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Mobile comics


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Mobile comics

  1. 1. Mobile Comics (Momics)<br />leftcenterMobile Comics refers to the digital way to access the comic on the mobile phone. It is also called Momics. It is required animation and graphical skills to give good appearance of comic on mobile phone. Approximately 10 million comics are sold every year through traditional manner. But through new way Industry has given the new face to read comics on the mobile phone.<br />On an average every day people spent 1 hr. in traveling. So for making their journey more enjoyable various companies initiated with Momics services like-: Airtel, World Disney etc. one more reason behind the industry initiate towards momics world that is CSR. Through this they can save trees as momics does not have any requirement of paper, which result into save trees.<br />With the digital /mobile media, service providers augmenting the personalization and outreach in all respects, the comics books market should witness at least a 50% appreciation in market size over the next three or four years.<br />Tata Docomo is the first mover in this segment and Airtel also inspired from Docomo and launched its own game and comic portal which can be accessed through Airtel Live through Airtel subscribers.<br />With some innovation and 3G technology many Smart phones have been in the line to provide momics services. The market is estimated at about 25% of the current and 600 million telecome subscribers and it’s a huge audience.<br />Mogee Digital is the largest player in this Segment today, which involves under folks, methodology, history, fiction et al. some of the famous momics includes Akbar Birbal and Bal hanuman et al.<br /> <br />