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Concurrent Audit in the CBS environment - For CAs and CA Articleship Students


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Concurrent Bank Audits are exercises that are performed by CA Article in India. It is imperative that the technology aspects are to be known prior to the commencement of any audit. Technology provides the very backing of any business. The Banking Industry, which is one of the biggest business industries in the world is currently very successful due to the CBS Application.

My presentation is about understanding the CBS application, how can the Auditor use the CBS application to his advantage during his audit and most importantly having confidence of a thorough complete audit of the bank.

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Concurrent Audit in the CBS environment - For CAs and CA Articleship Students

  1. 1. Concurrent Audit under a CBS environment CA BHARATH RAO
  2. 2. Concurrent Audit Continuous Audit 12 Months Business Profile Business Processes Underlying levels of Automation Internal Controls present in CBS and how they work Be a Friendly Critic !!!
  3. 3. Why IT Controls are required to be considered?  Banking without IT = Non Existent Today  No IT Controls = High Fraud and Error Risk  Bank Audit without Consideration to IT Controls = High Audit Risk  Efficient Bank Audit = Routine Audit + Consideration to IT Controls Getting comfortable with the CBS is extremely important
  4. 4. Know the CBS and then perform the Audit
  5. 5. COREBanking Solution  CORE = Centralised Online Realtime Electronic Banking  Integration of all branches  Data of any branch can be accessed if access rights are assigned
  6. 6. Risk Assessment and Audit Planning  SA 315 – Identifying and Assessing the risk of Material Mis-statements through understanding the Entity and it’s environment  Obtain impact on  Auditor’s procedures for obtaining sufficient understanding of the accounting and internal control systems  Evaluation of inherent risks and control risk to assess audit risk  Design and perform tests appropriate to meet audit objective Basically, the point is, SA 315 SA 330
  7. 7. What canthe CBS do?  Transactions get completed in real time  Multiple delivery Channels – Net Banking, ATM, Mobile Banking, SMS and Telephone Banking, Social Media Banking  Automated computations – Interest, Fees, Charges, Margins, NPA, Provisioning  Automation of significant work flows, transaction limits and chart of accounts  Centralised software implementing and governing, Branch operational controls  Control through access management, alerts, approvals, escalations, views, reports and Audit Trail
  8. 8. What must YOU know?  Features of CBS that you need to know that will help you with your Audit  Key commands or menu options of  Reports  Audit module  Audit trail  Standing data and parameters  How parameter configuration is controlled  Reports that are available in CBS and how can you extract it to TXT or CSV or XLS format  Filtering report columns relevant to your audit logic  Use of Excel, Macros and Scripts
  9. 9. Howcanyou understand?  User guides available online for various CBS  Interacting with employees  Obtaining a list of custom reports that are developed for the bank  Obtaining the in-house developed macros or scripts if any that is being used by the bank branches  Observing the work of the employees  Google or Bing
  10. 10. Some other basic checks Computer Security at workstations and ATMs
  11. 11. Operating System
  12. 12. Updates
  13. 13. Using Excel as a Tool to analyse complex reports  Demo
  14. 14. Thank You   Bharath Rao  +91 88922 29220 |   /bharathraob