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Tribal fusion

  1. 1. Branding Solutions that delivers results July 2011
  2. 2. Tribal Fusion Overview Online ad network founded in 2001 Independent site representation network Premium inventory on over 2,000 enthusiast sites Reaches 470 million 30 billion ad users/month worldwide impressions Ad targeting and delivery per month solutions Member of National Advertising Initiative - NAI
  3. 3. Who is your audience?
  4. 4. Who visits Tribal Fusion? Top 4-5 sites featured on Google’s 1st page are a part of the Tribal Fusion Network* *Based on the results of a word search for “currency converter” and “frequent flyer”
  5. 5. Who visits Tribal Fusion? Top 4-5 sites featured on Google’s 1st page are a part of the Tribal Fusion Network* *Based on the results of a word search for “current news” and “entertainment news”
  6. 6. Tribal Fusion in India * Source: comScore Key Measures Report (India only), June 2011
  7. 7. Competitors StudySource: comScore Media Metrix June 2011
  8. 8. Tribal Fusion Reach – IndiaSource: comScore Media Metrix June 2011
  9. 9. Broad Worldwide Reach China: 3.5 mm Syria: 0.5 mm Russian Federation: 1.9mm UK: 30 mm Germany: 7.1 mm Kuwait: 0.8mm India: 27 mm Canada: 16 mm UAE: 2.6mm Italy: 4.4 mm France: 6.18mm Japan: 2.7mm Iran: 0.28 mmUS: 160mm Spain: 11 mm Taiwan: 1.8mm Jordon: 1.1 mm Hong Kong: 1.5 mm Egypt: 6.1 mm Morocco: 1.8mm Thailand: 4.7 mm Qatar: 0.7mm Mexico: 6.4mm Philippines: 8.5mm Lebanon: 1.1 mm Saudi Arabia: 7.5mm Singapore: 1.43 mm Malaysia: 5.3mm Oman: 0.5 mm Sri Lanka: 0.4 mm Brazil: 7.2mm Indonesia: 5.5mm Bahrain: 0.4mm Vietnam: 2.2 mm South Africa: 2.18mm Australia: 6.8mm New Zealand: 2.4 mm Significant worldwide reach through local websites and non-resident traffic Source: comScore Media Metrix, June’11 and Tribal Fusion Ad Server, Jul 11
  10. 10. Tribal Fusion Product Suite Audience Custom Affinity Life stage Retargeting Targeting Targeting Focus Message Behavioral Custom Tandem Dynamic Focus Targeting Placement Ads Ads Content Custom Exclusive Contextual Channel Focus Site Partners Dynamic Weekly Audience Custom Logic Deep Dive Reporting Reporting Analysis StudyInsights Studies
  11. 11. Run of Network– India Broad Reach • Reach over 440 MM users worldwide and 27 MM* (India Only) across 2000+ premium sites. Retargeting Available • Enhance campaign performance by overlaying Retargeting to remarket to users who have visited your website Optimization • Real-time automatic optimization constantly shifts impressions to best performing inventory* Source: comScore Key Measures Report (India only), June 2011
  12. 12. Reaching the Right User in the Right Place
  13. 13. Custom Channel Targeting Relevant Reach All • Reach users who are actively Arts & Entertainment consuming specific content Automotive Business • Pre-screen users by displaying your Education & Reference marketing message to users who Health are already viewing related Home & Family content Internet News & Media Flexibility Real Estate Science • Choose from 15 high level Shopping channels and over 100 sub- Society & culture channels Sports Technology • Combine multiple channels to Travel create a targeted, broad reach campaign
  14. 14. Contextual Targeting Place advertising in contextually relevant environments and reach highly interested users as they consume relevant content 1. Purchase campaigns by topic 2. Tribal Fusion’s ad server will and avoid managing complex dynamically place your ads against thekeyword lists. Select one or more most relevant content at the page level topics using our topic tree.
  15. 15. Our Exclusive Partner Tribal Fusion has exclusively partnered with several top global sites to represent and sell their high-performing premium inventory. Site-Specific Placements on above sites help you reach your key audiences in the right mindset and benefit from custom, high impact advertising opportunities.
  16. 16. Reaching the Right User at the Right Time
  17. 17. Building an Audience Focus Segment Tribal Fusion builds its Audience Focus Segments by leveraging a wide variety of data sources and aggregating them into a rich user profile. Categories All Arts and Entertainment Channel Visits Music Site VisitsBuilding the rich profile users All Topics Shopping Consumer Electronics Page Content Mobile Devices (contextualization) MP3 Players All Behaviors Shopping Data Partnerships Music CDs Demographi Age: 24 cs Gender: Female Data Partnerships Income: Rs 3,00,000 – 5,00,000 Publisher Registration Data Children: No
  18. 18. Audience Focus Segments: Sub-categories Denise the Shopper Denise the Lifestyle Life Stage Denise the Occupational Denise the Denise the Affinity Targeting new mom Targeting new mom Targeting new mom Targeting new mom Targeting new mom •Socially Conscious •IT professional •Music Lover•Apparel Shoppers •College Students •Pet Conscious •Graphic Designers •Gadget Lover•Travelers •Job Seeker •Budget Conscious •Tech Specialist •Avid Investor•Automotive •Wedding Planners •Luxurious Lifestyles •C-Level Executives •Health Nut •New Home Owners •Webmaster •Techies •Expecting Moms •Software •Foodie •Baby on board programmer •Movie-Goers •Parents w/ young •Small Business Owner •TV Addict children •Soccer Fan •Avid Golfer
  19. 19. Affinity TargetingTargeted Reach• Reach users who have demonstrated an affinity or interest for a specific activity or hobby that is relevant to your offering• Deliver a campaign at scale to a large number of prospective customersRich User Profiles• Leverage all data sources including content, site, third party data, and retargeting to support the creation of Nick the a rich user profile Sports Enthusiast
  20. 20. Life Stage TargetingPre-Qualified Audiences• Drive awareness or consideration for product or services relevant to specific life stages• Reach pre-qualified consumers who have exhibited relevant behavior and demographics• Deliver a campaign at scale to a large number of prospective customersRange of Options• Select from a wide variety of profiles organized by life event triggers such as marriage, expecting a child, buying first home, or graduating from collegeRich User Profiles Elizabeth the• Leverage all data sources including content, site, New Mom third party data, and retargeting to support the creation of a rich user profile
  21. 21. Occupational TargetingTargeted Reach• Drive awareness or consideration for specific occupational products and services• Reach pre-qualified consumers based on their occupation (e.g. IT Professionals, K- 12 teachers, C-level executives)• Deliver a campaign at scale to a large number of prospective customersRich User Profiles• Tribal Fusion aggregates user behaviors from partnerships with e-commerce sites, search, and Tribal Fusion’s own channels and campaigns to support the creation of a rich user profiles Meghan the IT Professional
  22. 22. Retargeting Remarket to consumers based on ad exposure, site visit, or other user action
  23. 23. Reaching the Right User with the Right Message
  24. 24. Tribal Fusion Full-Funnel Solutions• High Impact Ads• Tribal Fusion Mobile Awareness• In-Banner Video• Roadblocks• Site Skins • Custom Channel• Page Peels Interest • Custom Site List• Site Specific • Contextual Targeting• Full Engagement Video Consideration • User Retargeting• Behavioral Targeting • B2B Targeting• BT In-Market Shopper • BT In-Market Shopper• Competitive Conquesting • BT Affinity• Dynamic Ads Intent • BT Lifestyle & Life Stage • BT Occupational• Dynamic Ads Purchase• Sequential Messaging• Retargeting• Mobile
  25. 25. Leaderboard: 728x 90Sample: Air France – Geo-targeting China CitiesLeaderboard (728x90) Placement is always displayed on the first fold on the screen
  26. 26. Large Rectangle: 300 x 250(Sample: Finnair) Large Rectangle (300x250) Placement is always displayed on the first fold on the screen
  27. 27. Skyscraper: 160 x 600(Sample: HONDA)Skyscraper (160x600)
  28. 28. Tandem Ad: 728 x 90 plus 300 x 250Sample: Alibaba Tandem Ad (728x90) + (300x250) Placements are synchronized to display at the same time on a single page
  29. 29. Expandable Ad (Sample: Samsung LED TV) Expandable Ad Mouse-over and auto expands to maximum user exposureDemo link:
  30. 30. In-banner videoSample: Toursim Malaysia In Banner Video Demo link:
  31. 31. Floating AdSample: Wrestler Movie Floating Ad Unit glides across page until closed, ensuring full user attention Demo link:
  32. 32. InterstitialsSample: Tourism Malaysia Demo link:
  33. 33. Out of BannerSample: Dell Out of Banner Demo link:
  34. 34. Content Targeted Dynamic Ads Dynamically change the content of your ad, based on any variable you select •User segment: Update messaging based on user lifestyle, life stage, or affinity •Competitive conquesting: Deliver product- specific offers based on in-market interest CPG Advertisers Dynamic Ads have performed 50% better than static ads in past campaigns Auto Advertisers
  35. 35. Sequential Ads Retarget to users based on engagement while keeping the message fresh
  36. 36. Firefly Video: Combining the Best of TV and Online Firefly Video™ Television Online Display AdsEmotion & ImpactScaleTargetingInteractivityAudience Data
  37. 37. Full Screen Engagement with Firefly Video Leverage reach of most popular ad sizes and 100% user-opt-in for complete user engagementa) Teaser banner appears w/ sound off, inviting user to mouse over b) On mouse over, 3 second countdown begins. User has option to click to start instantly c) Video launches and takes over entire page, providing 100% user focus and attention
  38. 38. Leverage Standard IAB Units for Unprecedented Scale 728 x 90 300 x 250 1 6 0 x Click Me 6 0 0
  39. 39. Custom Creative Solutions: Firefly Video Unit Firefly Video is an online video platform designed to augment and complement traditional television and online pre-roll advertising. The Firefly Video platform delivers a compelling package to advertisers, combining the emotion and impact of TV with the fine-grained targeting, rich audience insights, and social interactivity of online display advertising. The platform enables advertisers to reach their most desirable prospects when they are online.1 Firefly Video Components: 5 1. Firefly Video Unit - Custom Advertiser Branded Creative 6 2. Primary Video - Primary Advertiser Video 2 4 Content 3. Video Panel Wall - up to 3 additional advertiser related videos 4. Custom Interactive Units - Advertisers can 7 showcase additional info & capture data 5. Social Sharing - Create BRAND ADVOCATES - User’s have the ability to share creative & take campaign viral 3 6. Additional Tab - Additional Information on product e.g. Feature, Spec, Images, 360 degree view etc. can we included. 7. Survey - Help to take public overview about Live Demo Links: product Map Behavioral Form Tandem banner Authentication Offer based targeting based based based based based
  40. 40. Interstitial Mobile Advertising • Reach the attractive and fast-growing iPhone audiences • Deliver high impact: Full screen/interstitial ad format • Proven results for brand advertisers driven by high engagement rates • Ease of integration: Standard IAB creative can be used and no special Mobile-WAP landing site needed • Standard reporting through Tribal Fusion platform
  41. 41. How Tribal Fusion Mobile ads work? 1. User visit 2. Before Landing to 3. If user skips the ad “” the destination destination page and click on any page user will will load. link in that page. see ads with an option to skip or visit the site 4. If user click on visit 5. Advertiser Landing , he/she will be page redirected to advertiser landing page
  42. 42. Thank youLearning From Your Audience
  43. 43. Transparency vs. Safety
  44. 44. Unique Three-tier Security System  Site Acceptance  Domain Verification  Page Level ContextualizationProactive Solution that blocks ads from appearing on inappropriate content.
  45. 45. Site Acceptance Manual Each site is Transparent Publisher Code quality hand-picked Site List of Conduct checks Content NAI and IASH 3rd Party Verification Blocking compliant Page Level Pre-approved Premium Inventory Contextualization Domains Low Traffic Unprofessional Site Design Malware Ads Scams Click Fraud Questionable Ad Practices Remnant Inventory  
  46. 46. Domain Verification Manual Each site is Transparent Publisher Code quality hand-picked Site List of Conduct checks Content NAI and IASH 3rd Party Verification Blocking compliant Page Level Pre-approved Premium Inventory Contextualization Domains  Malware Ads Scams Tag Hijacking Click Fraud
  47. 47. Real-Time Page Level Contextualization Manual Each site is Transparent Publisher Code quality hand-picked Site List of Conduct checks Content NAI and IASH 3rd Party Verification Blocking compliant Page Level Pre-approved Premium Inventory Contextualization Domains Unsafe Topics • Abortion  Sex • Alcohol  Speech  Drugs • Suicide  Gambling • Tobacco • Nudity  Violence
  48. 48. Real-Time Page Level Contextualization Is the Page… Unknown • Page is downloaded • Text is extracted Safe Unsafe • Text is classified to multiple ×Ad is Served No Ad is Served Contextual Topic Trees and Unsafe  Topic Tree • If text matches Unsafe Topic Tree • No Ad Is Served • Brand Campaigns are not served on unknown pages
  49. 49. Tribal Fusion Insights Data driven business, from the ground up Turning data into action Best in class contextualization Seamless integration with leading third party data sources Direct connection to our targeting and optimization platform
  50. 50. Tribal Fusion has best in class contextualizationSemantic Analysis Link Structure Determine Topic
  51. 51. Deep Dive Insights• Easy to navigate, intuitive interface• Quickly surface the user behaviors that drive performance• Reduce wastage by targeting the right people with the right message• Extend your audience by defining your own look-alike model A self-serve, web-based tool for PepsiCo and agencies
  52. 52. Tagging for Insights DHL tag landing pages and conversion pages. This gives you two snapshots without really telling the story of the customer journey. Or, they tag everywhere to cover their options. However, without a clear sense of how to use the data, this is not likely to bear fruit. View Where We PixelVisit Creative What we can tell you •Did your ad get in front of the right people? Consider •Did it happen often enough? •Which media in my mix is responsible for conversions? Where We Pixel Landing Pages What we can tell you •Define target audiences mid funnel. Purchase •Validate your customer segmentation, or create a new one. •Develop a targeting approach to turn prospects into customers
  53. 53. Post-Campaign Reporting Comprehensive Picture • A wide variety of reporting options so you can quickly and easily see the metrics that matter most to your campaign Stored Reporting • Campaign reporting is stored on the Tribal Fusion ad server so advertisers can benefit from insights gained from previous campaigns Campaign Insights • Our account managers will work with you to interpret campaign results and apply your learnings to future campaigns • Custom reporting is also available
  54. 54. What Others are Saying about Firefly Video... “We are astonished to see the dynamic rich media, online video ad units from Firefly Video™. The special effect incorporated by designers is just amazing and “The campaign’s results perfectly depicts the 3D effect showcased in the movie exceeded our expectations and Resident Evil Afterlife. We are looking forward to create with Firefly Video’s cost-per- an impactful consumer experience in the digital space that is both engaging and buzz worthy” engagement model, we were able to reach our most valuable - Carmen Phua, prospects with no media waste.” Sony Pictures Entertainment, Malaysia -Chris Falkiner, -Manager Digital Solutions, Starcom
  55. 55. Some names who have tasted success with Firefly Video...
  56. 56. We know your audience!
  57. 57. Thank