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  1. 1. I. Introduction This study is about the Total Quality Management of two companies that has acquired accreditations. We were required to conduct an interview and research of the two companies regarding their business operations, how they manage their total quality and how the accreditations influence the output of their ventures. Through this study that we conducted, we students will be aware of the accreditations that a business may acquire if ever we decide to put up our own business on our business after we graduate. The experience we had has improved us not only in a knowledgeable way but also in the aspects of personality development. We were able to adjust to each other’s personality as we strived to work together as a group. We wanted that the output of this study will be worth all sacrifices each one of us made. The companies that we decided to include in this study are Bellarmine Magister Enrichment Corporation (BELLMEC) and Grand Achievers Training Institute (GATI). We gave them a set of questions in relation to their company and the accreditations that they acquired. We also asked them about the history of their company and a brief background of their daily operations. May this study be a tool for the future generations to not only settle for simply having a business of their own but to also strive to make it better through time and reach a standard that provides that highest quality for their customers.
  2. 2. II. Company Profile A. GRAND ACHEIVERS TRAINING INSTITUTE The Grand Achievers Training Institute was founded by Cherry Anne D. Tecala and Eva C. Montecillo in the year 2011. Both have ardent personal interest in advancing technical training and education concentrated on Business, Hospitality and Tourism Sector. The founders believe that all dreams are possible through hard work and determination played in harmony with technical and life-long skills. This is the key motivator why GATI was created. GATI was established as a non-stock non-profit corporation, and its license to operate as a Technical-Vocational School was granted by TESDA on December 2011. With the support and contributions of many friends in the academe, the GATI emerged and is now fully operating as a TESDA Accredited Training and Assessment Center in Davao City. The school, which is located at 156 2 nd Floor Magradeco Building, F. GATI has eight (8) accredited certificate programs. Which includes: Food and Beverage Services NC II, Commercial Cooking NC II, Bread and Pastry Production NC II, Housekeeping NC II, Household Services NC II, Certificate in Front Office Services NC II, Certificate in Bookkeeping NC II, and Bartending NC II. B. BELLARMINE MAGISTER ENRICHMENT CORPORATION Bellmec started around 2008 with an agreement of a number of businessmen (names not mentioned by the assessor we interviewed.) It had six (6) accreditations that was approved by TESDA: Food and Beverage Service NC II, Food and Beverage Service NC III, Front Office Service NC II, Bar Tending NC II and Call Center Service NC II, and Trainers Methodology Level 1. Bellmec is located at Bonifacio Street, Davao City.
  3. 3. III. Quality Program A. GRAND ACHEIVERS TRAINING INSTITUTE They maintain a clean lobby, though simple it may seem at first look but the front desk clerks are very approachable and assisting. The assessors are highly accommodating and make the examiner comfortable and less nervous. The equipments used in the certification exams are modern and has kept up with the demand of the technology in this generation. Everything is well organized and pleasant. All the equipments needed by the examiners are available. B. BELLARMINE MAGISTER ENRICHMENT CORPORTATION They have a presentable lobby and classrooms. The equipments used in the certification exams and trainings are conducive to the examiners and trainees. Some of the equipments needed are not available. But still they manage to accommodate the examiners and the trainees need.
  4. 4. IV. Comparison The Bellarmine Magister Enrichment Corporation and the Grand Achievers Training Institute are two companies that conduct certification exams and trainings for students and non-students that would like to acquire a skill that will be sufficient for their prospective job. And the given certificate will give them an edge compared to the other applicants who had not taken the trainings and certification exam because the certificate will not be easily acquired for there are certain standards that the applicant should comply. The two training centers are located near to each other but the Bellarmine Magister Enrichment Corporation (Bellmec), in terms of its physical appearance and equipments is better looking and more advanced than the Grand Achievers Training Institute and Bellmec is more well-known than GALI. In terms of their manner in accommodating the applicants, GALI is more attentive and quick to respond to the applicants’ needs. Both training centers has almost identical criteria because their business run the same line of the standards of TESDA.
  5. 5. c V. Conclusion and Recommendation With this study that we conducted as a group, we conclude that, having an accreditation is important in a business establishment. It’s not only something to
  6. 6. brag about or to look down on other establishments that have not acquired the accreditations but to give the best service you can give to your customers. These accreditations make the people trust you and your company so it’s only rightful to give them the service they deserve. VI. Documentations
  7. 7. Questions:
  8. 8. 1. What accreditations do you have? 2. What is it and what is the purpose? 3. How did you compile those accreditations that you have? 4. How frequent to you update your Total Quality Management? 5. Can your establishment operate without keeping the quality of your products or services on check constantly? 6. What are the advantages of having Total Quality Management?