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Frith Park - Photographic Materials, Inkjet, Synthetic & Digital Paper Suppliers


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We have been specialists in the supply of quality photographic material to the offset and carto printing trade. We have been serving the needs of the printer, leading the field with novel innovations.

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Frith Park - Photographic Materials, Inkjet, Synthetic & Digital Paper Suppliers

  1. 1. Products for the graphics and print industry
  2. 2. About Us We have survived two World Wars, numerous recessions and the advent of the computer age, to bring you up to the minute, state of the art products required for today's discerning printer. 1908 Pumice Powder for litho stone; graining powder for zinc plates for offset printing 1920 Inks for offset printing 1926 Paste driers and ink for bronzing powder used for gold colouring of cigarette packets South Wales Chemical Works
  3. 3. About Us 1932 Formulation of deep etch coating for the imaging of zinc and copper plates 1936 Copolymerising of P.V.C. and acetate film to product Astrafoil, a montage sheet for printing multiple images onto an offset plate 1948 Astrafoil producted in commercial quantities to take over from glass 1955 Astrascribe revolutionises mapping, scribing, security designs, producing contour lines of polyester. Introducted as a one-time use montage sheet South Wales Chemical Works
  4. 4. Contact Us Frith Park Walton-on-the-Hill Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7NQ United Kingdom Tel: (01737) 813517 Fax: (01737) 813442 Website: South Wales Chemical Works
  5. 5. Thank you South Wales Chemical Works