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  1. 1. Diya Systems: Growing IT company in Mangalore Monday, January 31, 2011By Sreemita BhattacharyaShe is the managing director of Mangalore’s second largest IT company and winner of prestigious awards like the High Performing Women IT Entrepreneur Award 2010, among others. An inspiration to many, Indira Ravichandran could well be said to have mastered the art of balancing family and business without risking as much as a scar on any of them.Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and development center in Mangalore, Diya Systems (Mangalore) Pvt. Ltd (GlowTouch Technologies) offers consultancy services, software development services and offshore technology support and development services to SMEs around the globe. The US$8.4 million valued company also has offices in Palo Alto-California and Nashville-Tennessee. Recently, Diya Systems bagged the award for the STPI Best Performer – Mangalore Region for operating from Tier–II/III Region for 2009-10, for the third consecutive time.Bizxchange was privileged enough to interview the wonder-woman. Here are excerpts from the interview:Please share with us what went into the setting up of Diya Systems (Mangalore) Pvt. Ltd?Well, it all began when my husband, a professor of Botany, was offered a scholarship by an US-based University to pursue higher studies. I accompanied him to the US and there I started working for a printing-based firm. I was intrigued by the entire process of printing and publishing. After I returned to India, I wanted to do something on my own. So, I started working with my father-in-law in his publishing house. However, later my husband and I started our own publishing firm called Sri Guru Publishing House which was engaged in printing and distribution of school and college text books, digest books and the like. Very soon we became a popular name in South India in the publishing sector.Then we started our next company, Sri Guru Laser (SGL) Tech with which we forayed into the desktop publication segment. With our next venture SG Computers, we became a reseller partner of Wipro, HP and channel partner of Satyam. But after that we decided to merge our SGL Tech and Computers division to meet market requirements and constituted Sri Guru Infotech which was our stepping stone into the software development segment.Later on, my son who is based in the US and holds a prominent rank in one of the world’s biggest Web hosting companies suggested that we start offering software development services for US-based clients and it was then that we floated the company Diya Systems (Mangalore) Pvt. Ltd.What were the initial challenges?Initially we faced a lot of financial crunch and also workforce was somewhat of an issue. But by God’s grace, today we are financially very sound and manpower is no more a problem in Mangalore. In fact, our company, which employs over 800 people, endeavours to recruit local people to enhance job prospects in Karnataka. We have also managed to ensure a very low attrition rate in the company.To whom would you like to dedicate all the awards and accolades that Diya Systems has received since inception?All the credit for the company’s success and my own personal success goes to my employees. I dedicate all the accolades to them because it is by virtue of their hard work that Diya Systems is where it is today. In fact I often say this, Diya Systems is not a boss-staff company, it is a family and here we cater to the personal requirements of our employees out of gratitude for their services.Over the years, we have received some of the most prestigious awards in the IT industry. In 2010, for the second consecutive time we were awarded for being among the nation’s fast growing private companies by Inc. magazine. We have bagged awards from the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry and from the Government of India and Department of IT & BT., Karnataka government.So would you say you were blessed with family support?I definitely received and continue to receive plenty of support from my family members. Today my husband is the CEO of Diya Systems, my daughter is the president of the company and is engaged in US-based operations. My son is one of my clients now. But I also received immense support from the government and the the local people.What has been the biggest achievement of the company?Well, our biggest achievement I would say is the fact that we have managed to retain the support of people who were with us almost 10-15 years ago.Please give some tips to budding entrepreneurs.My suggestion to budding entrepreneurs will be learn to be focussed in your visions and aspirations. Have faith on your employees and co-workers and be dedicated to your company.Tags - Indira Ravichandran, IT company, Women IT Entrepreneur, Bizxchange, Diya Systems (Mangalore) Pvt. Ltd, GlowTouch Technologies, Bizxchange, Success Stories, entrepreneurs, small companies, IT sector, IT companies,<br />Tags: <br />Indira Ravichandran  Women IT Entrepreneur  Success Stories  small companies  IT sector  IT company  <br />The First StepThey say taking the first step is the hardest. In fact when women go out and become entrepreneurs, believe me, that first step gets even harder! But I feel every woman should make an effort to take that first step.Becoming an entrepreneur also means taking charge of the money matters. Money management is often a mysterious and a difficult task. Remember we lead by example, so if we are bold enough to step out and take money matters in our hands, so will our children. Isn’t it our duty to raise confident, well-rounded children, who have high self-esteem? We want our kids to go out and find financial freedom and independence, so why shouldn’t we set the example?I knew next to nothing about finance or money matters when I first started my boutique. But as time passed I learnt a lot. Its important to know how much ( or how little) you know, and then to go out and top up that knowledge. I took short courses on financial planning and money management, talked to people who were already running their own businesses. Yes, I took in every bit of information. Some of it worked for me, some didn’t. But I came out richer regardless.What is really important is NOT to be afraid. Go out and seek. I assure you, you will find. It’s fear that prohibits most people from taking that first step. Take it from me, if you take that first step, you are sure to learn. <br />CHENNAI: The hall at Hotel Savera was crammed with people on Thursday. Not for a party or wedding, but to catch a glimpse of the articles on display at the ‘Meena Bazaar,’ an exhibition organised by Rajasthan Cosmo Club, a non-profit social organisation.The two-day event, aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among women, has about 60 stalls by women entrepreneurs and housewives. For those on the look out for exotic jewellery, the exhibition provides a wide choice.Several stalls showcase dazzling jewels such as bridal, designer, antique kundan and contemporary collection to suit every one’s tastes. Though diamond and gold studded with precious stones dominate the fair, there is also jewellery such as jhumkas studded with rubies and emeralds priced Rs.2, 000 onwards and silver jewels for budgeters.Handcrafted ornaments made from recycled paper were a big attraction. A women entrepreneur Usha Natrajan said paper jewellery is gaining popularity among youngsters as it is both eco-friendly and also comes with a modest price tag. Women and children swarmed the stalls that offered varieties of clothes from designer wear to cotton saris and salwars. The colourful rakhis with motifs of cartoon characters like goofy and mickey mouse made by Guddi of Sowcarpet needs special mention. Others articles on display include home furnishing, utility items, fashion jewellery and electronic goods. Club’s president Ramesh Dugar said it was the fifth exhibition hosted by the club. About 6,000 people are expected to visit the expo. The proceeds of the exhibition, estimated at Rs.5 lakh, would go to the cloth bank run by the club.<br />present days opportunities especially for women are more found in the financial services industry and especially in the insurance industry. the government has opened the gates of life and general private insurance companies. and since then there are 2.5 lakh women employed in this industry. as a financial advisor the women can become their own boss, start their business without any investment, flexiblity of time, money and recognition are in plenty.if you are one who would wanna make it in this industry mail to : nikiljanarthan@gmail.com<br />I feel like quite a juggler! Its hard to keep balancing work / life and striking the right balance every day, day after day! Just when you think you?ve got it right, someone else points out that you haven?t! Or something goes drastically wrong, and you are left wondering again?Time Management is the most critical factor when it comes to work / life balance. It?s important to define your own ?mantra? to stay in balance everyday. After all one has to strike the right balance, be it at work, at home, with the family or even with friends.Funnily, I never thought about work / life balance in my life until recently. For a long time now, my life has been all about work from the time I wake up till I go to sleep. I enjoy work so treating it as my life was never a problem. But this changed, as soon as my little bundle of joy arrived! Without realizing, I became a master juggler. And what followed thereafter was a sense of dissatisfaction. I somehow felt I wasn?t doing justice either to my work or my daughter. Not to mention the brooding husband and in laws.I realized this when a friend pointed out how stressed out I was looking. That is when I took a conscious decision to prioritize. Since then things have been a bit better. But I really would love to hear from all of you out there, how you cope. I?m sure there are lots of women out there who are facing the same problem as me. Can we network and exchange ideas on how to strike the right chord when it comes to work / life balance?<br />Comments (1)<br />Shashi Patil,<br />hi frd,i had d task of running a sick biz whose interest hd more than doubled the principle.with 2 kids a ever supportive mom n very critising hubby my world was ltd 2 biz kichen n kids 4 yrs.now biz is gud hubby has taken over feel as if my baby has been snached away 4m me feel idle n helpless. <br />