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Branding Opportunities on

  1. 1. Branding Opportunities
  2. 2. Branding Opportunities with Seventymm Online Ad Inventory • Website • Weekly Newsletter • User-activity based mailers Email Marketing • Opt-in e-mail recipients base Print Advertising • Shipment Insertions • Pouch Branding Gift Vouchers • Discount Gift Vouchers • Prepaid Gift Vouchers
  3. 3. Online Ad Inventory Website Properties • LHS banners below the highly clicked ‘Browse Movies’ box, Location: Homepage and all other pages of website • Two RHS banners on home page • Wide banners (like 728x90 and 468x60 ) on all inner pages • Innovative Shoshkele ad on homepage • Special space on homepage: 615x275
  4. 4. Stats • Registered member base - 1.3 million • Targeting on the basis of City and Age • Page views - 2 million per month • Home page views – 0.3 million per month • 80k hand deliveries of disc pouches every month
  5. 5. Online Ad Inventory
  6. 6. Online Ad Inventory Weekly Newsletter • Every Friday Seventymm users await our weekly dose of selected movies • Opt-in recipients, no spam • It can accommodate any banner size • Sponsorship opportunity
  7. 7. Online Ad Inventory User Activity based mailers • Everyday our online-savvy customers generate a number of system email messages based on various activities. Some Online Activities • Registration • Movie delivery order • Pickup of movie • Password recovery • Movie Recommendations • Payment confirmation • Bill generation More... TATA AIG Insurance ad on movie delivery order email
  8. 8. Email Marketing – Opt-in Email Advertising • Large base of opt-in email recipients which ensure no spam, a higher visibility and better connect for your message.
  9. 9. Email Marketing – Opt-in Email Advertising • Various campaigns in past have yielded high open and conversion rate for advertisers.
  10. 10. Print Advertising - Shipment Insertions • Effective way to communicate brands/offers to target customers through sample and pamphlet insertions. • Direct-in-hand delivery to the customers at their doorstep ensures your message reaches the customer and get full attention. • Size: 11cms (W) x 11cms (H), 230GSM
  11. 11. Print Advertising - Shipment Insertions
  12. 12. Print Advertising - Shipment Insertions
  13. 13. Shipment Insertions – Survey campaign • Direct-in-hand delivery is quite effective for survey campaigns.
  14. 14. Pouch Branding • Pouch branding gives best visibility and ensures constant recall value due to their high circulation frequency. • Movies (DVD/VCD) are delivered to customer in these safe pouches.
  15. 15. Gift Vouchers Co-branded Gift Vouchers Seventymm movie Gift Vouchers can be given out as free gift with every purchase of your product or service. Each of these co-branded Gift Voucher carries a unique code to redeem it. • Discount Gift Vouchers Discounted pricing offer exclusively customized for your customers along with added benefits. This is nearly no-cost co-branding opportunity based on mutual benefit strategy. • Prepaid Gift Vouchers There couldn’t be a better FREE GIFT idea for your customers than a Seventymm movie voucher which very well qualifies your primary requirement i.e. a most cost effective gift which is highly attractive your customers. Also a perfect prize for loyalty/points programs Why Seventymm Gift Vouchers? – Movie entertainment has a universal appeal which cuts across any demographic profile of your customers. – Co-branding option is available with all Gift Vouchers. – We deliver movies almost everywhere in India, currently covering 56 cities for customers of Corporate Gift Vouchers. – Seventymm Gift Vouchers are available at a much lower cost than our regular rates to suit any budget. Call us for an unbelievably economic offer.
  16. 16. Prepaid Gift Vouchers Seventymm Prepaid Gift Voucher free with every Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
  17. 17. Prepaid Gift Vouchers
  18. 18. Discount Gift Vouchers
  19. 19. Discount Gift Vouchers
  20. 20. Discount Gift Vouchers
  21. 21. Discount Gift Vouchers
  22. 22. Discount Gift Vouchers
  23. 23. Discount Gift Vouchers
  24. 24. Discount Gift Vouchers
  25. 25. DEMOGRAPHIC & PSYCHOGRAPHIC profile of our members - Men & Women: Age: 25 – 60 years Middle Class & above - SEC A1, A2 & B1 - Open to try out new things in life - Average MHI of Rs. 35k+ - Has Pay TV at home; has access to laptop / PC at home / office - Has a DVD Player at home - Technology friendly but not necessarily tech savvy - Prefers to spend quality time at home with self / family - Values quality & convenience - Seeks to relax and enjoy life - Likes movies in theaters and at home as well. - Movie watching along-with family / friends is a fun and entertainment activity.
  26. 26. Recent Awards & Landmarks