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P R E S S C O N F 220806

  1. 2. Society of Automotive Engineers MUFFAKHAM JAH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY CHAPTER w e l c o m e s y o u t o CARS N BOTS Press Meet 22 nd of August, 2006.
  2. 3. Society of Automotive Engineers Society of Automotive Engineers
  3. 4. Wonder… Ever wondered what do Cars, Bikes, Ships, Planes, Rails, Trucks have in common? Society of Automotive Engineers
  4. 5. Think… <ul><li>Ever thought who sets the standards in the automobile sector the world over? </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  5. 6. Think… So that the manufacturers can provide you the best of technology for your mobility… Society of Automotive Engineers
  6. 7. Society of Automotive Engineers For you to move…
  7. 8. Far Society of Automotive Engineers
  8. 9. High Society of Automotive Engineers
  9. 10. Long Society of Automotive Engineers
  10. 11. With safety Society of Automotive Engineers
  11. 12. Speed Society of Automotive Engineers
  12. 13. And style… Society of Automotive Engineers
  13. 14. With the technology innovated by students, engineers and scientists world over… Society of Automotive Engineers
  14. 15. The SAE Family w e w e l c o m e y o u t o Society of Automotive Engineers
  15. 16. Society of Automotive Engineers
  16. 17. Society of Automotive Engineers <ul><li>A platform for 90,000 students, engineers, scientists, industrial personnel, from various fields like Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science and Information Technology. </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  17. 18. Society of Automotive Engineers <ul><li>A platform for 90,000 enthusiasts </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  18. 19. Society of Automotive Engineers <ul><li>to share information… </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  19. 20. Society of Automotive Engineers <ul><li>to learn… </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  20. 21. Society of Automotive Engineers <ul><li>to innovate… </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  21. 22. Society of Automotive Engineers <ul><li>to participate… </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  22. 23. Society of Automotive Engineers <ul><li>in events, around the world… </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  23. 24. Society of Automotive Engineers <ul><li>Now </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  24. 25. Society of Automotive Engineers
  25. 26. Society of Automotive Engineers <ul><li>takes it’s initiative… </li></ul>Society of Automotive Engineers
  26. 27. MUFFAKHAM JAH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY National Technical Symposium 8 th & 9 th September 2006 Society of Automotive Engineers MJCET Chapter p r e s e n t s CARS N BOTS
  27. 28. Cars N Bots is a national level technical symposium which will cater to a wide variety of students from various engineering colleges, across the country hosted by SAE-MJCET chapter in our college campus.
  28. 29. An opportune platform to hone innovation and originality in the fast developing fields of automobiles and robotics, with an expected participation over 2000 students, of which over a 1000 will be out-station participants. Cars N Bots
  29. 30. W H Y? To provide a platform for the students to exhibit their talent and creativity in the fields of automobiles and robotics.
  30. 31. W H Y? Develop a sustained forum for interaction and combined growth of the various SAE Student chapters across the nation.
  31. 32. W H Y? To expose students to current developments and trends in automotive technology and improve industry-student interaction.
  33. 34. SEM I NAR Dr. Bipin Indurkhya Professor, IIIT Hyderabad Ph. D. 1985 , University of Massachusetts at Amherst Areas of interest : Robotics, Computer and Creativity, Computer and Education, Metaphor and Cognition.
  34. 35. AUTO M OTIVE THE DRA W ING BOARD A drawing competition on futuristic innovative personal transport
  35. 36. AUTO M OTIVE THE Y ARD Junkyard wars
  36. 37. AUTO M OTIVE FIRST F LIGHT A glider competition to master the most fundamental form of flight
  37. 38. AUTO M OTIVE TU N NEL Simulation of real life aerodynamic forces on various car models in our state-of-the-art wind-tunnel
  38. 39. AUTO M OTIVE DEX T ER’S LAB Disassembly and assembly of machine components
  39. 40. ROB O TICS UNDE R WATER The ultimate technical challenge to pick and move mines underwater.
  40. 41. ROB O TICS WILD W ATERS Sumo wrestling of bots on water
  41. 42. ROB O TICS G O AL Robo-soccer
  42. 43. ROB O TICS BUR N OUT Fastest car made within the dimensions and power specifications takes home the prize
  43. 44. ROB O TICS ENR O UTE Contest of robots which travels the specified path accurately by just the press of a button
  44. 45. TH I NK! A technical quiz, with a difference. A total on the spot event, details of which will be revealed just before the competition, promises to be the surprise element of Cars N Bots.
  45. 46. ID E A!!! Participants selected from across the country will have the opportunity to present original and innovative papers on the various topics in the following fields: 1.AUTOMOTIVES. 2.AERODYNAMICS 3.ROBOTICS.
  46. 47. DISPLA Y EVENTS HOVE R CRAFT Come witness an amphibian made by a team of SAE-MJCET right from scratch. Enthusiasts from the chapter after a detailed R&D on the dream machine, which runs both on land and on water, have made it happen.
  47. 48. SUDH A CARS Mr. Sudhakar, the most creative automobile enthusiast ever has made it happen! Come witness the world’s whackiest cars, bikes and cycles right from the only handmade car museum ever. DISPLA Y EVENTS
  48. 49. DISPLA Y EVENTS GAL L ERY A collage of information on automotives right from the vintages of the Wright brothers and Henry Ford to the modern day technology packed machines.
  49. 50. TECH N OLOGY DISPLA Y P A VILION We invite automobile or related companies to display the technology of their products in our Technology Display Pavilion. In short, an AUTO EXPO.
  50. 51. C N B Con n ect www.c n b.saemjcet.org Chief Coordinators Shaik Anwar Ahmed +91 9885928247 Akshay Bhardwaj +91 9885585108 Marketing Heads Vikas K +91 9885686824 P Aishwarya +91 9849406908