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Corporate social responsibility-

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Corporate Social responsibility

  1. 1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) The voluntary compliance of social and ecological responsibility of companies is called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  2. 2. IntroductionCorporate socialresponsibility isbasically a conceptwhereby companiesdecide voluntarilyto contribute to abetter society and acleanerenvironment.
  3. 3. concept of Corporate Social ResponsibilityThe concept of Corporate SocialResponsibility was first mentioned 1953 inthe publication „Social Responsibilities of theBusinessman‟ by William J. Bowen. However,the term CSR became only popular in the1990s, when the German Betapharm, ageneric pharmaceutical company decided toimplement CSR.
  4. 4. concept of Corporate Social Responsibility contd...In July 2001, the European Commissiondecided to launch a consultative paper onCorporate Social Responsibility with the title„Promoting a European Framework forCorporate Social Responsibility“. This paperaimed to launch a debate on how theEuropean Union could promote CorporateSocial Responsibility at both the Europeanand international level.
  5. 5. CSR is not new to Indiacompanies like TATA and BIRLA havebeen imbibing the case for social good intheir operations for decades long beforeCSR become a popular cause. Inspite ofhaving such life size successfulexamples, CSR in India is in a verynascent stage.
  6. 6. How "social responsible" are Companies in reality?Due to the lack of international CSR guidelines, the practical application of CSR differs and CSR Strategies within most companies still show major deficiencies. There are still complaints about multinational companies wasting the environment and NGOs still denouncing human rights abuses in companies.
  7. 7. CSR or in prompting companies toadopt socially responsible practices:Critics suggest that better governmental andinternational regulation and enforcement,rather than voluntary measures are necessaryto ensure that companies behave in a sociallyresponsible manner. Corporate socialresponsibility should therefore not be seen asa substitute to regulation concerning socialrights or environmental standards
  8. 8. Lift people out of poverty and eradicate poverty altogetherA number ofpeople arestruggling fromthe problem ofunemployment.The possibilitymaybe exploredto engage them
  9. 9. Protect the planets natural resourcesGoing green iseasier than youthink. There arelittle things you cando every day tohelp reducegreenhouse gasesand make a lessharmful impact onthe environment.Taking care of theEarth is not just aresponsibility -- itsa privilege. -In thatspirit
  10. 10. Ensure equal opportunity for everyone and sufficient jobs The individuals or offices or organization should treat all as same. The service can be prioritized on „first come first get basis‟.
  11. 11. Provide clean water and sufficient foodInstallation of hand pumps/bore well/tube wells/submersible pumps, construction of elevated water tanks, providing water tap connection, rainwater harvesting projects/kits, aqua guard water purifiers/water coolers to schools/community centre etc.
  12. 12. Provide quality healthcare and education for allOrganising Medical/Health Camps on FamilyPlanning, Immunization, AIDS awareness,Pulse Polio, Eye, Blood Donation, Pre and Post-natal Care, Homeopathic Medicine etc.,distribution of free condoms, providing anti-mosquito fogging treatment, toilets, medicinesto primary health centres, mosquito nets,ambulances to MedicalCentres/Hospitals/NGOs, hearing aids/wheelchairs to physically challenged, financialassistance to hospitals, medical equipments etc.
  13. 13. Ensure access to energyOne in five people currently lack access to electricity.Demand for electricity will increase significantly.Three billion people still use wood, charcoal, coal oranimal waste as a cooking tool. Providing them withelectricity will reduce a significant amount of toxicand carbon emissions. It will also help reduce the twomillion deaths per year which occur due to thetoxicity of these materials. Technology transfers, aswell as significant support and implementation by thegovernment and other organizations, can help in theadoption of renewable energies
  14. 14. Empower women and girls and secure their equal social statusToday females work together with males. They have right to enjoy their life. They should be protected at their working places.
  15. 15. Release of one-time grant to Below Poverty LineThecompanyorindividualcancontributeone timedonationto needy.
  16. 16. preserve and promote the National Heritage
  17. 17. Pollution from fossil fuelsA transformation of our culture of energy consumption shows us a path towards “People” Smart Energy, leading to an energy industry revolution.
  18. 18. THANK YOU