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Health Insurance scenario in Philippines

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Health system of Philippines ppt

  1. 1. Healthcare System of Philippines Presented by- Dr.Bhamini Thukral
  2. 2. Healthcare Governance structure A decentralized health delivery system DOH-apex regulatory authority Develop national plans, technical standards and healthcare guidelines for all Filipinos. LGUs and Private sector agencies-act as adjuncts CHDs (Centers for Health Department) RHUs (Rural Health Units)-exist in every municipality to improve access to healthcare
  3. 3. Pyramidal organization structure for thethree levels of healthcare National Health Services Tertiary care Regional Health Services Secondary care District Health Services Rural(Local Hospital)Services Primary care RHUs Barangay Health Stations
  4. 4. Primary level of healthcare Serves as the foundation of healthcare based upon which progressive levels of care are restructured. Function of primary health workers at 3 levels:-a)Village or grass root health workerb)Intermediate level health workerc)First line hospital personnel
  5. 5. Health outcomes In a state of double disease burden Communicable diseases are the major causes of morbidity and mortality in Philippines. Morbidity rate in communicable diseases-42.8 /100,000 population(2009) Morbidity Rate in Non Communicable Diseases-90.4/100,000 population.(2009) Maternal mortality rate(MMR)-94 deaths/100,000 live births(2009) Unlikely for Philippines to accomplish targets for 2015 MDG
  6. 6. Healthcare budget Low efficiency in health spending. Health expenditure- 3.8% of GDP Tax funding system adopted by Department of Finance and Internal Revenue Allotment in case of Local Governments. three major groups of healthcare payers: (i) national and local governments, (ii) social health insurance, (iii) private sources.
  7. 7. Health expenditure outlay Private Expenditure Government 59.1% Expenditure 28.7% Out Of Social Pocket Insurance Expenditure Expenditure 48.4% 11.0%
  8. 8. Health Insurance Sector National Health Insurance Programme (NHIP) Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, commonly known as PhilHealth which administers the NHIP The types of Healthcare/Health Insurance plans in Philippines-(a) PhilHealth (b)Private health insurance (c)Health Maintenance Organization (d) International health insurance (e) Expatriate health insurance Microhealthinsurance –MIPSS
  9. 9. Health improvement plans SHIELD (Sustainable Health Improvement through Empowerment and Local Development) project in ARMM –Philippine government’s Sector development agenda for health, USAID funded-5 year project Integrated Community Health Services Project (ICHSP) and the National Centre for Health Facility Development (NCHFD)- to strengthen referral system , enhance local planning, decision making and monitoring.
  10. 10. Key Challenges in healthcare prevailing conditions of inequity in health status poor infrastructure in the healthcare sector which needs to be worked upon to attract more tourists lack of IT governance structures diseases emerging new communicable diseases adding to the existent prevalence of communicable common solitary governing body is required to be set up to coordinate activities of human resources wide gap between the rich and the poor in
  11. 11. Inter- sectoral linkage