Bham amp 2013 june releases


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Two additional releases have been added effective June 2013. They include a new eBook called Comic Relief North Fork, and a new full book of pictorial prose with 200 images, and haiku evolution in a release called Kaleidoscope of Haiku.

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Bham amp 2013 june releases

  1. 1. New ReleasesJune 2013Copyrighted Materials
  2. 2. Copyright © 2013 by Michael O’ConnorALL RIGHTS RESERVED.No images or text from this volume may be reproducedwithout expressed written permission from the author.Copyrighted Materials
  3. 3. From the DirectorMichael O’ConnorBhamAMP ™Owner & DirectorPublishing Immersive Visualization EnvironmentsBhamAMP™ Business Arts MediaPlex is involved with thepublication of immersive environments providing for the collection,integration and display of visual, audio and kinaesthetic data. Weconceptualize and develop three dimensional visualizationenvironments which combine the fine arts and digital displayinformation for multi-screen, multi-media and multi-modalapplications.BhamAMP has been doing business since 2009, operating in thePacific Northwest. Prior to BhamAMP’s formation Michael ownedand operated a media company called Dory Inc. in the SanFrancisco Bay Area, providing publishing, photography andvideography services. Michael is also involved in the fine arts andnow in the production of eTheatre.Copyrighted Materials
  4. 4. New ReleasesThe slides following provide a brief summary of new releases authored by Michael O’Connor.The latest two new release are titled Comic Relief North Fork and a full book of poetry calledKaleidoscope of Haiku including pictorial prose, 200 images, and a haiku evolution. Links toMichael’s works can be found at including a new multi-media, multi-screen presentation to coincide with the release of Comic Relief North Fork (look undereTheatre Multi-Screen).Michael is finishing up his latest project that will include eTheatre methods and techniques.New releases are scheduled throughout 2013.BhamAMP is also operating as a vehicle for designing and implementing of multi-mediabiographies for start-up companies and individuals involved in the digital fine arts. Designinquiries can be sent to Materials
  5. 5. Copyrighted MaterialsKaleidoscope of HaikuFOR THE GOOD OF THE MIND AND SOUL; prosalute anime; I have created these pages in effectfor the sake of providing the evidence. Anysequence toward pure evidence which leads me tothe affirmation of the circumstance of self is agood enough proposition for creating period. I donot have to be prodded or even persuaded by anyoutside party to design and then deliver somethingwhich I can refer to further on as an exhibition.This exhibition is the culmination of the reality ofat least part of my mind and soul, and thecombined conviction to go on to that next likelyplace for more subtle experience.
  6. 6. Comic Relief North ForkCopyrighted MaterialsTO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE, and thatcircumspect account, I have developed thestrongest presumption of peace walking throughthis forest and along side of this river like it ismy own. There is something of proof in turningand seeing my footstep’s impressions in the softearth that this tranquil passage is securedbeyond any means as a command of an act ofnature; my nature, so inclined to obey what Iam told as I navigate further. To the strongestdegree possible I am throwing myself at thevery nature of this path that is will bring mesomeplace promising and that I will somehow beprotected from the harsher elements that mayor not exist beyond the next bend. Myapprehension, if any, is derived from thepreviously unknown and the hope that there isfurther surprise as I keep going.There is comic relief in sight.
  7. 7. Venice Beach No ApologyMissy Campbell turned forty and is out toshow the world that she can still work andplay as hard; that is by her standards ofcourse. This is a day and night on the beachfor her, and it is a very peculiar time andspace.“This is foreplay, my friend. Did you knowthe feeling one gets straddling across thatseat? It is the physical entailment, thosesimple directions from brain to feet, and anappreciation of the eloquent character ofVenice Beach with no apology. This echoesin my head as I cross from the Bike Pathover to the main Oceanfront Walk ever somindful of those who are standing before meand flagging me down. Someone else wantsmy attention.”Copyrighted Materials
  8. 8. Three Stages of TwilightTHERE ARE THREE STAGES of twilight which all startafter sunset and end before sunrise. The differences area matter of degree. The truth is that there are threeconceptions as to what constitutes truth: agreement ofa thought and reality; eventual verification; andconsistency of thought with itself. The differences arealso a matter of degree. What happens when it beginsto get dark is a range of a thing in time space, and howit is remembered is a matter of interpretation.That visual was so unexpected and the details were soclear that it nearly startled me out of my slumberedstate. I had wanted to leap up and run but reservedcuriosity would not let me interfere. I could not pullmyself away until I found out just what that voice andvisual presence had to say. Who did it belong to andwhy did it call out now? It seems to have been amocking reflection of everything I had wanted to saybut could not express without an equally suitablevenue. I could now see and hear everyone out there;this out of body journey so described; during thosethree stages of twilight.Copyrighted Materials
  9. 9. Perceptive SensationsPerceptive Sensations is the third installment inthe BhamAMP Business Arts MediaPlex TheatreSeries written for smooth, snag free performanceon all types of stages should they exit in physicalor virtual terrains. Interests in performance arenot absolute or conditional, and one assumes thatthey will be less structured than normal; giventhat normalcy was never a requirement.Perceptive Sensations includes full theatre withseries photography and Intermission section.There is an accompanying external link for movietrailers (go to and thenselect Theatre Series: Coming Attractions andExit this Stage).The Theatre Series includes the following:Jack’s Day off (2010)Veracity of Ghost Light (2010)Perceptive Sensations (2012)Copyrighted Materials
  10. 10. Capriciously OpaqueTHE COMPLEXITIES OF RELATIONSHIPS arecompared as they mean to cause somethingprescribed, considered as an aggregate ofsomething less likely stumbled upon. More oftenthis is a haphazard balancing act of known andunknown components—as persons fleeing astorm of objects blown about by an emotionalwhirlwind may begin to wonder what went sowrong.There are disperse implications of breaking upand growing back together, just like cloudsseparating and coming back together, squeezingout the rays of sunlight which might haveilluminated something far different. It may notimply a reduction to nothing, as by squanderingor causing the relationship to simply dissipate.But it will suggest that the implication oftranscending often takes on another life as arumor, a fear, some joy or a lingering doubt abouthow the relationship should have been under anyother circumstance.Copyrighted Materials
  11. 11. Cumulative EvidenceTHERE WAS A MOMENTARY QUIET that filled thebrightly painted and amply lighted kitchen. Thelime green walls were covered with hand-carvedanimal figures and there were several paintingsas well with one depicting a bull fighter in thering with his cape draped over the broadshoulders of a mighty black bull. One otherpainting gave abstract details to each kind ofpepper that could be grown in this region. Eventhe back porch off of the room was lighted quiteso with multi-colored lanterns of swirling glassthat were hung with thin wires and swayed inthe gentle breeze, and there were two verysturdy metal sculptures on the back porch thatdid not move but had shadows caused by thearray of lanterns and light, that were cast overthe porch railings, stairs and even onto theedges of the wood strips of the side of thehouse.Copyrighted Materials
  12. 12. Evidence of ConsciousnessDURING THE LAST EPISODE of this series ofinner-connected dreams had the room spinninglike a top, and all of my thoughts quicklysharpened as I attempted to fixate on one pointto gain my bearing—but not razor sharp.Because at that precise moment I had a suddencraving for clarity—as one seeks that clarity infirst several moments of consciousness as thedawn evolves into a full morning—when you areaware that you have left the dream world andhave entered an awakening state of somethingfound (that was not actually ever lost). I reallydid want that feeling to come more quickly so Ifocused very hard and I began to squint until myface hurt.As I attempted to define that moment theroom that I was in spun at a much slower andcontrollable rate. The imagery was more focusedand all visible objects have a more defined edge.My head no longer swelled from the sharpmemories of the dream but rather from theperspective of the physical room that completelyenvelopes me and is much brighter than I hadexpected it to be.Copyrighted Materials
  13. 13. Fortuitous EventTHIS IS WHAT I CAME TO HEAR. All around mesways constantly with the mild undulatingcurrents as bits and pieces of organic materialfloats by in diagonal lines, then passing insymmetrical curves caused by the incoming andreceding waves. The rippled arcs on the surfaceof the water gradually intersect and theinterference patterns are a marvel to look at;predictably some materials buoy to the surfacewhile others sink in succession into the shallowdepths of this naturally carved out waterway.My movements are deliberately slow in themorning and silently in cold and blue gray watersbecause I do not want to cause any obviousdisturbances with regard to the closestinhabitants of the rock wall I am currentlymesmerized by. The overall visibility is aroundthirty five feet in the earliest part of the midweek afternoon and mid month of non stormyweather. Sea life is abundant as it collectivelygoes about its business of subsistence living onthe steep wallsCopyrighted Materials
  14. 14. Jack’s Day OffIN EACH MAJOR CORNER of the loft is arepresentational cluster of cultural art fromplaces like South Africa, middle Mexico, Chile,United States, Spain, and Portugal. The art ispredominately three dimensional, but there areseveral very small paintings that dot eachmajor wall and are principally invisible until onewanders closer to each of the room’s fourintersecting corners. To the very far right of theentrance stands a single and reasonably largeclear glass vase. This vase holds two groups oftropical looking flowers with long deep greenstems. Several of the stems are topped bybroad and inviting green leaves that havenumerous strikingly white dots and dashedstreaks. The furniture in the room is ultra-tech;several chairs and double-wide loveseats arecovered in richly dark brown leather trimmed inshiny chrome.Copyrighted Materials
  15. 15. Narrative ArcsTHESE ARE NARRATIVE ARCS in three parts:appearing when the outlines of a sail grewtransparent against the backdrop of the sunsetagainst the sky. The sails are taught angles as ifproud in another moment of the steadied windsthat passed from south to north. Long were thepowerful strokes of the flight of sea birds passingloudly above; cursing or just enjoying the risingairstreams.Not too far in the past we had traveled bysailboat across an ocean from one small island toone much larger. We were sailors by professionbut quite new to this type of vessel and trip. Wewere one engineer, one communications specialistand one navigator, by profession early on in ouradult lives.Copyrighted Materials
  16. 16. Silhouettes 3FOR THOSE PEOPLE who are interested,the paintings on the front and backcover of this volume were created afterinitially being exposed to the historyand perspective of Peter Beard, authorof The End of the Game, publishedoriginally in 1963. Mr. Beards worksfocus on the extreme cycles and naturalbalance of big game in parts of Africa. Iwas fortunate enough to witness thegreat strides of the same big game intheir natural element during my ownvisit to Africa in 1998. I am stilloverwhelmed by the images Iencountered, and the photographs I feelprivileged to have taken.During a much different type ofexpedition to Baja California in 1990, Iwas exposed to an archeological digwhere scientists from Mexico and theUnited States co-discovered a site richin the remains of ancient big game.The remains of the site were estimatedto be thirteen thousand years in age.Copyrighted Materials
  17. 17. Veracity of Ghost LightTHE STAGE IS MOSTLY DARK. There is one sourceof light from the left side of a partition which isshaped like a three-quarter-sized door. Thepainted door is a medium blue against a crimsonred background, and it is elevated at its base. Thestationary door is several yards from the edge of abuilding. At the moment there is a person pacingin and out of the cast shadow in and around thedoor and to the left of the building. The personhas one hand up at head level as the sectionalstage lights come up ever so slightly and the onceshadowed shapes uniformly reveal more detail.The details of the mid and far right of the stageare left deliberately darkened.The main body of this environment exclusive ofactors, partitions, props, lighting and the like isthe stage. The stage is a framework. The sizeand arrangement (geometry) of this frameworksuits the particular mission of the play at rest andlater when it is in motion. As stated earlier thisstage is mostly dark.Copyrighted Materials
  18. 18. Photographic stills from video production DrumbeatCopyrighted Materials
  19. 19. Contact InformationCopyrighted Materials