Tips for Recruiters


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Tips for Recruiters

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Tips for Recruiters

  1. 1. Tips for Recruiters
  2. 2. How to avoid CV Reject
  3. 3. When we get CV reject feedback from the client that means we are investing in unqualifiedCandidates which can cost of time, business and money.That’s why get experienced in sourcing relevant profiles which matches the requirement inall aspects.Do thorough research and screen each candidate so that you can have benefit from eachcandidate you process. Your assessment can break or make your career
  4. 4. Steps to follow:
  5. 5. 1. Use right keywords to search the profile from the database, it may be local database, online job portals, social media websites like LinkedIn, Face book etc. Widen your first search by using popular keywords and allow maximum profiles to show in the result. In the next step use specific keywords to filter the result further using “search within result” option.2. Most of the time the first page contains the most appropriate profile. Open the profile and screen it thoroughly by understanding the skills used in the projects. Do not blindly go with the skills mentioned in the profile under the headings like “software known”, “software skills”, “Technical knowledge” etc. If you think the profile is matching then without further delay pick up your phone and call the candidate. Make sure your call should not be restricted only to check his interest, CTC, ECTC and NP. Kindly cover up following points while talking to the candidates. a. Try to avoid mentioning that you found the profile from the job portal. You can always tell the candidate that you got a reference from a friend in-case if the candidates asks you specifically otherwise ignore where you found the profile.
  6. 6. b. Using Phrases like “You hold an excellent profile”, “your profile matches to my requirement”, “I spent almost two days to find one good profile like yours, thank god I found you”.Such statements will make candidate feel happy and it helps you in pushing. Then proceed with “is this is the good time to talk to you, hope you are not sitting with your manager”. Such talks will help you to divert the candidate serious mood to casual mood and he tends to talk to you more ( we call this as mind blocking technique in Headhunting). Use this opportunity to explain the requirement in detail. There is no rule that recruiter/Headhunter should be knowing the requirement 100%. A rightly wrong doing in Headhunting is a new reason to continue talking to the candidates. Most of the time candidates are fed-up with continuous meeting and they look for some casual time so make use of it rather than sounding like a telemarketing person.c. Make sure you make a note of all the points which you discuss with the candidates like his relevant experience on each skill, reason for looking out etc. Mention these points in the mail body while processing the profile, this helps the client to evaluate the profile and chances of getting shortlisted is very high. By doing this you are also sending out message to the client that you have rightly validated the profile.
  7. 7. 3. Even after following the above points if the CVs get rejected I am sure you will fight for the reason with confidence.4. CV Short listings is not just a skill matching but the CV should match all the criteria’s like Budget, Relevant Skills including designation and Relocation (if any) I hope the above information helps to avoid CV reject.
  8. 8. a headhunting company