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GB's Profile

  1. 1. Career vision: Where the mind is lead forward into ever-widening thought and action bharath gopalan email: Mobile: 91-9941832065 Public profile: Published works can be accessed at:
  2. 2. Executive summary  A dynamic professional with 25+ years of rich experience with 15 years in HRD with specialisation in learning & Development in diverse industries in manufacturing sector and 10+ years of prior experience in people and operations management in manufacturing sector.  Highly creative and self-motivated with innovative ideas and concepts for enhancing the transference of learning from training situation to the job behavior for building capabilities and improving the orgnisational performance.  Managing the L&D practices end-to-end to right from identifying training needs with a holistic approach to planning and organising training interventions to evaluating the training effectiveness in terms of enhancement in organizational capability and performance;  Developing a culture of learning and innovation by various practices like Mentoring programme, Internal Trainers club, PMS facilitation like goal-setting, performance feedback and coaching etc and HR systems like Job Analysis, Competency Mapping, process mapping and documentation etc  Enhancing employee communication/ interactions through house magazine and installing and managing employee home page and also by creating avenues for knowledge-sharing like video/ book discussions, lunch-table chats etc.  Strategic partnering in the business goals by facilitating organisational strategy workshops to evolve the ‘shared vision, mission and values’ and also designing and executing appropriate interventions to energize people towards organisational vision as also imbibe the values into actual workplace behaviors Learning & Development: • Design & Delivery of training • Training Need Analysis • Training of Trainers/ Mentors • Leadership Development • OD Interventions Strategic HR: • Change facilitation • Organizational SWOT • Translating Vision to Results • Translating Values to Action Talent Acquisition: • Psychometric Profiling • Campus Hiring • BEI • Selection Processes Employee Communication: • Editing House Magazine • Internal Brochures Performance Management: • Goal setting facilitation • Performance Feedback &Coaching HR Systems/ processes: • Job Analysis • Competency Mapping • Business Modelling • Employee Engagement
  3. 3. career record Sr DGM - Learning & Development from Dec 2007 - -Building a culture of Learning & innovation -Key accomplishments: 1. Development of internal trainers and mentors; 2. designing and conducting in-house training; 3. systematic talent transformation process for campus recruits to groom them as sales officers; 4. development and implementation of on-line PMS; 5.self- documenting of JDs for managerial positions on-line; 6. Facilitating PMS process: Goal-setting discussions and appraisal discussions and performance coaching; 7. conceiving and developing employee homepage with IT support 8. Editing of in-house magazine Sr. Manager (Training) Dec ‘06 ~Dec ‘07 identifying training needs/ organisational diagnosis, planning, developing, organizing training and evaluating training effectiveness and ensuring transfer of learning to work; Personally assigned the mission of facilitating the vision and spirit of Hyundai Motor Group to the entire HMI family; Designed the new training centre with its inspiring wall murals, interiors and flexi- training halls; Designed a novel new employee orientation (NEO) programme Sr. Manager-HRD May’05 ~ Dec ‘06 Designing, developing and implementing HR systems and practices in the entire array of HR domain from hiring to exit; Chalking out and implementing HR strategies in line with company’s Balanced Score Card; Key areas: Performance management, people capability building, employee communication, organizational diagnosis, cultural transformation Manager- HRD Nov 1995- Apr ‘05 Designing HR systems / Benchmarking organizational HR practices; implementation of ISO9001:2000 and ISO 14001 &TQM; implementation of organizational change initiatives; editing house magazine ‘Noteworthy’, implementing ongoing HR programmes, ensuring a healthy climate and effective organizational processes Operations-in-charge May 86-Nov 95 - Managing shift operations of nuclear enrichment research plant - Educating the workforce on Safety and conducting safety audits/ mock drills
  4. 4. academics a. Academic Record: Examination passed Institutions/universities Class Year Distinctions MSc (Psychology) Madras University 61.3% 2007-09 MBA (HRM) IGNOU, New Delhi 78% (B) (3.88 /5.0) 1996-99 ‘Excellent’ (A Grade) in 1. Organisational Design & Change, 2. Strategic Management & 3. Project work Dip. T & D. ISTD, New Delhi 68% 1996-98 Distinction in the Internship Report on ‘Training for TPM’ B Sc University of Madras 72% 1978-81 - PUC University of Madras 76% 1978 100% in Mathematics Distinction in Physics & Chemistry SSLC TN Board of Sec. Edn 84% 1977 - b. Short-term Courses: Course title Institution Grade Duration Course Coverage Professional Communication A Outstanding Aug-Dec ‘85 Communication processes and enhancing effectiveness in professional communication Operations Research B Good Aug-Dec ‘85 Basics of theory of OR with case studies and applications
  5. 5. training certifications National Resource Person (certified by GoI) to conduct 5-day training “Direct Trainers’ Skills (DTS)” designed by Thames Valley University, UK; attended at Institute of Secretarial training & Management, New Delhi “Design of Training (DOT)” certification by GoI (attended at Administrative training institute, Mysore) “Experiential Learning Tools” Certification by GoI, attended at Institute of management & Governance, Calicut, Kerala Graduate in Curriculum For Living of Landmark Education (Forum, Advanced course & Self expression & Leadership programme & currently pursuing Introduction Leaders Programme “Lead Auditor for QMS” certification International Certifications Inc, NZ, “Practitioner Certification in NLP” by NFNLP, Florida, conducted by Basics & Basics, Bangalore IGNOU’s Academic Counselor for MBA: ‘Change Management’, ‘Organisational Dynamics’ and ‘Total Quality Management’ License to administer Thomas Personal Profile Analysis for recruitment, job compatibility, training need analysis and monitoring training effectiveness Facilitator Certification in HRD by Aim Insights, Mangalore Basic Human Process Lab by ISABS have attended training programmes in TQM, TPM, 6 sigma, Cleaner Production, Process mapping have attended spiritual awakening programmes like Art of Living, Inner Engineering, Summer Retreat programme of Ramakrishna Mission
  6. 6. publications/ co-professional pursuits Indian Journal For Training & Development Paper titled “Trainer Styles: A Situational Approach” published In Indian Journal For Training & Development- Oct- Dec 2002 Articles in published HRD Newsletter:  “Learn to Learn”  “From Cherry-picking to Choosing a Career” A Column titled ‘9to6’ in Business enterprise, a newly launched magazine:  Pygmalion Effect  Steering the Tough Talk  Lessons on Mentoring  De-role Yourself  Read For Results  I feel- Therefore I am…  Questioning culture  Making of a Pro  Be Your Word Regular Contributor to a column “Workwise” in a monthly magazine INBOX1305 Articles published in house magazine in column Mind Matters Promote Yourself (Jul-Sept 1999)/ Organisational climate is what you feel (Apr- Jun 2002)  Inertia of Action (Jul-Sept 2002)  Choose Yourself (Jan- Mar 2003) And more…  Written articles in Deccan Herald, Indian Post and has delivered talks in Colleges  Has conducted ‘Head-start Your Career’ Workshop for college-goers and Transformative Teaching for Faculty B-schools and Engineering colleges  Life member of NHRD network and member of MMA and ISTD
  7. 7. accomplishments Organised Company-wide ‘Building Measures of Excellence’ and facilitated cascading of individual goal-setting process with Company’s Strategic Thrust Areas Developed 50 Internal Trainers for technical/ functional training to tap the tacit knowledge in the company to have a blend of internal and external trainers for in-house programmes Initiated, facilitated and implemented Mentoring programme by training the 120 senior people who volunteered to mentor and hand-hold the new entrants to foster acculturation Personally designed and delivered training programme for 50 to 60 days every year covering around 1500 man-days every year. End-to-end of talent acquisition and transformation process for the fresh MBAs and engineers hired from campus. Introduced, facilitated and institutionalized practices like mentoring, KRA/ Goal setting, performance coaching, counseling & feedback and many initiatives to bring in a culture of openness, innovation and process. Integrating Training Needs Identification process with PMS - Interfaced with IT team for developing online systems for JD, PMS, LMS and facilitated the transition from pen & paper to online systems Enhanced training by internal trainers enhanced to 50% from 5% by training of internal trainers Introduced blend of training for focusing on capability building: FT: Functional/ Technical: 30-40%; BL: Behavioural/ Leadership: 30-40%; OD: Organisational Practices(like TPM, 5S): 10-20% ; WL: Work-Life congruence(like Health &Fitness etc): 10-20% Scaled up the evaluation of Training Effectiveness from mere Reaction level to Outcome level: o Reaction Level – 100% (all programmes covered); Knowledge/ skill level - 70% (only FT,BL &OD); Outcome/ Job-performance level- 40 to 50% (For FT and partially for BL) Enabled systematic capturing of L&D records like requests, enrolments, attendance, feedback, and metrices like per capita budget, mandays etc through LMS
  8. 8. few trainings- designed & delivered Title Target Group Description Training & Facilitation Skills Line managers/Trainers Training skills on coaching, lecturing, discussion leading & group exercise Training Design Trainers/training designers Use of training concepts in designing training, setting enabling and performance objectives and evaluating training effectiveness Role Effectiveness Performers Training for performing effectively in different roles and managing inter-role conflicts Coaching & Mentoring Team leaders/line managers Leadership styles, self-assessment of the style, strengths and potentials, power bases, situational leadership Interpersonal Skills Team leaders/ performers Inter-personal styles, building rapport, assessing and matching preferred modes of individuals, team roles and team synergy Learning Organisation All job performers Based on Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline Building high performance teams Teams / work groups Creating class-room experiences on team dysfunctionalities and nurture teamwork through peer-assisted learning and feedback Performance Algorithm Team leaders/ line managers An algorithmic approach to spot the reason for under-performance of a subordinate and to take remedial measures Explore yourself General Insight into one’s basic personality type – goal setting – balancing values–personal mission building – goal pursuit Campus to Corporate New Inductees Understanding organizational dynamics – interpersonal relations– communication and influence processes – team work Best Practices: New Inductees ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS, SA 8000, 5S,TPM, TQM, BPR, Kaizen, SPC, QFD, 6 Sigma, TOC, BSC Cognitive Fitness General Exercises the brain functions like coordination, flexibility, endurance, concentration Pygmalion Manager Leadership role-holders Building the power ot trust, passion, positive perspective and self deiscipline Creativity at work General Practising creativity at day-to-day work and building a culture of innovation Problem-solving tools Work groups Exposure to different problem solving tools and
  9. 9. profile Behavioural: Keirsey Temperament Description of Idealist (MBTI profile: ENFP):  Enthusiastic, authentic, trusting, spiritual  focused on personal journeys and human potentials  strives to discover and improve self and this quest drives imagination  naturally drawn to working with people education or counseling, in social services or personnel work, passionate to help others find their way in life, often inspiring them to grow as individuals and to fulfill their potentials. Top 5 strengths as per Gallup’s Strength finder: 1. Ideation, 2. Strategic, 3. Input, 4. Learner, 5. Connectedness Personal Details: Date of birth : 20 Feb 1961 Birth place : Thanjavur , Tamilnad Address : 1, Ashok Vasuda, 26, Ram Colony, West Mambalam, Chennai- 600033 Languages : English, Tamil; can speak : Hindi, Kannada