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Meaningful goals system


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Meaningful goals system

  1. 1. Tips for Achieving Operational Excellence
  2. 2. Meaningful Goals System
  3. 3. You must have heard about the importance of goals. They areone of the key components to achieving Operational Excellence.However, most organizations are not good at setting andachieving goals. Why not? An organization must have ameaningful goals system in place to achieve desired results.The key components of a meaningful goals system are:1. Goals are derived from the vision and mission of the organization.2. Utilize a SMART goals model.3. Powerful goals are generated by exposing the reality of the organization.
  4. 4. 4. Use Track and Drive process to monitor and achieve goals. 5. Use Six Sigma based problem solving tool to generate and achieve improvement goals.If you want to learn more about a methodology to achieve operationalexcellence, and/or are interested in a free operational excellence readinessassessment which will identify your operations risk factors and how to mitigatethem, please write to us at Benefits: Boost employee and organizational productivity, instill“execution” as a competitively-advantaged discipline, and create a well-oiledorganization that endures.Best Regards,Bharat DesaiPresident & Founder