Traditional Commercial Placement • Mobile Extensions • Branded Content • In-Store Promotions (trayliners, table tents, window decals and • Geo-targeted Calls to Action sampling) • Hosted Integration & Product placement SCREEN PLACEMENT Dining Room Typically, the screens are installed at three Location 1 touch points throughout the restaurant to maximize the diner’s viewing impact. One screen is placed at the order counter or the Point of Sale. Two screens are strategically placed in the dining room to make up the Dining Promotion Room Network. Board Dining Room Location Location 2
  3. 3. CURRENT 2011 DISTRIBUTION 6 San Francisco 107 TOTAL LOCATIONS 21 St. Louis 58 TOTAL LOCATIONS 24 Baltimore 57 TOTAL LOCATIONS 1 New York 18 TOTAL LOCATIONS WE COVER 8 2 Los Angeles 18 Denver 26 Indianapolis 9 Washington D.C. OF THE TOP 10 181 39 35 92 TOTAL LOCATIONS TOTAL LOCATIONS TOTAL LOCATIONS TOTAL LOCATIONS DMAs. THE NETWORK GARNERS MORE THAN 21 MILLION IMPRESSIONS MONTHLY. 27 San Diego 5 Dallas/Ft.Worth 8 Atlanta 25 Charlotte 62 63 35 30 TOTAL LOCATIONS TOTAL LOCATIONS TOTAL LOCATIONS TOTAL LOCATIONS Audience numbers 12 Phoenix 10 Houston 30 Nashville 13 Tampa based on current store 66 5 48 51 TOTAL LOCATIONS TOTAL LOCATIONS TOTAL LOCATIONS TOTAL LOCATIONS count/per market.RESTAURANT PARTNERSCONTENT PARTNERS Partial List
  4. 4. AUDIENCE PROFILE Core Demographic: A18-49 48% $70k 25 minutes 52% 50% have children/teens at home Average HHI Average dwell time in the dining roomIMPORTANT FINDINGS Source: 2009 Nielsen Audience Survey 79% 53% 64% watched the program recalled at least one ad of viewers were more interested in tuning in to a TV show advertised on the theBITE. 40% 33% 65%are more likely to pay attention are more likely to buy a of viewers feel theBITE is to a commercial on theBITE product/service advertised on a smart way to advertise than in movie theaters theBITE than on TV at homeCONTACT:Brian Hasenbauer, Vice President of Marketing | | 214.580.4920
  5. 5. Advertisement Specifications Media must be submitted at least (5) five business days prior to run dateDINING ROOM SCREENS 1 MAIN CONTENT WINDOW Standard Definition 1 2 File Type: Quicktime (.mov) or MPEG-4 (.mp4) Codec: H.264 Frame Rate: 29.97 fps Resolution: 720 x 480 High Definition File Type: Quicktime (.mov) or MPEG-4 (.mp4) 3 Codec: H.264 Frame Rate: 29.97 fps 3a Resolution: 1280 x 720 (720p) 4 2 DINING COMPANION BANNER File Type: .jpeg, .png or .swf Banner Dimensions: 475 x 360POINT OF SALE SCREENS Color Space/Mode: RGB Resolution: Still Images: 300 dpi Animated: 72 dpi 3 WEATHER OVERLAY 5 File Type: .png, .psd, .eps, .jpeg or .gif or template selection info Resolution: 300 dpi Dimensions: 475 x 225 3a Weather Logo Only Dimensions: 153 x 106 4 TICKER LOGO File Type: .png Dimensions: 186 x 69 Resolution: 300 dpiMEDIA ASSET DELIVERY 5 POINT-OF-SALE COMPANION BANNER File Type: .jpeg, .png or .swfFTP Banner Dimensions: 486 x 582 Color Space/Mode: RGBIf you are using a web browser go to: Resolution: Still Images: 300 dpi Animated: 72 dpiIf you are using an FTP client go to: custom login and password will be provided byDiane Leland. Please contact Diane at 214.580.4934 POSTAL MAILor Tape Format: Standard Definition NTSC on Beta SP Please do not send files over 1 GB in size to our FTP* Server due to storage allocation. For alternate delivery Please ship to: indoorDIRECT Attn: Lisa King methods for larger files, please contact Lisa King at 12404 Park Central Drive, Ste. 301 214.580.4922 or Dallas, TX 75251