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Bhagwat _Resume


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Bhagwat _Resume

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Name : BHAGWAT KUMAR SINGH Mobile : +91-8505858811 E-mail : CAREER OBJECTIVE: Would like to work in a core software development team to develop software by sharing ideas together and secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as software professional. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: Degree University CGPA/percentage MCA Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi,UP 8.42 B Sc (Mathematics hons) Veer Kunwar Singh University, ARA 63% TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY: 1. Languages C/C++, Core Java, Python (Basics), JQuery (Basics) 2 Area of Interest Data Structure and Algorithms: (Learning new concepts as well as applying known one for different problem solving.) 3 Operating system/ working platform Linux and Windows KEYSTRENGTH: ➢ Online coding in step of learning Problem solving. ➢ Ability to work hard whenever required ➢ Learning ability ➢ Interactive nature ➢ And Positive attitude. Current Profile and Company: Profile MTS Company NEC Technologies India private Ltd Place Noida , UP Work Experience 8 Months + 4 months internship
  2. 2. Current project: Project Name AllJoyn Home Automation System Field Embedded (AllJoyn framework OSS (Qualcomm and alliance)) Language and platform C++ , Linux Summary 1. Managing devices having AllJoyn installed manually or scheduling it event based and 2. Changing configuration , 3. Getting event notification and 4. Binding of devices on event notification of other devices on same AllJoyn network. Past Project: Project Name Media Analysis Field Web Technology Language and platform Java, JQuery, JavaScript, Spring Summary Analysis of captured image, video or audio using the cloud engine and displaying the result on GUI in different renderers like Heat map, Bar graph and Line graph. Project during Internship (Jan- June): Project Name Mobile Front Haul Field Networking Language and platform C, Linux Summary 1. Worked on Understanding of ASN notation and MIB files, and Generating “.c”,and “.h” files based on the required table. 2. Defining data structure for the table of information for the Device. 3. Worked on SNMP for getting and setting the values of the table. CERTIFIED PROJECTBY ORACLE Project Name Contact Management System Purpose Learning Language and platform Language and platform Java(Applet, Jdbc, Swing, AWT ) Backend Microsoft sql Server 2005
  3. 3. ACHIEVEMENTS: ➢ Secured 40th AIR in B.H.U.M.C.A. entrance exam in 2011. ➢ Secured 55th Rank in PONDICHHERY.M.C.A. Entrance exam in 2011. ➢ Secured 133th Rank in U.P.T.U.M.C.A. entrance exam in 2011. EXTRA CURRICULER ACTIVITIES: ASFSAFSFV ➢ Participating in Online coding contest. ➢ Organizing member of national level seminar NEGP.-2012. ➢ Event Organizer in school and College annual day functions. ➢ Training and Placement representative of BHU MCA. HOBBIES: ➢ Learning new concepts ➢ Listening Music and watching movies.