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B3 G Consulting Group About Branding

  1. 1. A B r a n d C o n s u l t I n g G r o u p We help you build Trust
  2. 2. Lets Learn …What is a Branding anding?
  3. 3. Here is a simple definition of Branding: BrandingBranding involves a set of activities :1. Improve the perceived value of the Brand.2. Associate certain attributes or qualities with it, in the minds of customers,and3. Increase the depth and breadth of general customer awareness (mindshare) about it.
  4. 4. Let’s make it make it moreSimpler…………..
  5. 5. Hence Branding involves………..Creating a unique name and image for a product inthe consumers mind, through advertisingcampaigns with a consistent theme .Branding aims to establish a significant anddifferentiated presence in the market thatattracts and retains loyal customers.
  6. 6. Hence…….. ……..Branding is the Total Strategic Processto create a unique differentiation of acompany or product or service or any entity from itscompetitors, in the target market, so as to maximizeits value in the benefits of the stakeholders.
  7. 7. How DOES the Guru defines it? Branding"Branding demands commitment;commitment to continual re-invention; strikingchords with people to stir their emotions; andcommitment to imagination. It is easy to becynical about such things, much harder to besuccessful."Sir Richard Branson, CEO Virgin
  8. 8. If Branding is a Process, than what are its key elements?OrWhat are the tools used for Branding ?
  9. 9. Branding is precisely made of 3 components.
  10. 10. This is how itis………
  11. 11. g gg g ti n ti n ti n ti n ke ke ke ke ar ar ar arMMMM Branding PR g si n rti veAd
  12. 12. For the most part, Branding is made up of categories:three categories 1 Advertisingis a form of communication intended to persuade anaudience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchaseor take some action upon products, ideas, or services.It includes the name of a product or service and howthat product or service could benefit the consumer,to persuade a target market to purchase or toconsume that particular brand.
  13. 13. Television advertising Radio advertising Product placements Press advertisingOnline advertising In- In-store advertising
  14. 14. AdvertisingIn today’s business climate, even the most secure brands need to advertise. As it sellsits billions and billions of hamburgers, McDonald’s doesn’t cut back on its ads; itincreases them.Nike is well known for spending millions on celebrity endorsements for advertising. Itsads are legendary, and its “swoosh” logo is known the world over without a wordbeing said.
  15. 15. 2. MarketingMarketing is not only much broader than selling, it isnot a specialized activity at all It encompasses theentire business.It is the whole business seen from thepoint of view of the final result, that is, from thecustomers point of view. Concern and responsibilityfor marketing must therefore permeate all areas ofthe enterprise.- Peter Drucker
  16. 16. Marketing is more concerned withsomething called as the Marketing MIX.The marketing mix was suggested by professorE. Jerome McCarthy in the 1960s.The marketing mix consists of four basic elementscalled the four P’s Product. Price Place Promotion
  17. 17. MarketingBefore there can be a brand, there has to be a product. TheBridge between product and recognizable brand is marketing.It is sometimes difficult for people outside the business toUnderstand marketing, because they confuse it withadvertising.Marketing doesn’t determine what a product will be or howhigh its quality will be but that doesn’t mean every greatproduct will market itself. Nor does it mean that everysuccessfully marketed product is the best in the field
  18. 18. 3. Public relationsIf advertising is the juggernaut of public attention, publicrelations is the stealth bomber.PR generates publicity for the brand, public’helps solidify the public’s opinion of the brand, and defines brand—the brand—all without being perceived by the public.Advertising is obvious, marketing is invisible, butPublic relations is the most difficult of all things tobe: subtle.It is also arguably the most valuable,indispensable part of the Branding process.
  19. 19. Public Relations“A lot of clients don’t understand the differenceBetween Branding, PR, advertising andmarketing,”says Rob Frankel author of Revenge of Brand X. Frankel,“Personally, I prefer PR to advertising. I like PR because a lot of myBranding program is based on third-party endorsement. It’s wayMore credible and fast-acting than when you pay for ads.” RobFrankelPeople often confuse public relations with publicity, and it’s easy tosee why.Public relations is actually the craft of attracting publicity, andNot publicity itself.
  20. 20. Few ways of creatingPublicity….
  21. 21. Ultimately …….
  22. 22. Here’s my explanation of branding using a pie as an example Not plain, ordinary pie. But apple pie with two scoops of ice cream and a cherry on top. So here is your delicious, multi-tiered, integratedThe cherry is a apple pie.brand’s promise.brand’The ice cream Of course the cherry getsrepresents all attention.your products and It’s your name in neonservices. lights, your fancy new logo,The apples are the and your overall visual itself—corporation itself— appeal. If a prospect buys athe corporate slice of your pie just for theenvironment. cherry then you’ve doneThe crust is the well!structure of your But integrating the icecompany—company—not the cream (Product/Service),building (although I don’t care if you do no ads at all—if that’s what’s right for your company. apples (Corporate Culture)how it looks is part Maybe your success lies in direct and crust (Systems) areof branding) but contact at trade shows or publicyour systems. essential for building true relations and press releases. Whatever it is, whatever your sweet “core” brand equity. suite of services is, you need the Don’t get caught up in ingredients working in combination to thinking branding is only make your pie a success. about the cherry. This happens at graphic designMy approach to strategic analysis and planning will help you find firms whose only expertisethe right recipe. When you see it, you’ll agree: Once you know all is generating visualthat goes into it, branding is easy as pie. solutions.
  23. 23. Can we categorize differenttypes ofBranding?
  24. 24. Different Categories of BrandingBranding is a rather large term to define but there are differentiated categories of branding: Product Branding - means branding of a product; for example, Nike Shoes. Sometimes the product is EVEN most known by a symbol. Think for a moment about the Nike symbol; one must only see the symbol to know that the product is Nike. = = NIKE
  25. 25. Different Categories of BrandingBranding is a rather large term to define but there are differentiated categories of branding: New product Branding -when a new product is started with a new brand name. This can even be applied to the virtual world. Websites establishing a brand must also follow the steps of branding. Think of Face book and you think of friends and networking.
  26. 26. Different Categories of BrandingBranding is a rather large term to define but there are differentiated categories of branding: Brand extension – when a company adds a new dimension to an existing brand name; for example, when Pepsi added Pepsi One. &
  27. 27. Different Categories of BrandingBranding is a rather large term to define but there are differentiated categories of branding: Flanker Branding -when a company adds a new brand to an existing brand or line. This is when a company markets a slightly higher or lower end brand to its current brand name. For example, Proctor & Gamble has Ariel as its higher priced brand and Tide as its lower priced brand.
  28. 28. Different Categories of BrandingBranding is a rather large term to define but there are differentiated categories of branding: Personal Branding -means branding a persons name. A couple celebrities who have been able to brand their names are Donald Trump (Trump Hotels) and Oprah Winfrey (OWN- the Oprah Winfrey Network).
  29. 29. Different Categories of Branding Branding is a rather large term to define but there are differentiated categories of branding: Service Branding - when a service instead of a product is branded. For example, to the average consumer, "triple A" means AAA, but it is unlikely the consumer will think of the full name,American Automobile Association. Nevertheless, he or she is looking for a service- auto or discount rates on hotels.
  30. 30. How CanBranding BenefitYour Business? Business
  31. 31. This is HOW…………….
  32. 32. Im ag e Recognition Qu of al i ty & Loyalty Benefits of Branding ageIm f o e Mu siz lti p le Pr Image od uc ts of Experience & Reliability
  33. 33. How does Branding Works? Works
  34. 34. Because branding is customer driven, understanding how brandingworks begins with understanding the customer, both existing andpotential.There are 3 essential steps for the businessowner to take when creating a brand.1. Ensure that the brand meets a need in the mind of the customer.2. Firmly establish the brandand3. Elicit the favorable response of the customer to the brand identity.
  35. 35. Finally…….Let’s not forgetthat…….
  36. 36. Branding” BrandingAll the “Brandingin the worldcan’t repair a brand that’s beenclobbered by a lousy product.And a GREATproduct can survive and thrive even when the “Branding” is awkward.
  37. 37. A B r a n d B3G C o n s u l t I n g G r o u p We help you build Trust (Bhalchandra’ (Bhalchandra’s Brand Brew) B3Group Bhalchandra K. Pai Chief Brew Master e- mail: bkpai805@gmail.com INDIA 19 – 3 - 2011