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  • Note Growth of 70% Highest ever recorded in growth in history of AIESEC India.
  • AIESEC Indore, Ahemdabad, and Chandigarh sent late Audit. AIESEC IIT KGP sent Audit in wrong Format Banglore not sent.
  • Case study Stats I.R analysis Wiki
  • Nsc sona i gcdp 2012

    1. 1.          SONA iGCDP  
    2. 2. Content• Global Performance.• Quarter wise RMR update.• Over all Performance.• Growth Drivers Update.• Financial Sustainability.• Information Management Update.• Exchange to client ratio.• Top oGCDP Suppliers.• Recognition to LC’s.• Over all LC’s Performance.
    3. 3. Global Performance
    4. 4. Programme Performance (Raises) Q1 ,Q2 & Q3 (10/11/12)
    5. 5. Programme Performance (Matches) Q1,Q2&Q3 (10/11/12)
    6. 6. Programme Performance (Realization) Q1,Q2&Q3 (10/11/12)
    7. 7. Overall Performance Analysis500045004000350030002500200015001000 500 0 Raises Matches Realizations 10 2928 1177 1204 11 4109 1318 1418 12 4700 2250 2400
    8. 8. Inferences•AIESEC India has shown growth of 70% in terms ofnumber of experiences delivered. However, the quality ofthese experiences is still a concern area.• Raise form with right kind of expectation with define jobrole.• Current delivery rate is 50%.• Most of the LC’s are focusing on Adhoc forms which areundelivered.
    9. 9. Growth Drivers UpdateLC successfully pioneering in financial sustainability are:-AIESEC Delhi UniversityAIESEC IndoreAIESEC Ahemdabad. National and Regional Projects:- Currently 13 Lc’s are involved in national projects:- Regional Projects:- Forms to be uploaded by 1st week of October. Delivery for Q1 Total x:- 1246 and rest Adhoc.Collaboration with the Government of particular sector for showcasingImpact:-AIESEC Lucknow:- LSG.AIESEC DU:- IC’S, NSS”AIESEC Baroda:- Umbrella NGO, GAIL, Sterling, Gujarat tourism.AIESEC IITKGP:- Government NGO.AIESEC kolkata:- Umbrella Ngo.AIESEC Indore:- State tourism.
    10. 10. Financial sustainability Local From From VP Local From From VP Chapter VPF iGCDP Chapter VP F iGCDPIndore 209571 136160 Chennai 281250 90,000Jaipur 68780 30,000 Delhi IIT 47000 No DataKolkata 5843 25,000 DU 18250 2,85,400Manipal 123664 15713 Hyderabad 48750 67,190UniversityMumbai 26500 76800 Jalandhar 31139 8000Banglore Late Audit 30700 Lucknow 74580 1100IIT KGP Late Audit 10,000 Pune 102565 9000Chandigarh Late Audit 1,00,000 Surat 143740 7000Ahemdabad Late Audit 146350 Baroda 142500 83750
    11. 11. Inferences• LC like AIESEC Indore, Kolkata and Jaipur is more financially soundto deliver experience. This Lc’s have sold projects and events to raisefunds.• AIESEC Ahemdabad have cleared MC Dues through iGCDP.• Out of 19 LC’s only 5 Lc’s are financially sustained.• Lc’s are not planning and restricting there Budget for iGCDP.• LC’s need to stop doing Free Exchanges and start charging Tn Feesfrom client.• Generating a surplus is not prohibited, is a need for growth and itscool 
    12. 12. I.M
    13. 13. X: Client
    14. 14. Inferences• Focus on increasing number of clients andincreasing standardized job role to deliver highquality experience.• In total we have 210 Clients to deliver 2400Exchanges. Ideal number should be 1:6• There have been quality issues place due topoor logistic and less number of clients.
    15. 15. Top oGCDP Suppliers
    16. 16. TOP LC’sFinancial Sustainability Quality Delivery Experience Delivery1) Delhi University 2) AIESEC HYDERABAD
    17. 17. Over all Inferences• Poor Delivery of Job role to interns during Summer Cycle.•Over all 18 case was about to be presented to ICB.•70% Growth in iGCDP.•Delivery of Trainee Conference.• Successfully Delivery of Nationalized Projects. We did 1246 experiencedelivery through nationalized projects.•Most of the lc’s are running programme in loss.•Need to focus on Q4 and Delivery of Q1.•Currently we are Catering to more then 10 issues.•Need to standardized job role for National and Regional Projects.
    18. 18. Questions?