Faces ME is only about Beauty – Make UP Cosmetics & Skin Care Facial Products


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Faces Store offers wide range of perfumes, skincare, face care facial and much more other cosmetic products and makeovers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Syria and other Middle East and GCC countries.

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Faces ME is only about Beauty – Make UP Cosmetics & Skin Care Facial Products

  1. 1. www.faces-me.com
  2. 2. Core Vision and Values At the heart of the Faces brand exists an unwavering commitment to its beauty-conscious consumers, one which drives the brand forward and infuses it with desire, passion and freedom: understand her desires; stimulate her sense and fulfil her beauty needs. Faces represents the ultimate beauty journey for the confident, cosmopolitan women in the Middle East region. www.faces-me.com
  3. 3. Desire: Fulfilling the client’s beauty impulses and desires by creating a store ambiance which is vibrant, warm and welcoming. With tasteful merchandising and fixtures, Faces provides its clientele with the latest internationally-acclaimed brands; established and up-and-coming trendy brands alike. www.faces-me.com
  4. 4. Passion: With its steadfast commitment and dedication to providing a flawless, vibrant store, Faces guides its clients through an unparalleled shopping experience from start to finish. Whether it is in the merchandising, fixtures and fittings, product mix, brands or customer service, Faces is passionate about attending to every detail, no matter how small. www.faces-me.com
  5. 5. Freedom: With an easily navigable layout, Faces provides its clients with a well-balanced store where all its products are easily accessible; ideal for independent shopping and product testing. Alternatively, the brand’s highly trained personnel are also on hand to assist and provide expert advice on every single product in store. Clients are given the freedom to choose their perfect shopping experience. www.faces-me.com
  6. 6. www.faces-me.com Driven by a passion to fulfil its clients’ every fragrance and cosmetics-related whim and wish, Faces has its finger on the pulse of contemporary offerings and up-to-the-minute secrets from the beauty world. Scouring the globe for the most highly sought-after products and latest innovations from celebrated mainstream and specialised brands, Faces is also constantly in negotiations over the latest products to hit the market. The brand even boasts its own exclusive Faces gifts which are available to its clients on a complimentary basis throughout the year. An air of exclusivity pervades the store, and Faces’ ability to educate its dedicated followers has positioned the brand as a leading authority in its field: sharing beauty secrets and advice woman to woman.
  7. 7. www.faces-me.com With impartial, expert advice and warm, human interaction available on tap along with an unwavering commitment to a flawless store and consumer experience, the clientele at Faces receives the best approach to new skin care, makeup and fragrance products and trends . A truly liberating experience, clients are made to feel comfortable, free and familiar with its products. The clients’ ability to cocoon themselves away in a private beauty room in order to partake in complimentary pampering opportunities, instils self-confidence and trust in the Faces brand.
  8. 8. www.faces-me.com Providing a range of products designed to nourish the body and soul, the brand also caters to those delightfully naughty, yet purse-friendly, little impulse buys by making a variety of lip-glosses, eye-shadows, eye-liners and lipsticks within easy reach from the discrete sales counters. Priding itself on being in tune with the women of the region, Faces successfully anticipates the future needs and wants of its clientele. As a result, there are a growing number of cosmoceutical - scientifically-based products - and natural products – with pure ingredients - lining the Faces’ shelves. Women today are confident and business-savvy, and have high expectations of the products purchased and Faces not only meets but exceeds those expectations.
  9. 9. www.faces-me.com Store Locator
  10. 10. Thank you & Visit Us www.Faces-me.com