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ABI Dropbox: gp assignment IT.docx


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ABI Dropbox: gp assignment IT.docx

  2. 2. 1. THROTTLE a. choke b. silence c. destroy d. murder2. FRIPPERY a. jewellery b. soft feeling c. empty display d. delicacy3. PREVARICATE a. give testimony b. know in advance c. early warning d. avoidtruth4. INTRACTABLE a. culpable b. efficient c. unruly d. heavy5. TERSE a. bold b. pithy c. strenuous d. fearlessII ANTONYMS6. DESSICATE a. lengthen b. exonerate c. saturate d. anesthetize7. EXTANT a. destroyed b. extinguished c. forgotten d. unheeded8. EFFRONTERY a. diffidence b. backwardness c. bravery d. flattery9. ACCRETION a. decrease b. spoil c. accumulation d. detraction10. AMICABLE a. penetrating b. zigzag c. hostile d. compensatingIII VERBAL ANALOGY11. Impeccable: Flaw ::a. Impeachable:Crime b. Impetuous:Warning c. Moribund:Living d.Absurd:Sense12. Guzzle: Drink ::a. Elucidate:Clarify b. Ingest:Eat c. Boast:Describe d.Stride:Walk13. Flood:Diluvial ::a. Bacteria:Biological b. Light:Candescent c. Heart:Cardiac d.Verdict:Judicial14. Sphinx:Perplex ::a. Oracle:Interpret b. Prophet:Prepare c. Siren:Lure d.Jester:AstoundIV In each question choose the sentence which is grammatically correct15. a) He was deprived of not only his money but also his luggage. b) Not only he was deprived of his money but also his luggage. c) He was not only deprived of his money but also his luggage.
  3. 3. d) He not only was deprived of his money but also his luggage.16. a) Some firms only work when they are faced with the threat of closure. b) Only some firms work when they are faced with the threat of closure. c) Some firms work only when they are faced with the threat of closure. d) Some firms work when they are faced with the threat of closure only.17. a) Very few people have realised the value of time. b) Very few people have realised the value for time. c) Very few people has realised the value for time. d) Very little people have realised the value of time.V Choose the correct meanings for the idioms18. A bolt from the bluea. something unavoidable b. unexpected occurrence c. good assistance d.timely help19. Bone of contentiona. difficult task b. cause of happiness c. cause of dispute d. reason for failure20. To be in the doldrumsa. to be out of danger b. to be in low spirits c. to be in anger d. to be indebt21. A white elephanta. something very old b. useless possession c. lazy person d. somethingrare22. To look for a needle in a haystack a. to search carefully b. look for things hidden c. look for lost things d. seek what is impossible to findVI Complete the following proverbs and write their meanings23. Fortune-----------------------------------------.24. A new broom----------------------------------------.25. A rolling stone -------------------------------------------.
  4. 4. 26. Discretion --------------------------------------------.27. Not all who own a lyre ------------------------------------.VII What do the following terms signify? Frame sentences to make themeanings clear.28. Bona fide28. Ipso facto29. Zeitgeist30. Vox Populi31. Prima facie32. Deus ex machineVIII Expand the following33. ONGC34. SENSEX35. NASSCOM36. IRDP37. BPOIX Choose the appropriate word (5) (hallucination, sagacity, pugnacity, cachet, dawdle)38. She likes to ……………. along by the river, laughing and talking.39. Was the figure real or just a …………………………?40. In designer wear, no other brand name has quite the same …………………..
  5. 5. 41. He showed excellent ………………….. in dealing with the problem42. She used to be often involved in violent arguments because of her…………………X Rewrite the following sentences avoiding redundancy of expression43. They came one after the other in succession.44. He was often in the habit of going to race meetings.45. The subject of the first paragraph tells how the couriers brought the news of agreat victory.46. The speed of the car was too fast.47. The reason why he did not come was because he was ill.XI Choose the correct prepositions (5)48. The mother was anxious …………… the safety of her son. a) for b) upon c) about d) at49. He had to repent ………………………….What he had done. a) for b)at c) of d) over.50. Give an example pertinent …………….the case. a) with b) on c)for d) to51. Very often we do not get what we pine……………… a) with b) for c) of d) by.52. I will call ………………………. him tomorrow. a) on b) at c) for d) about.
  6. 6. XII ANALYTICAL WRITING“In India social networking sites have proved to be socio-cultural, political, economic,and legal hazards.”
  7. 7. 1 2 3 4 5 6 78 910 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1819 20 21 22 2324 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32
  8. 8. 33 3435 36ACROSS 1 Fight(6) 5 Haunt(6) 8 Preserve(8) 9 Ceremony(4) 10 Damp(3) 12Cut(5) 15 Deity(3) 17 Knock(3) 18 Hatchet(3) 19 Beverage(3) 20 Expel(5) 21 Andnot(3) 22 Males(3) 23 Bird(3) 24 Tear(3) 26 Trample(5) 29 Agent(3) 33 Asterisk(4) 34Buy(8) 35 Pal(6) 36 Alerted(6)DOWN 2 conscious(5) 3 Flavour(4) 4 Avoid(5) 5 Scope(5) 6 Tender(4) 7Proportion(5) 10 Irrigate(5) 11 Hobe(5) 12 Exhausted(5) 13 Utter(5) 14 Assessed(5)15 Class(5) 16 Unclean(5) 25 Bury(5) 27 Swift(5) 28 Missile(5) 30 Adhesive(5) 31Release(4) 32 Scorch(4)