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About PRC:
PRC, Kirkee, Pune ( India) is a Rehabilitation Centre meant for the after care and rehabilitation of personnel's of Defence forces of India who are medically boarded out i.e. retired from service due to Spinal Cord Injury while serving the Nation.

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Corporate Presentation Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center CSR

  1. 1. Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center Kirkee, Pune| Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Kirkee is registered under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act 1961
  2. 2. Contents Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center Snapshot of Activities at PRC Your Support for PRC What’s In It for You Donations & Contacts Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune
  3. 3. Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center
  4. 4. Who We Are • PRC, Kirkee, Pune ( India) is a Rehabilitation Centre meant for the after-care and rehabilitation of personnel's of Defence forces of India who are medically boarded out i.e. retired form service due to Spinal Cord Injury while serving the Nation Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 4
  5. 5. About Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center Our Vision To provide alternate home for paraplegics / quadriplegics of Armed Forces Our Mission To ensure best after care and rehabilitation of personnel's of Defence Forces of India who are medically boarded out i.e. retired form service due to Spinal Cord Injury while serving the Nation Our Aim To ensure that paraplegics/tetraplegics have a positive outlook in life and they should remember that “IT IS NOT THEIR DISABILITY BUT ABILITY THAT COUNTS” Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 5
  6. 6. About Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center Our Objectives • Admit paraplegic / tetraplegics 100 % disabled soldiers for their medical care and extended rehabilitations including • • • • • • • • • physical psychological financial sexual rehabilitation Provide after-care for minor ailments, pressure sores, urinary tract infection and bowel upset for which they are prone/ pre-disposed Provide physiotherapy / hydrotherapy facilities to improve the residual muscle power Provide occupational therapy, vocational training in sheltered workshop and opportunities for job placement Look after their welfare like settlement of pension account, education of children and assistance for Defence Ministry and State / Central Govt. Impart training on rehabilitation of paraplegics/tetraplegics to Doctors and paramedics of armed forces and civil hospitals as a nodal agency Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 6
  7. 7. About Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center The Facilities at PRC – – – – – – – – – – 109 quarters (83 single, 26 married) Auditorium Conference room Basketball court Computer Lab Swimming Pool Hydraulic Lift Bus Racing track Wet Canteen Temple Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 7
  8. 8. Snapshot of Activities and Events at PRC
  9. 9. What Happens At PRC Activities and Events at PRC • Medical & Physical Care Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 9
  10. 10. What Happens At PRC Activities and Events at PRC • Financial & Psychological Rehabilitation Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 10
  11. 11. What Happens At PRC Activities and Events at PRC • Sports in PRC – – – Pioneer in introducing sports on wheelchair The 1st National Games for disabled were organized by PRC and were held in the Centre Residents at the Centre are undisputed champions in wheelchair sports at National and International level Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 11
  12. 12. Activities and Events at PRC What Happens At PRC Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 12
  13. 13. Activities and Events at PRC Our Achievements Awards For Best Physically Challenged Sportsman in Maharashtra: • Shiv Chhatrapati Award Winner - 19 • Eklavya Award Winner - 01 Medal Gold Silver Bronze Para Olympic at Athens (Greece), 2004 • 6th Position in Shot Put • 9th position in Discus Throw Far East and South Maharashtra State National Paralympic National Pacific Games for the Paralympics Sports Meet Sports Meet Bengaluru Disabled Games (FESPIC) Feb’13 Mar’13 387 3 5 3 291 13 5 2 128 5 5 2 Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 13
  14. 14. Our Achievements Activities and Events at PRC Pune International Marathon 2013 Held On 01 Dec 2013 Stood 2nd & 3rd Position 1st National Wheelchair Badminton Championship At Mumbai On 21-22 Dec 2013 Gold Silver Bronze 04 02 03 14th Senior, 9th Junior & 5th Sub Junior Maharashtra State Paralympic Multisport Championships 2014 At Nagpur From 02-06 Jan 2014 Gold Bronze 12 Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Silver 08 05 Slide 14
  15. 15. Your Support for PRC
  16. 16. How Can You Help? Cause-related Marketing Payroll Giving Your Support for PRC Underwriting PRC’s Expenses Sport Event Sponsorship Through Contract Jobs/Orders Donation in kind Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 16
  17. 17. PRC and You • Cause-related Marketing Your Support for PRC – – – • As a corporate, you can use your marketing channels for innovative ways to support PRCs efforts You can focus on what you do best - marketing, and you help PRC in the process We call this 'cause-related marketing' How it works: – – Donate proceeds from the sale of a product or service - We help organizations work out special promotions, from which a percentage of the profits is donated to PRC Provide a platform for PRC - You can use your goodwill and influence with your customers, clients, suppliers, and associates to provide a forum for PRC's efforts Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 17
  18. 18. PRC and You • Payroll Giving Your Support for PRC – • As a corporate house you can give the individuals in your organisation the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of residents This encourages participation and enhances corporate morale too How it works: – – The company's employees contribute by sanctioning an automatic deduction from their monthly salaries towards PRC This eliminates paper work and makes the donation process easy and hassle-free Of course, to put this option into effect would require the consent and participation of both, the management and employees Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 18
  19. 19. PRC and You • Underwriting PRC’ expenses ’s – Your Support for PRC – • In any organisation there are several operational costs incurred in managing and maintaining the organisation and its activities Some of these costs can be underwritten by corporate houses or individuals How it will work: – – At PRC, we incur costs such as information technology, office furniture, basic amenities, cost of travel, trainings, and so on By partnering with PRC to underwrite our organizational expenses, it allows us to focus on our programmes, thereby joining us in our endeavor to create lasting change (for our Wish List refer Appendix 1, 2 & 3) Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 19
  20. 20. PRC and You • Sport Event Sponsorships – Your Support for PRC – Sport Events form an integral part of PRC as it enables us to create awareness on the situation of disabled people and simultaneously raise crucial resources By sponsoring a PRC sport event or sportsperson, you not only ensure that your brand or organisation reaches out to a wide range of people, but also partner PRC in raising the necessary funds Ex PTR Amol Boriwale represented for India in the following :• International Wheelchair Amputee Sports (IWAS) in 2009 at Bengaluru • 1st Asian Para Games in China in 2010 • 1st Asian Archery Para Championship in Bangkok in 2011 • He holds 17th rank in the World circuit of Para Archery • He would participate in 2nd Para Asian Games in Sep 2014 at South Korea Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 20
  21. 21. PRC and You • Through Contract Jobs/Orders – Various products/services that can be made/rendered by the disabled Your Support for PRC • Donation in kind – – – Old Office Equipments/Furniture Underwriting of One-time expense items (refer Appendix 2) Through Voluntary Professional Support in imparting skills to the residents Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 21
  22. 22. What Is In It For You?
  23. 23. Why You Should Help? Give your brand visibility Enhance your brand image and be known as a socially conscious organisation What’s in it for you? Partnering with us, be a part of our endeavor to serve those who serve the Nation Give employees the chance to make a difference Tax Relief under Section 80-G of Income Tax Act, 1961 Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 23
  24. 24. What’s in it for you? Our Corporate Donors In The Past Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 24
  25. 25. Donations & Contacts
  26. 26. Donations • Online Transfer to Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre’s Bank Account Account Holder Name Bank Name Donations and Contact IFSC Code Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Punjab National Bank (PNB) PUNB0027800 Branch Details Account Number • Kirkee, Pune 411020 0278000100174484 Write a crossed Cheque/Demand Draft on the name of “Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre” and send it to below mentioned address Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Park Road, Khadki, Pune-411020, India Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 26
  27. 27. PRC Registration • Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Kirkee, is a Public Charitable Trust duly registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 • : F 696 Poona Date of Registration Donations and Contact Registration Number : 16-January-1974 Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre is also registered under Societies Act 1860 Registration Number MAH 877 Poona Date of Registration • : : 19-November-1973 The Institute has been granted INCOME TAX EXEMPTION under Section 80G(5) of Income tax Act, 1961. PAN Number Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune : AAATP1156G Slide 27
  28. 28. Reach Us - The Medical Director, Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Range Hills, Kirkee, Pune-411020 Official Website Donations and Contact Address - Email - Tele - 020-2580 3191 (Civil) 3191(Army) Tele/Fax - +91 – 020 – 2582 0505 Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 28
  29. 29. Thank You
  30. 30. Your Support for PRC Appendix 1: Wish List - Recurring Expenses Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune
  31. 31. Your Support for PRC Appendix 2: Wish List - One-time Expenses Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune
  32. 32. Appendix 3: Wish List – Future Plans Nature of Work 1. AC Bus with hydraulic lift for transportation of residents on wheelchair 2. Steel almirah with mirror for inmates – 80 Nos. 3. Your Support for PRC S No Construction of boundary wall 4. Overhead water tank with bore well. 5. Sound Proofing of Sports complex. 6. Beautification Of Garden 7. Illuminating Sign Posting Main Entrance Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune
  33. 33. Rhythm 2014
  34. 34. Finding The Connect • About Rhythm 2014 • • Annual event organized in collaboration with the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Kirkee, Pune Helps raise crucial resources required by PRC Sensitizes the new generation of managers Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 34
  35. 35. An Evening To Remember • Itinerary for Rhythm 2014 About Rhythm 2014 – Date of Event: 21st February 2014 – Time: 1700 hrs to 21930 hrs – Activities and Performances • • • • • Bike Rally to raise awareness regarding Road Safety Basketball match between PRC resident teams Band Performance Dance Performance Vote of Thanks Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Slide 35
  36. 36. Rhythm Sponsorship Schemes Main Sponsor 1. 2. 3. 4. Direct association with name of event Banner Space Desk Space Announcements 1. 2. 3. Banner Space Desk Space Announcements 1. 2. 3. 4. Association with particular performance Banner Space Desk Space Announcements 1. 2. Desk Space Banner Space 1. 2. Rs. 1,00,000 Co-Sponsor Rs. 60,000 Event Sponsor Desk Sponsor Banner Sponsor Banner Space Logo on Posters Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center|Kirkee|Pune Rs. 40,000 Rs. 25,000 2 Banners-Rs.5000 4 Banners-Rs.7000 8 Banners-Rs.10000 Unlimited Banners-Rs.20000 Slide 36