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Brass screws Pan head Screws CSK Screws Machine Screws Cold forged fasteners anchors india


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Brass screws Pan head Screws CSK Screws Machine Screws Cold forged fasteners anchors india

  1. 1. Website : Email Id :
  2. 2. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comWelcome to Brass Screws India. We are largest exporter of Brass machine screws , cold headedBrass fasteners Brass cheese head screws Brass flat head screws Countersunk screws Phillipshead machine screws metric screws Brass nuts Brass inserts Brass flat washers etc.We have state of the art automatic cold heading / cold forging machines which can produceBrass screws from 2mm to 16mm in diameter and up to 120mm in length. We offer differenthead forms like pan head , cheese head, round head, oval head, CSK head ,Phillips head,binder head , Raised CSK head, Phillister head, Flat head etc. Brass Screws Brass MachineScrews Brass Nuts Brass hex nuts Brass fasteners Brass Screws Machine screws DIN 934 NutsDin 933 socket screws metric screws Jamnagar Brass anchors Brass Fittings Brass Parts BrassFittings Brass Components Plumbing Fittings Stainless Steel Fittings Brass Parts India BrassWood Screws Brass Pipe Fittings Jamnagar Brass Hose Barbs Hose Nipples Hose Fittings BrassNuts Brass Component Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Fittings India Brass Fittings Jamnagaranchors Brass fasteners Brass Screws Brass Nuts Brass Bolts Brass Nut Bolts
  3. 3. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comBrass Machine screws brass plumbing fittings Hose Fittings Brass Wood Screws Brass PipeFittings Brass Nuts Brass Components Hose Couplings Helical Springs Stainless SteelSieves Brass Fittings Brass Components Brass Manufacturers India Brass Jamnagar Brasscomponents manufacturers Indian suppliers Brass Nuts Brass Bolts Fasteners High TensileFasteners Brass Anchors Brass Bolts Nuts Bolts Brass Nuts Brass Fasteners Brass InsertsMolding inserts Brass Nuts Brass fasteners Brass Screws Brass Turned Parts Brass Casting Brassmachine Screws Brass Anchors Brass hex Nuts Brass forgings Brass turned Parts Brass Anchorfasteners Drop In Anchors Copper Parts Copper Casting Bronze Casting Stainless Steel hosebarbs Brass PPR fittingsWe also offer special Brass screws custom made screws Machined and Bar turned Brass screwsas per customer requirement. Feel free to let us have your enquiries
  4. 4. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProfileThe spirit of perseverance has served us well in the last 24 years, reason why ourmanufacturing unit is one of its kinds in Asia. We started as a small scale family business 25years back and have grown in to a respected export house with sales around the globe.Our total commitment to quality has seen Brass Screws export to more than 74 countriesaround the world. Our product range includes- Brass Electrical Accessories ,Brass GroundingAccessories, Earthing Equipments, Brass Pressed parts , Brass Hose fittings, Brass Fasteners,Stainless Steel parts , Brass Cable Glands, Copper Cable Lugs, Cable Gland Accessories,Earthing Clamps, Brass Screw Machine Parts , Brass Inserts, Brass Nuts, Brass PPR fittings,Stainless Steel Fittings ,Stainless Steel Components, Brass Hose Barbs, Brass Pipe Fittings,Electrical Fitting Components, Brass Turned Components, Brass Parts, Brass Plumbing Fittings,Precision Pressed Parts, Brass Fasteners ,Cable Lugs Copper Lugs ,Industrial Cable Glands,Copper Earth clamps ,Brass CNC parts , earth rods, earth ,grounding, lightning equipments,Brass Components ,Brass Turned Parts, Wiring Products, Cable Accessories and other Ferrous& Non Ferrous Metal Components.
  5. 5. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProfileAll our products conform to International Standards and are tested in approved laboratory inthe U.K., for British Standard. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified which speaks volumes for ourquality credentials. We supply to some of the high end engineering companies from USA, UKand Germany.We have our own CAD designing staff which can help you design a new product in a very costefficient way without any commitment of order or upfront charge. Our in-house toolingdepartment ensures quick tooling up of new products and keeps the development cost to theminimum.Quick communication is our forte and you can absolutely bank on a reply with 24 hours for anyquery or enquiry. We have highly trained and motivated English speaking staff to handlecommunication with overseas clients.
  6. 6. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProfileOur culture, mindset and attitude enables us to compete successfully in the world marketplace. We at Brass Screws believe that the search for excellence is a continuous process andour achievements are purely milestones in the long journey.
  7. 7. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProducts Brass Builder Hardware  General Brass Copper Parts  Brass Aldrops  Brass Copper Sheet Metal Parts  Brass Anchors  Brass Parts Jamnagar  Brass Anchors Brass Wood Anchors  Brass Parts India  Brass threaded Anchors  Brass threaded Anchors  Brass Anchors Manufacturers  Brass Anchors Manufacturers  Stainless Steel Springs Pool Covers  Stainless Steel Springs Pool Covers Hardware Hardware  Brass Buildings Hardware  Brass Buildings Hardware
  8. 8. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProducts Turned Pressed Parts  Stainless Steel Fittings  Brass Machined components  Stainless Steel Fasteners  Brass Pressed Components  Stainless Steel Foundries  Brass Turned Parts Pressed Parts  Stainless Steel Fitting  Precision Brass Components  Stainless Steel Screws  Brass Turned Parts Brass Washer Brass Components  Stainless Steel Turned Parts  Stainless Steel Machined Parts  Stainless Steel Components  Brass Sheet Cutting  Brass Turned Components  Brass Copper Sheet Metal Parts
  9. 9. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProducts Turned Pressed Parts  Stainless Steel Fittings  Brass Pressed Components  Stainless Steel Compression Fittings  Brass Pressed Parts  Brass Hooks Stainless Steel Hooks  Stainless Steel Forgings Stampings General Engineering Parts  Stainless Steel Hose Barbs  Brass Accessories  Stainless Steel Castings  Brass Anchors Pool Cover Anchors  Stainless Steel Springs  Brass Fittings  Stainless Steel Flanges  Brass Knobs  Stainless Steel Parts  Brass Anchors Pool Cover Stainless  Stainless Steel Hex Nuts  Springs Hardware
  10. 10. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProducts Metals Castings  Pipe Fittings  Aluminium Bronze Foundry Castings Casting  Pipe Clamps Brass Pipe Clamps Parts Foundries  Brass Plumbing Fittings  Brass Buckles Brass Clips Brass Clamps  Brass Compression Fittings  Brass Copper Non Ferrous Gravity Die Casting  Brass Hose Fittings Die Casting  Brass Pipe Fittings  Copper Casting Copper Castings  Brass Copper Cast Casting  Parts Components Fittings Foundries Foundry  Brass Casting Brass Castings
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  12. 12. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProducts Electrical Accessories  Brass Connectors for Terminal Blocks  Copper Cable Lugs  Brass Earthing Components  Copper Cable Terminals  Brass Electrical Accessories  Copper Earth Rods Earthing Accessories  Brass Electrical Fittings  Earthing Accessories  Brass Electrical Parts  Electrical Accessories  Brass Electronic Connectors  Wiring Accessories  Brass Lamp Parts  Brass Neutral Links  Brass Lighting Components  Brass Neutral Links Brass Terminal  Brass Line Taps Blocks Accessories
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  14. 14. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProducts Fasteners and Fixings  Bolts Nuts Industrial fasteners India DIN 933 DIN 934  Brass Anchors  Brass Molding Brass Inserts  Brass Machine Screws  Brass Nuts  Brass Screws  Brass Fasteners  Threaded Fasteners Brass Stainless  Brass Spacers Brass Standoffs
  15. 15. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProducts Fasteners and Fixings  Brass Washers Fasteners  Brass Copper Stainless Panel Nuts Jam Nuts Lock Nuts Locking Nuts  Brass Screws Fasteners  Brass Nuts Fasteners  Brass Stainless Steel Lock Nuts Panel Jam Check Nuts  Brass Stainless Steel Slotted Grub Screws Chicago Screws  Brass Stainless Flanged Back Nuts Fixings Dome Nuts Fixings Brass Dome Nuts  Brass Fasteners Bolts  Phillips Head Screws Combination Head Cross Head Screws
  16. 16. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comProducts Fasteners and Fixings  Brass Inserts Fasteners  Brass Stainless Steel Slotted Grub Screws Chicago Screws  Brass Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws Cable Accessories  Brass Cable Glands  Conduit Fittings  Cable Accessories
  17. 17. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comImportant DIN Standards DIN 84 Slotted Cheese Head Screws  DIN 936 Jam Nuts DIN 85 Slotted Pan Head Machine Screws  DIN 963 Slotted Flat Head Machine Screw DIN 125 Plain Washer  DIN 965 Phillips Flat Countersunk Screws DIN 126 Plain washer  DIN 966 Phillips Oval Countersunk Screws DIN 127 Spring lock washer  DIN 1587 Acorn Nuts DIN 551 Slotted Set Screw DIN 557 Square Nuts DIN 913 Socket Set Screw Flat Point DIN 933 Hex Head Cap Screws DIN 934 Hex Nuts
  18. 18. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comResources Conex Brass Fittings  India Stainless Steel fittings Brass Parts Brass Components  Brass Parts India Jamnagar Jamnagar Brass Parts Components  Brass Anchors Cable Glands and Accessories  Brass Nuts Brass Fittings parts India  Brass Neutral Links Brass cable glands  Brass Plumbing fittings Brass Parts Brass Hinges  Brass Screws Brass Anchors India Brass Fasteners  Brass Turned Parts Electrical Accessories Brass Accessories  Brass Copper casting Electrical Brass Components Parts  A1 Metals India
  19. 19. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comResources Brass fittings parts India  Brass components UK Brass fittings UK  Amu Brass Parts Brass Components Brass cable glands UK  Brass components parts India Brass Turned Parts UK  Brass casting Copper Castings Brass components UK  Brass Parts turned parts Copper Parts Amu Brass Parts Brass Components  Brass Fasteners India Brass components parts India  Brass Fasteners Brass inserts Brass fittings UK  Brass Inserts moulding inserts India Brass cable glands UK  Brass Nuts hex nuts Screws Fasteners Brass Turned Parts UK  Brass Parts turned Brass Components
  20. 20. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comResources Brass Parts turned parts India Brass pipe fittings Brass products Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Screws nuts India Bronze castings Bronze Fittings India Brass Components Jamnagar Brass turned Parts Stainless Steel parts fittings Brass inserts Jamnagar Brass and Stainless Steel Parts
  21. 21. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comOur Exports ToWe are an Indian manufacturers exporters suppliers of Brass Stainless Steel Aluminium BronzeCopper Fittings and parts with factories and manufacturing facility in Jamnagar and Mumbai inIndia . We export to companies in Australia , Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Barbados,Belarus, Belgium, South Africa, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania,Luxembourg, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Madagascar, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico,Mongolia, Morocco, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan ,Bosnia and Herzegovina, El Salvador, Botswana,Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad Chile, China, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus,Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Slovenia, , Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan,Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, UnitedArab Emirates, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea,Kuwait, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, United Kingdom, United States,Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Guyana, Hungary,Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria,Norway, Oman, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, SaudiArabia, Senegal, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, Slovakia.
  22. 22. Website : Email Id : sales@brass-screws.comContact Us atAddress : 1406, 14th Floor, Dalamal Towers, Nariman Point , Bombay - 400 021. INDIA.Tel No : +91 (22) 6637 1095 / 6637 1096.Fax No : +91 (22) 2283 4046 / 2345 3801.Email Id :