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Marketing trends at j&h 1st draft (1)


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This is a comprehensive marketing case analysis of the Jawed Habib franchise model employing a particular franchisee for illustration and explanation.

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Marketing trends at j&h 1st draft (1)

  1. 1. A research on problems faced by Greater Noida Presented by Abhinav Thakur (15DM004) Absar Haider (15DM008) Amol Agarwal (15DM021) Anand Vishu (15DM022) Avani Srivastava(15DM039) Bharat Vijay (15DM045)
  2. 2. About Jawed Habib Saloon • Brief history in time • Franchise model • Online presence • Available franchise models
  3. 3. JH @ Greater Noida • Started by Ms Jyothi Mahajan • 2000Sq ft. = 1000 Sq ft. + 1000 Sq ft. • Unique product line ~ Emphasis on Quality for money • 25 % of sales revenue to J H • 14.5 % Service tax
  4. 4. Product line and Services Utility and Usage Habib’s Range Greater Noida Franchise Herbal Conditioner Pack Habibs Herbal Conditioner Lotus Treatment Shampoo and Serum Habibs Herbal Hair Serum Kit Wella Professional Herbal Shampoo Habibs Herbal Shampoo Habibs Herbal Shampoo Skin Care and Face mask essentials N/A O3+ Dandruff and Frizz treatment Habibs Anti-dandruff And Hair fall Control Shampoo Pro Botanix
  5. 5. Seasonality and trends The wedding season Head massage and Combinations Weekend crowd Student Populace
  6. 6. Current Marketing Measures Word of Mouth and overreliance Listing Contract with Just Dial – ₹16000/- Jiffy Proposal and Refusal Coupons for College Fests and Events
  7. 7. Competitive Analysis JH Profitability Bargaining Power of Buyers Bargaining Power of Suppliers Substitute Products and Services Potential New Entrants • Brand Name • Labor • Standard Guidelines • Unique Products • Local Saloons • Home Services, • Technology Options •Luxury Spas, Masseuse • Student Discounts • Combi pack Negotiation • Personalized options • Tony And Guy ~ Jagat Farm • Loreal Saloons • App based services
  8. 8. Problems faced • Quantity over Quality • Posters, Posers and Imposters • Just Dial Strategy Stagnation
  9. 9. Current Means Of Addressing • Awareness through Conversation and goodwill • Imposters reporting and Habib Brand Action • Dead End On just Dial
  10. 10. Sought after SWOT • Customer Loyalty • Brand Name • Experience provided and PR Skills Strengths • Overreliance on Word of mouth • Online presence • Location-Visibility and ATMs Weaknesses • Local Crowd • Customized Services • Express Cuts popularization Opportunities • Tony and Guy outlet • HomeSaloon.inThreats
  11. 11. Our Findings • Current Market ~ Goodwill and Word of mouth • Online and Mobile Space unexplored • Just Dial Listing not measured for effectiveness • Emphasis on Labour and Service • Stagnated market