Architecture nata jee top colleges entrance exam


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Architecture nata jee top colleges entrance exam

  2. 2. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492What is Architecture ?Architecture is a study which deals withplanning, designing and constructionof building and structures like houses,apartments, offices and industrial complexes,hospitals, hotels, airport terminals, stadiums,commercial complexes, schools, etc.Specialisations in Architecture can be dividedinto industrial design, urban design, landscapearchitecture, town planning, environmentalplanning, building engineering and transportplanning etc.
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  4. 4. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492How is Architecture as aprofession in India ?Looking at India’s growth ineconomical and industrialgrowth, we can safely say thatthe future career prospects ofarchitects are safe and secure.
  5. 5. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492What are the Job Opportunities for an architect?Architects are responsible for the functional, safety,economical aspects of a building and if they make aname fulfilling all the three aspects, then their careercan be on a roll. Looking at India’s growth in economicaland industrial growth, we can safely say that the futurecareer prospects of architects are safe and secure. In thegovernment sector, an architect can work with the centraland state public work departments, housing and urbandevelopment corporation, municipalities, city developmentauthorities and state housing boards. In the private sector,industrial ventures, consultancy and private architecturalfirms, teaching institutions, real estate development firmsetc. The most privileged scope in the field of architectureis private practice. With some years of experience in anorganisation, the architects can set up their own business.
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  7. 7. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492Are the number of graduates fromarchitecture colleges enough for India?As far as architects are concerned,there is a huge gap in the demandand supply. Annual requirementprojections of architects standsover 10,000 which is expectedto rise further and the trainingfacilities available are still short.
  8. 8. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492Places where Architects workEmployment opportunities for architects are available ingovernment as well as private sectors. Some of the governmentorganisations include Public Works Department, theArchaeological Department, Ministry of Defence, Departmentsof Railways, Post and Telegraphs, Public Sector Undertakings,National Building Organisation, Town and Country PlanningOrganisation, National Institute of Urban Affairs, Housing andUrban Development Corporation, National Building ConstructionCorporation Ltd., City Development Authorities etc. Besidesthese organisations, various other institutes and agencies likeState Departments, Housing Boards, Local Bodies responsible forconstruction works also recruit architects.Openings in the private sector exist with the Builders, ArchitectureFirms, Consultants etc. Architects with some experience can evenset up their own business as Consultants and Contractors.
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  10. 10. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492NATANational Aptitude Test in ArchitectureThe National Aptitude Test in Architecture(NATA) measures the aptitude of theapplicant for specific field of study,i.e. Architecture. The test measuresdrawing and observation skills, senseof proportion, aesthetic sensitivity andcritical thinking ability, that have beenacquired over a long period of time, andthat are related to specific field of study,i.e. Architecture.
  11. 11. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492ELIGIBILITYAny person having passed SSC (Std X) or equivalentexamination can appear for NATA, however,candidates having minimum 50% marks in 10+2 orequivalent examination with mathematics as oneof the subject, only are eligible for admission toB.Arch. Course.NATANational Aptitude Test in Architecture
  12. 12. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492TEST CONTENTThe test is in two parts. A paperbased drawing test and computerbased online aesthetic sensitivity test.The test measures aptitude of thecandidate through two sections - apaper based section for drawing andcomputer based section for aestheticsensitivity.NATANational Aptitude Test in Architecture
  13. 13. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492This is a two hour paper where candidate has to attempt threequestions. The drawing aptitude is judged on the following aspects -• Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering thesame in visually appealing manner.• Visualising and drawing the effects of light on the object andshadows cast on surroundings.• Sense of perspective drawing.• Combining and composing given three dimensional elements toform a building or structural form.• Creating interesting two dimensional composition using givenshapes and• Creating visual harmony using colours in given composition.• Understanding of scale and proportions.• Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day today experiences.DRAWING TESTNATANational Aptitude Test in Architecture
  14. 14. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492This is computer based test where candidate has to answer 40multiple choice questions.The aesthetic sensitivity test measures perception, imagination andobservation, creativity and communication along with architecturalawareness and comprises of -• Visualising three dimensional objects from two dimensionaldrawings.• Visualising different sides of three dimensional objects.• Identifying commonly used materials and objects based on theirtextural qualities.• Analytical reasoning.• Mental Ability.• Imaginative comprehension and expression.• Architectural awareness.AESTHETIC SENSITIVITY TESTNATANational Aptitude Test in Architecture
  15. 15. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492FINAL SCOREscore in NATA andscore in Class 12th orother qualifying exam(50% & 50% weightagerespectively)NATANational Aptitude Test in Architecture
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  17. 17. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492JEE Main Paper 2Joint Entrance ExaminationAdmission test to UndergraduateArchitecture Programs at NITs, IITs,Other centrally funded TechnicalInstitutions, Institutions funded byseveral participating State Governments,and several other Institutions shallinclude the performance in the class 12/other Qualifying Examination and in theJoint Entrance Examination, JEE (Main).
  18. 18. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492Joint Entrance ExaminationELIGIBILITY AGE for JEE 2013Any person having passedSSC (Std X) or equivalentexamination can appearfor JEE, however,candidates havingminimum 50% marksin 10+2 or equivalentexamination withmathematics as one of thesubject, only are eligiblefor admission to B.Arch.Course.Only those candidates whose dateof birth falls on or after October01, 1988 are eligible. However,in the case of Scheduled Caste(SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) andPersons with Disabilities (PwD)candidates, upper age limit isrelaxed by 5 years, i.e. SC, ST andPwD candidates who were bornon or after October 01, 1983 areeligible. Date of birth as recordedin the Secondary Education Board/University certificate will only beconsidered.JEE Main Paper 2
  19. 19. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492YEAR OF PASSING QUALIFYING EXAMINATIONOnly those candidates who have passed their Class 12th Examor any other qualifying examination in 2011 or 2012; or those whoare appearing in their Class 12th Exam or any other qualifyingexamination in 2013 are eligible to appear in JEE (Main) - 2013.Candidates who passed Class 12th/Qualifying examination in 2010 orbefore as well as those who will appear in such examination in 2014 orlater are not eligible to appear in JEE (Main)-2013.Candidates who appeared in class 12th/other Qualifying Examinationsin 2010, did not pass in 2010, but passed in 2011 are also not eligible toappear in JEE (Main) 2013.Candidates must have taken at least five subjects in class 12th/anyother Qualifying examination in order to be eligible for writing JEE(Main). In the year 2013 however, the candidates who have taken foursubjects are also permitted to write JEE 2013 as an exception.Joint Entrance ExaminationJEE Main Paper 2
  20. 20. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492TEST CONTENTThe test is in two parts.A paper based drawingtest and computerbased online aestheticsensitivity test.The test measuresaptitude of the candidatethrough two sections - apaper based section fordrawing and computerbased section foraesthetic sensitivity.Joint Entrance ExaminationJEE Main Paper 2MathematicsPart IObjective typeAptitude TestPart IIObjective typeDrawing TestPart IIIQuestions to test drawing aptitude
  21. 21. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492FINAL SCOREscore in JEE and score inClass 12th or otherqualifying exam (60%& 40% weightagerespectively)Joint Entrance ExaminationJEE Main Paper 2
  22. 22. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492
  23. 23. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492* School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi* Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology (CEPT),Ahmedabad* Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai* Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee* Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur* Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh* Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra* National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli* National Institute of Technology, CalicutCOLLEGESTop 10 Architecture Colleges India
  24. 24. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492COLLEGESArchitecture Colleges Delhi / NCR* School of Planning and Architecture* USAP - University School of Architecture & Planning* Vastu Kala Academy College of Architecture & InteriorDesigning* Sushant School of Art and Architecture* MBS School of Planning and Architecture* K. R. Mangalam School of Architecture and Planning* Jamia Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics
  25. 25. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492COLLEGESArchitecture Colleges Haryana* Sushant School of Art & Architecture* Department of Architecture, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology* Gateway College of Architecture & Design* Sat Priya School of Architecture and Design* School of Architecture, R.P. Educational Trust Group of Institutions* ICL Institute of Architecture and Town Planning* Lingaya’s University’s School of Architecture* Om Institute of Architecture & Design* Savera College of Architecture* Ganga Institute of Architecture & Town Planning* School of Architecture, Maharishi Markandeshwar University* Amity School of Architecture & Planning* Hindu School of Architecture* State Institute of Architecture & Town Planning, Rohtak* South Point School of Architecture* CCLS College of Architecture & Design* P.M.College of Architecture* Rabindranath Tagore Institute of Architecture & Design
  26. 26. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492* Sunder Deep College of Architecture* Shree Bankey Bihari Institute of Architecture* JMS School of Architecture* School of Architecture & Planning, Sharda University* Ishan Institute of Architecture & Planning* School of Architecture, Business School of Delhi, Greater Noida* Accurate Institute of Architecture & Planning* Ideal School of Architecture (ISA), Ghaziabad* SGIT IMT College of Architecture, Ghaziabad* School of Architecture and Regional Planning, Greater NoidaCOLLEGESArchitecture Colleges Uttar Pradesh
  27. 27. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492
  28. 28. BHARDWAJ CLASSES ,,, 9810036048, 0120 4316492BHARDWAJCLASSESBhardwaj Classes is a synonymof quality in architecture pre-qualification learning since 1989.Course content and tutorial structureare designed by professionals & isconstantly updated to include thechanges in the admission test.We provide classroom coachingclasses for NATA & JEE EntranceExamination.
  29. 29. BHARDWAJ CLASSESwww.bhardwajclasses.combhardwajclasses@gmail.com9810036048, 0120 4316492