Baruch Grassroots Meeting 3


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Baruch Grassroots Meeting 3

  1. 1. Meeting 3 October 20, 2009
  2. 2. “Fed up with Albany”
  3. 3. “ The state has become a national embarrassment, a swamp of intrigue and corruption, a $131 billion monster controlled by a crowd of smug officials whose main concern is keeping their soft jobs. -New York Times ”
  4. 4. “ Albany needs adult supervision ... In many states, reform only comes when people are truly ashamed of their lawmakers and vote them out of office. New York’s moment of shame is now. -New York Times ”
  5. 5. Senator Hiram Monserrate convicted of Misdemeanor Assault
  6. 6. “ It all comes back to the state legislature. Albany can show that it is genuinely interested in considering reform by putting the convention question on the ballot. Alternately, it can ignore calls for change. This, of course, would further reinforce the cynicism of New Yorkers and push them further away from public life -- and from democracy. If the legislature wants to avoid this fate, which is of its own doing, then it should take up the calls for reform. -Fmr. Gov. Mario Cuomo ”
  7. 7. Sen. Olympia Snowe (R) Votes “Yes”
  8. 8. Senate Finance Committee Health Care Reform Vote Yes 14 No 9 Democrats Republicans
  9. 9. On Schools Bloomberg: “Over the next four years, Mike will create 100 new charter schools, doubling the number currently in the city. The City will work to expand the Harlem Children’s Zone and create two new “Children’s Zones”, one in Central Brooklyn and one in the South Bronx.” Thompson: “Fire Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. New York City needs a Chancellor who is an educational leader and who cares about children and what goes on in the classroom. ... Instead of closing schools indiscriminately, the Mayor should be working to reduce class size and supply prompt technical assistance to schools in need.”
  10. 10. On Safety Bloomberg: “Because Mike will never relent in his fight against crime, he will equip the NYPD with new technologies like GPS-tracking and crime scene footprint analysis software that will help cops prevent crimes, detectives solve them, and prosecutors obtain convictions.” Thompson: “Support higher NYPD starting salaries in order to ensure that we're able to attract the best and brightest to police our City. Bill believes that the hardest working police force in the world-in perhaps the most target rich environment in the world-must be paid accordingly.”
  11. 11. On Small Business Bloomberg: “Cut taxes for small businesses and freelancers. Reduce red tape by introducing one stop shopping for city permits. Create new Business Improvement Districts in Staten Island and Brooklyn. Increase loans to small businesses so they can meet payroll and stay open.” Thompson: “Create a citywide Local Retail Retention Taskforce where employers, workers, and the City collaboratively develop new mechanisms to better support small, retail sector employers. Create new zoning tools, such as Retail Retention Zones, that restrict the type and size of retail establishments in targeted areas in order to prevent large, national chains from putting locally- owned retail establishments out of business”