Facultare\'s Brochure (English)


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Our Brochure in English

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Facultare\'s Brochure (English)

  1. 1. Helping businesses do business better
  2. 2. our mission To help our customers increase their value and improve their competitive position. We are experts in business overhauling. We offer a holistic and systems-oriented approach to consulting. A chain is as strong as its weakest link; evaluating your company as a whole enables us to increase your revenues and profits by minimizing local efficiencies and emphasizing your business throughput. We evaluate all your valuable resources as a whole and our interactive consultation process enables us to jointly decide how to appropriately combine strategy, technology, finance and operations to achieve your objectives. We integrate a complete solution freeing you from having to deal with multiple suppliers while allowing you to follow each step of your project any time and anywhere. We use front line state of the art methods and tools that have been tested in our region. We know that our solution works and we are proud of the success attained in the projects in which we have been involved. 2 our mission www.facultare.com consulting@facultare.com
  3. 3. our approach FREE DIAGNOSIS After listening to how you perceive your needs, we evaluate, rate and quantify your problems and opportunities. We present the results of our findings to reach a common agreement regarding the best way to proceed. COMPLETE CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS We test and provide a full plan ranging from the strategy to the individual processes. We avoid surprises and ensure momentum. IMMEDIATE IMPACT AND LONG-TERM BENEFITS There is no long-term without short term. Nonetheless, the greatest value of any solution is held in the long-term. TOTAL COMMITMENT Our partners are personally responsible for the projects. Our reputation is always at stake; your success is our success. CONSTANT COMMUNICATION We involve you in the process and continuously deliver reports regarding our advances and other relevant aspects. CLOSE COLLABORATION We work with you, not for you. PRAGMATISM We have grown as professionals from the bottom up, reaching top management positions and are continuously in contact with the business environment. We have been in your shoes. 3 our approach www.facultare.com consulting@facultare.com
  4. 4. integrated service We offer a customized, locally developed and delivered service. Our consultants have postgraduate degrees as well as broad management and operations experience acquired in renowned regional and foreign companies. Our approach is concrete and focused on achieving strategic objectives with tangible financial impacts. We assist you through a number of services, rounded out with solutions and products covering customer service, education, back-office and resource management areas. Through our strategic partners, we are able to add market research, logistics structure and human resources services to our list of services. We have attained the best components to fulfill our customer’s needs in an integrated manner, adding greater value to their business. 4 integrated service www.facultare.com consulting@facultare.com
  5. 5. our STRATEGIC PLANNING services A good competitive strategy is implementable and participative. It requires continuous follow-up and periodic revisions. Facultare guides your strategic planning processes using best business practices. BUSINESS PLANS A strategic plan must become an operative work plan. We make sure that you achieve your mission by helping you develop business plans aimed at reaching your strategic plan. The business plans include operational aspects and a work map for your company, which will make it easy for your executives to effectively follow up. BUSINESS AND PROJECT ASSESSMENT We create financial simulations, helping you to know the value of your business, brand or any project, either to be aware of its implications for your company or take a leading position in negotiations. By using the Monte Carlo method, we determine those variables at risk, transforming uncertainty into a value that will allow you to make better decisions: full exposure to probable loss and the probability of the occurrence of such loss. FEASIBILITY STUDIES When your company makes a significant investment, it is important to be previously aware of the impact of such investment on your business by quantifying the benefits and costs such venture will generate. Facultare will help you define an investment strategy and optimize the investment amount according to the expected returns. The results of this appraisal determine the feasibility of your project or investment. We specialize in defining the return on investment in technological projects. MARKET STUDIES Since all efforts are increasingly more costly, knowing the customer and how to reach him is very important. Facultare will assist you have a better understanding of your customer. We offer qualitative (focus groups) and quantitative market research to help you focus your efforts where it counts. Through one of your strategic partners, we offer demographic information using Geographical Information System (GIS), an integrated solution to allow you to evaluate if your product is appropriate for the market, how to reach this market and if it is big enough. 5 our services www.facultare.com consulting@facultare.com
  6. 6. our services SELECTION OF MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Selecting technological tools can be a difficult process to understand. We know the impact this may have and by using a methodic and objective process, will help calm your concerns and answer your questions by helping you choose the tool that best supports your strategy and provides the greatest return on your investment. TECHNOLOGICAL PLANS Initially, the IT Department reported to the accountant. Today, assisting the accounting division is the least relevant and best-covered task of the IT Department. Its importance is strategic and a well-selected operating platform with an appropriate plan will optimize your resources and allow you to obtain the maximum return for your investment. Facultare will help you develop a technological plan that minimizes the use of financial resources so as to focus on both the short and the long term. (Microsoft Partner ID 664713) PROJECT INTEGRATION Managing uncommon strategic projects can make your organization go haywire, since it directs attention away from daily operations and activities. Facultare helps you by providing its experience in project integration, from the conceptualization stage in which strategy is defined, through the stage in which partners and business partnerships are selected and contracted, to the project management stage. Throughout the complete stages of the project, we take care of creating a timetable, managing risk and controlling the budget. PROCESS MAPPING AND REDESIGNING We help you refocus your processes to ensure that all your company’s internal work is performed with the utmost efficiency and lowest cost possible, eliminating all those processes which are redundant and that do not add value to your operation. The process redesign impact is evidenced through our clients’ enhanced capability to service the market, which effects have largely created a direct benefit to the bottom line. PROCESS SIMULATIONS Changes to the production line or to an implemented process are extremely expensive. We prepare a computerized simulation modeled on the basis of the statistical control process measurements. We test different alternatives that are created without interrupting your business. After determining the ideal configuration, we help you implement it. CHANGE MANAGEMENT We help you manage change in your organization. We seek the propelling forces of change and manage the dynamics of change by identifying the affected individuals and groups, and working with them. We determine disposition to change and hold workshops to develop leadership in change. In the communication task carried out from the beginning, we seek a consensus so that everyone supports the project. 6 our services www.facultare.com consulting@facultare.com
  7. 7. our Identity-based e-mail security system tools Reflexion constitutes a new dimension in identity-based e-mail security system. It will not only help you fight against the common spam and phishing problems, but also provide accurate, permanent and easy to implement protection against the plague of all other e-mail security problems. Reflexion's identity-based e-mail security solution uses supplemental addresses to fight e-mail security problems. Its new approach guarantees a 100% SPAM relief avoiding the problem of false positives and since bogus messages never arrive at your server it saves your bandwidth. Reflexion’s architecture also protects e-mail servers from DoS volume-based and DHA attacks. Competing tools fight primarily only SPAM utilizing dictionaries that require constant updating and only filter messages in English (language specific): Reflexion is language independent. Some other unique characteristics that can not be found on competing solutions: Storage of in-bound messages in case of e-mail server failures, forensic analysis of message sharing & address patterns and it offers a two level of defense against e-mail borne viruses. Simple is better, Reflexion is a simple solution for a very complex problem! Customer Service Platform You cannot allow your customers to bounce from one representative to another while trying to obtain the desired service. All your employees must, without exception, be familiarized with all your client files, in an environment with adequate security controls and organizational hierarchy. Starting with who serviced the client, where he proceeded to, what was done and, last of all, evidencing customer satisfaction or the clients’ suggestions for improvement. Our platform will bring your dusty process manuals to life by helping you transform your processes – through the implementation process – into effective actions and eliminating redundancy. Performance Management In your company, objectives and goals were set, complete strategic planning process performed and all this material has been well filed by your employees. This system allows you to graphically view your company’s progress, no matter what discipline was used, to determine the key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics. It controls the proposed initiatives to improve each KPI, focusing and boosting your organization in the strategic plan you have created. Transportation System The challenge of providing transportation service seems easy enough. How do you create logical and precise routs to fulfill your business objectives? Can you reduce route-planning time without reducing the effectiveness of the process? With Roadshow you will have greater visibility and will be able to enhance planning. You will be able to distribute and plan your sales territories better to save on distribution costs. Remote Resource Management Automates the launching of new system platforms. Assists in managing geographically dispersed environments. This is a Web- based platform that allows you to remotely manage the critical performance of the devices that are managed. You will be able to perform flash upgrades, deploy OS (install or reinstall), apply security patches or updates, disaster recovery with a click of the mouse or uninstall applications to take maximum advantage of your software licenses. It supports a great range of platforms: desktops, mobile devices and servers, as well as next generation devices such as smart cellular phones, embedded vehicle systems, and consumer set-top boxes. Internet Effectiveness As new communications technologies are developed, it is important for your business to be ready to take advantage of these changes. As WSI Partners, we offer much more than a Website – a complete and effective solution: consulting, design, development, hosting, optimization, registration, connectivity monitoring, training and web marketing support. A packaged service tailored for your unique requirements, using common sense and pragmatism; designed to ensure your return on investment. e-Learning An alternative to increase your Human Capital’s level of knowledge at the lowest cost and with the greatest efficiency. The integrated solution includes thousands of pre-designed courses (negotiation, communication, Microsoft Office, SAP and others). If you need to create the course allow our professionals to turn your experts’ knowledge into educational content. We provide a practical solution letting you develop critical work competencies with the proper follow-up.. This system uses global IMS and SCORM training standards. 7 our tools www.facultare.com consulting@facultare.com
  8. 8. strategic Strategic Allies Technology Evaluation Centers allies The globalization phenomenon in our economies increases the presence of international competition. In order to cope with the constant external changes and pressures, companies are advised to invest in technology that encourages development of operative efficiency, thus permitting them to shift their focus from a merely administrative to a strategic perspective. Due to the high cost of the required investment and its inherent complexity, companies cannot afford to make any mistakes during evaluation and selection of an adequate information technology solution. Facultare represents Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) in the Central American region and has been awarded the Silver Certification in software selection. TEC provides impartial knowledge based assisted technology evaluation and selection. The web-based eBestMatch and the PC based TESS decision support engines, in combination with TEC’s knowledge base, enable us to guarantee your technology investment through the identification and comparison of the solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM, BPM, etc.) that best meet your business requirements. Mapelligent – MapInfo • Specialized Marketing: focused on clients, distribution and logistics • Info-Mapping: businesses location optimization, real estate and agricultural mapping • DM Bureau: focuses on DataMining and geographical CRM Facilitate geographic resources to Central American businessmen and women: information, technology and processes to help them successfully reach their goals through: Vectoring/Extracting Characteristics, Client location / Points, Subject Maps, GPS Mapping, converting and integrating sources, outsourcing of international sources, interactive maps for the Internet. Infosglobal Infosglobal is a multidisciplinary company focused on satisfying the markets’ information needs using technological tools. The company offers all types of market studies, specializing in customer service and consumer behavior, with continuous qualitative programs that allow you to obtain a benchmark against your competition. Some of the studies performed by this company are: Video Mystery Shopper, Consumer Behavior Monitor, Shopping Behavior Monitor, Telephone Monitoring, Continuous Brand Tracking Program, Outdoor Advertising Impact Program, Staff Training Programs, Focus Groups and General studies. BDG Business Development Group (BDG). Specialists in integrating transnational systems with secure Internet platforms. Their experience is very broad and they are focused on bank payment management platforms, cash management, remittance transfer management, and customer service systems, integrating your legacy system through a web-based platform. Their work with the banking professionals has made them security experts. Another great talent is integrating phone systems to make call center investments profitable and document management solutions through digitalization. 8 strategic allies www.facultare.com consulting@facultare.com
  9. 9. Facultare has served large companies at regional level as well as small at local level. All our clients share a common factor: The need to develop strategic projects that have to remain on track, implemented on schedule and on a fixed budget. We have successfully satisfied our clients’ needs, therefore achieved repeat business on more than one occasion. Leading concrete manufacturer and concrete laying company our clients Managing the development of a strategic plan and seeking a tool to support the company’s strategy. We developed a business case to measure the financial impact of the potential tools and defining the profitable investment. Selecting the ERP, negotiating contracts with savings of over hundreds of thousands of dollars and coordinating the project, accompanying the procedure until it was successfully implemented. Largest mattress and sleep product manufacturer Developing a business case to analyze the company’s situation and opportunities to implement an ERP. We analyzed their technological status, defining the impact and benefits of an ERP, establishing the maximum profitable investment. The most complete department store for technology, music, home and entertainment Establishing their strategic plan for the next 15 years, in conjunction with their family-business governance plan. We selected an information technology platform to support their strategy and developed a business case to measure the bottom line impact of the new technology defining the investment’s profitability and return. This selection process included contract negotiations, general project coordination and accompanying implementation until successful. Project for the production of dairy products using traditional methods Financial Feasibility Study to determine the achievability of the project and develop a strategic plan to carry out the project. Software selection (ERP) and technological infrastructure design including communications. Implementation quality assurance follow-up and certification of IT installations. Salvadoran company offering fine wooden jewelry cases, focused on the North American and European markets Developing a business plan to implement an e-commerce business. This job included adapting manufacturing processes, developing a marketing plan, selecting business partners and directing the development and implementation of the strategy. This became is what is known as Signature Woods, Inc. Vehicle security system provider Developing a strategic plan and performing the follow-up of its implementation. Helping in general management issues of the company and guest members of the Board of Directors. Real estate developers Developing a business plan for the New City of Cayal·. The surroundings were evaluated to provide a self-analysis to determine the scope and strategy of the new urban mega project. The work included risk analysis and financial forecasts. Predictive financial model Creating a quotation tool for fire insurance taking into account local insurance business parameters . We were able to show that the local insurance industry was losing money and helped perform a general adjustment in Guatemala. Implementing a Balanced Scorecard, a performance management system. Business process mapping of their information systems We mapped the interaction of the various systems and sub-systems. We evaluated the model concept, interface between modules, data base design and applied processes to determine the gap to produce business intelligence Ingenio Magdalena, S. A. information. We established the time required and needed resources to close this gap. For more references, please consult our web site www.facultare.com 9 our clients www.facultare.com consulting@facultare.com
  10. 10. Helping businesses do business better CONTENTS 1 Front Cover 2 Our Mission Address: 3 Our Approach 3 Avenida 13-78, Zona 10 Ed. Torre Citibank, Nivel 8 01010 Guatemala - Guatemala 4 Integrated Service +502 2384-2480 - Fax +502 2384-2424 7801 NW 37 Street 5 Strategic Services SEC 325 Doral, FL 33166-6559 - U.S.A. +1 (305) 433-4787 – Fax +1 (831) 618-4626 6 Tactical Services Inquiries: Inquiries 7 Our Tools General: consulting@facultare.com Strategy: estrategia@facultare.com Marketing: mercadeo@facultare.com 8 Strategic Allies Reflexion: reflexion@facultare.com www.facultare.com 9 Our Customers 10 Adress & Contact Information