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Vision profile

  1. 1. ACADEMIC PROJECTSProject Oriented Technology TrainingAbout Vision: We are a Global “Next Generation” Information TechnologyConsulting, Institutional Training and Corporate TrainingCompany working to Define, Design and Deliver world classtechnology enabled business solutions. We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as a company that iscommitted to the development of skilled manpower for IT Sector.Vision is now one among the best IT training for Institutional areCorporate. Our aim is to bridge the gap between Campus to Corporate. To Transform Campus to Corporate we focused on in-depthdomain and technical training, business communications that areapplicable workplace immediately. A synthesis of a total IT solution company and total IT Offering quality IT education inVision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547
  2. 2.  SAP - ERP JAVA MS.NET ORACLE DBA SQL SERVER TESTING TOOLS Embedded Systems VLSI Matlab Additional benefits of Effective Business Communication Skills Resume Preparation Interview handling skills E-Mail/Telephone Etiquette Presentation Skills Personality Development Professional Behaviour Team Work Goal Setting & Career Planning.Academic Projects: Vision now offers students, an opportunity to do their academicprojects under the guidance of industry professionals. Selected candidate are offered assistance to do projects in latesttechnologies like PHP, Advanced PHP, JAVA, J2EE, .NET, VLSI,EMBEDDED, MATLAB etc.Five Pillars of Success:Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547
  3. 3.  Faculty Results Infrastructure Industry Interface Placement SupportFaculty: Real world experienced & Certified Trainers JAVA, J2EE and .NET trainers We have faculty members with International IT Certifications inthe corresponding disciplines Our faculty team is unique because they are not limited to trainingalone. Our trainers also work as Technical Consultants at our Company asVision group is a synthesis of a Training wing and the Industry. Frequent Faculty Development Programmes are another hallmarkof Vision. We depute our faculty on high-end training before we add a newmodule. This ensures that we sustain quality in course delivery.Results: Our projects are rated as “Best Academic Projects” in manyreputed campuses in India by virtue of our quality delivery andinnovative approach. We have strong track record in terms of pass rate for InternationalIT Certification programmes.Placement Support: Vision Career Centre, the exclusive placement division of VisionoffersVision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547
  4. 4.  Special privileges to Vision students. Vision Career Centre has so far conducted placement drives formore than 50 IT companies including Wipro, TCS, and HP etc..Projects in Multiple Domains:We have a variety of projects in multiple domains, including… Java/J2EE, J2ME Projects .NET Projects Asp.NET with C# Projects Asp.NET with VB Projects PHP & Advanced PHP with My SQL ProjectsVariety of projects in multiple domains for ECE & EEE….. Embedded Systems (Robotics & wireless, CDMA, zig-bee ….etc) VLSI ( VHDL & Micro wind……etc) Matlab (Image processing, power systems, power electronics,control systems, machines…etc)Project Categories:Real Time Project from any of the following Category Web based Projects Desktop based Application Network based Application Utility Projects Management Software’s Industrial orientedOther Benefits Candidates will be refined in: Synopsis SRS Analysis, DFD Preparation, System Analysis, Coding, Integration, Testing, ImplementationVision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547
  5. 5.  Software Development Life Cycle Layer Architecture Naming Standardization Coding Optimization Software TestingProject-Advantages Get the leading edge! Get trained and equipped! Escalated the chances for getting placed through campusinterviews Emerge as employable candidate who are future ready, thus optedby most of the companies. No chance of being eliminated Get an upper hand over the fellow lot in terms of technology andskills.Areas of Expertise: ERP Software Networking & Remoting Software Language Processors System & General Utility Software Security Tools Knowledge Based Systems Research Papers (IEEE) Device Based Applications Intellectual Systems Image Processing Communication Systems Web Development SMS GatewaysVision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547
  6. 6.  E-Commerce Solutions Corporate IdentityIndia’s Fact Sheet on IT Sector:“The Indian economy is expected to create 87.37 million new jobs by2015. And a major chunk of job will be created by the IT/ITes sector. Bythe introduction of UID projects the Indian IT sector has made a path-breaking venture in E- Governance”87-37 million new jobs likely by 2015: AssochamNew Delhi: industry body assocham has said that 87-37 million newjobs will be created in India by 2015 with the manufacturing sectorcontributing the most on the back of recovery in the economy. The shareof manufacturing sector in the new job creation would be 32%,Assocham said. “A one% growth in employment in manufacturingsector would mean over 6.25 lakh new jobs, “it said.The sector has seenan uptrend with 17.9% rise in January from just 1% a year ago. Withinmanufacturing sector, textiles, food, metals, beverages, transportequipment, leather and machinery are expected to contribute the most.Trailing manufacturing will be trade, which is expected to generate24.24 million new jobs, followed by construction at 15.13 million, theindustry body said.MUMBAI: demand for Tata Consultancy services (TCS)’s outsourcingservices is so robust the information – technology company hired 70,000workers last fiscal year plans to add 60,000 more this year. TataConsultancy projects annual sales, which have quadrupled since 2005 to$8.4 billion, will increase 20 percent a year for the “foreseeable future.“That has it and rivals Infosys Technologies and Wipro hustling to findhundreds of thousands of qualified candidates as global IT purchasesgrow 7.1% this year to $1.7 trillion. TCS, s expertise at using low-costIT workers to replace more expensive labour in developed countriesVision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547
  7. 7. helped it land contracts with Deutsche bank, Hilton Worldwide AirLiquide last fiscal year. The company, Asia’s largest computer – serviceprovider by market value, reported record annual income of $2 billion.Ready Set. Go and go and go!As a grad, you have your whole future ahead of you. We know thefeeling – every day, we’re thinking ahead to tomorrow. Walk throughour doors and you’ll feel something extraordinary in the air. Were acompany of inspire people who spend their days things that have neverbeen done before. All around the world the world, the people of HPspeak the same language: innovation. And we know you’re alreadyfluent. We’ll give you plenty of support on your new journey with us.We encourage you to think for yourself, but we help channel and refinethat thinking with on the –job training and mentoring .Our careerdevelopment will keep you on track without getting in the way of youradventure. So if you’ve got the passion, we’ve got the passion, we’vegot the opportunities. If you’ve got the ideas, we’ve got the resources.And if you’ve got the determination, you’ll find even more of it here.It’s exciting, isn’t? We think so too. Let’s get started. Rising headcountschallenge IT firm’s Indian information technology (IT) servicescompanies are expanding their employee base significantly. So much sothat many believe some of these may just even surpass a few publicsector companies. Take the case of India’s largest IT services company,Tata consultancy Services (TCS). The company will have an employeebase at the end of 2010-11.According to company had a 224, 299 –strong employee base at the end of 2011-12, taking its headcount to229,799. Bangalore – based Infosys Technologies, Which has seen ahigh attrition rate, mainly due to several of its HR programmes, still hasa headcount of 175,820. It plans to hire 45,000 people by the end of2011-12.This will be close to the total number of Employees public-Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547
  8. 8. sector banks will hire in 2012. Similarly, Wipro and Cognizant , too,have crossed the 100,000- mark And ,with growth expected to be indouble digits, these companies are gearing up to push their hiring plans.Managing such a huge employee base is not only the priority but also adaunting task. Analysts have predicted that the current productivity,levels continue and the large players have to deliver a 20 per centcompounded annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue for the next decade,Infosys, TCS and Wipro will each need to employ close to a millionpeople within the next 10-12 years .IBM, with a revenue of $99.9billion, has an employee base of 400,000. Indias IT software andservices exports alone are estimated to cross an ambitious US$ 50 billionby 2008 (the NASSCOM-McKinsey 2003 Report). Indias existing factsheet on the IT sector also indicates a rosy picture for the industry.Heres what the Indian IT segment has going for it: · Impeccablecredentials in the global markets based on the successful customerengagements of Indian IT industry stalwarts. Today, one in three globalcompanies outsources its IT software development or business processesto India · Mature processes (based on global standards such as ISO, SEICMM Level 5 and CMMI Level 5), that have given the Indian IT sectora high quality, state-of-the-art-orientation• A liberal regulatory and policy framework that encouragesinvestment by multinationals and creates a conducive climate formaking India a preferred off-shoring IT services and ITES-BPOdestination• A global-class and constantly improving telecommunications andphysical infrastructure (transportation, real estate, etc.) that iscatalyzing the growth of the IT industry, particularly the softwareexport segmentVision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547
  9. 9. • A ready supply of qualified, high quality, engineering and ITmanpower, one of the most crucial ingredients for a successful ITsector• A huge base of English-speaking graduates that forms a strongplatform supporting the ITES-BPO industry• A large number of IT professionals with relevant domainknowledge (expertise in financial, accounting, banking, insurance,healthcare, telecommunications, retail and other areas)• A ready supply of professionals with relevant IT skills from bothformal and informal sector institutionsCareer opportunities in no. of MNC CompaniesIndian IT to add 2.5 lakh jobs this year: NasscomNational Association of software and service Companies (Nasscom), thevoice of Indian IT and BPO industry said that the Indian IT industry waslikely to hire about 2.5 lakhs professional in the Current financial yearthanks to the recovery in the IT sector and the demand for technologyservices.. “The Top four players are expected to hire more than on lakhpeople this fiscal. The industry on a whole should add about quarter of amillion people in this fiscal... Renewed demand for IT services after andreturn of discretionary spending in the market are the key drivers,”Nasscom President, Som Mittal said. Giring crunch of last crists to hitIT firms in 2003 when the domestic information technology (IT)companies slowed down their hiring in fiscals 2009 and 2010, little didthey know they would have to face a severe manpower crunch once thedemand revived. And the crunch is likely to get more painful in fiscal2013, when the impact of modest hiring in the last two fiscals manifestsVision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547
  10. 10. in the form of shortage of experienced workforce at the middlemanagement level. Lower hiring rate in the fiscals 2009 and 2010 islikely to create shortage of techies in the 3-8 years’ experience range infiscal 2013, which could cause havoc in the financials of tech firms.Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur… Benz Circle ,Vijayawada... Ameerpet,, call-9603150547