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Distillation experiment for yr 7 using salt water.

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  2. 2. AIM Aim: To use distillation to separate salt from water.. Teachers can use coke instead of salt water. (Demonstration practical ONLY)
  3. 3. BACKGROUND INFORMATION • When a solution of solid in liquid is heated, the liquid will evaporates. The hot vapor that formed can be condensed back into liquid again on a surface. This method is called distillation. Distillation is used for separating a solvent from a solution. The liquid collected is called a distillate. • Evaporation + Condensation = Distillation
  4. 4. BACKGROUND INFORMATION • Fractional Distillation is a special type of distillation used to separate a mixture of liquids. Different liquids boil at different temperatures. When heated, they boil off and condense at different times. The apparatus features a fractionating column, which ensures that only the liquid that boils at its boiling point will pass into the condenser.
  5. 5. EQUIPMENT • • • • • • • • • • • Bunsen burner Gauze mat Conical flask Round bottom flask Retort stand Bosshead and clamp Tripod Condenser Salt water Water Safety goggles
  6. 6. RISK ASSESSMENT Risk Hot equipment Injury Burns Prevention Do not touch hot equipment with bare hands. Wait till the equipment cools down before you touch it. Use tongs to handle hot equipment.
  7. 7. METHOD 1. Set up the equipment as shown in the figure. 2. Pour a small amount of salt water into the boiling flask. 3. Gently boil the mixture until most of the water has evaporated. 4. The distillate collected in the conical flask.
  8. 8. RESULTS
  9. 9. CONCLUSION • The distillate in the conical flask is pure water.