Managing In-House PPC


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Managing In-House PPC

  1. 1. Stroll’s Awards
  2. 2. Be More Successful…1. Get them to Speak Your Language2. Strike the Right Balance for Communication & Updates3. Get Buy-In Every Time4. Better Prioritize your Strategy List5. Deliver Bad News…The Right Way
  3. 3. Let’s All Speak theSame Language
  4. 4. A) Speak About Everything in Terms of ProfitabilityExample:- Testing Interest Category Marketing- Research Indicated Lower CPAs & higher order volume- Thus, 10% increase in Profits is likelyTip: Back strategies with Analytics!
  5. 5. B) Agree on Strategies, Goals and Timeliness- Ensure everyone knows what to expect- Confirm timelines & what resources will be needed- Set expectations to avoid questions later- Prioritize time with other teams such as Design or Legal
  6. 6. C) PPC Knowledge- Explain the workings of PPC- Your manager can be your biggest ally- Focus the team on the right KPIs
  7. 7. Develop aCommunicationSchedule
  8. 8. MEETINGS• Progress Reports• New Initiatives & Tests• Questions & Feedback• Brainstorming• Other Channels• Set ExpectationsBest Thing You can do for Yourself!
  9. 9. EMAIL REPORTS• Periodic Updates• Proactive Responses• Daily Reports – Progress & Tests• Gain Trust & Save Time!
  10. 10. Getting Buy-In
  11. 11. DO THE RESEARCH• Need Budget to Test Ads for Increased Profit• 1 Week to CTR Significance• 1 Week for Profit/Impression Significance• Determine Budget Needed• Point out risk of profit loss but also what you stand to gain!
  12. 12. SO WHAT??• Be prepared for every question –Why remarketing?• Not just “for profits”Break it down into the simplest solution• Clear End Benefits• CR Just 3% -- So What?• 97 out of 100 who expressed an interest leave –- So What?• Serve more ads catering to their precise interests – So What?• So we could on avg get a 5% CR, Lower CPA & thus More Profits!
  13. 13. Prioritizing
  14. 14. The 80-20 Principle• Maximum opportunity• Minimum time & effort• Get big wins knocked out first• Excel is your new BFF
  15. 15. EXAMPLE• Goal: To increase profits by 20% from the Google Display Network• Tactics can include: 1. Lower CPCs 2. Increase CTR 3. Increase Conversion Rate 4. Increase Impressions 5. Test Additional Ad Formats
  16. 16. Control: GDN:TOTAL: Note: All numbers are for example only.
  17. 17. Opportunity #1: Lower CPC 40%. Assume 30% Decline in ImpressionsOpportunity #2: Increase CTR by 20% in Content NetworkOpportunity #3: Increase Conversion Rate by 20%
  18. 18. Opportunity #4: Increase Impressions by 20%. Assume 10% Increase in CPCs.Opportunity #5: Test Additional Ad Formats: Assume 15% Increase inImpressions, 10% Increase in CPCs, 10% Increase in CTR.
  19. 19. Priorities Will Be:1. Opp. 4 – Increase Impressions2. Opp. 5 – Test Additional Ad Formats3. Opp. 3 – Increase Conversion Rate4. Opp. 2 – Increase CTR5. Opp. 1 – Lower CPCs6. Determine Budget Needed – $15K7. Assign & Prioritize Design Resources
  20. 20. DeliveringBad News
  21. 21. Turn a Negative into a Positive • Send out a detailed email to the team and then set up a meeting to discuss • Prepare your notes, following this outline: - Summary of the Problem - How Much is it Costing You? - What Have You Done About it? - What are the Next Steps to Turn it Around? - In What Time Frame Do You Expect Recovery?
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