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  1. 1. Happy Birthday CAROL!
  2. 2. Once upon a time , in a land far, far away, a child was born in the frozen tundra of the mid-west.  She was a child with mystical powers of leadership, and a crazily creative approach to life.  She was smart, of course, very, very smart. 
  3. 3. Years passed and her family gave her away to a ukelele-playing man who would become a pioneer in bringing babies into the world in an altogether new way.  Together, they made their home in Honolulu and raised two children, Carolyn and Phillip.    
  4. 4.   These wonderful children , though not near as magical as their mother, made their way to the mainland, which caused their mother to take many trips.    
  5. 5. But at home, in Hawaii, this magical woman single-handedly started Mother's Against Drunk Driving and she has been its "dear leader" for 25 years.  As it happens, she has also made it to her 70th birthday.
  6. 6. And that's why we are writing to you.  This website is about Carol McNamee and her exploits from childhood to motherhood to MADDhood. 
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Happy 70 th Birthday Carol!
  9. 9. Carol and I go back to the inception of MADD when she and I were in the Medical Auxiliary.  The Candy Lightner Story played on TV  and people were asked  to call if they were interested in starting a MADD chapter in HI.  Carol contacted a few dozen interested citizens and after months of organizing we held a community forum with Candy Lightner called "Drunk Driving:Everyone's Business.  That was in February 1984 and Carol is still involved.  Carol has received at least 2 national awards and six local ones for her contribution to our community and drunk driving.  She has a reputation for being the most knowledgable person in Hawaii about DUI who is neither an attorney nor a professional.  She is simply a dedicated volunteer who spends all her volunteer time educating the public and the legislature about the best way to strengthen and enforce our DUI laws. -Anita dedicated
  10. 10. “ Her capacity for friendship and love seems to know no bounds. “ She has a total commitment to keeping Hawaii's highways and youth safe.” committed
  11. 11. Carol has saved so many lives, and revived so much hope. There is a special place for Carol in Heaven” - “ She became my mentor and my friend.  Carol's compassion, concern and leadership has inspired me from our first meeting until today.  ” mentor
  12. 12. “ Blessed are we for knowing her...” blessed
  13. 13. “ We admire your dedication, perseverance, and HARD work over all these years that have kept MADD in the forefront, and impacted not only our community, but the nation.” amazing
  14. 14. “ I would not have been able to overcome the challenges I've faced as a victim of a drunk driver without your personal assistance and that of the MADD staff. “ inspirational
  15. 15. “ You are without doubt the most completely well rounded and talented role model a man or woman could ever want. “ role model
  16. 16. “ I have so many pictures flashing through my mind and you are smiling in all of them. Thanks for always being so upbeat and good natured in the face of sometimes overwhelming frustration. “ positive
  17. 17. “ Still so beautiful inside and out! “ I think you should package and market that amazing energy and spirit.” beautiful
  18. 18. “ When I think of MADD, I think of you. “ You are one of the most tireless, committed and simply marvelous individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing. “ Because of you, lives have been saved, families have remained intact, hearts have remained whole and tears have been saved for joy instead of sorrow.” compassionate
  19. 19. “ You are amazing, and Hawaii's people are fortunate that you decided to call this home. “ amazing
  20. 20. “ We have seen the creative, the intellectual, the goal focused and determined side of you, along with the funny, the life loving and nurturing sides of you.” focused
  21. 21. “ Your inspiration, your committment, your innovative achievements have meant so much to so many. In sum, we know we are all living in a better place because of you. “ But how did you accomplish it all and manage to look so young?” innovative
  22. 22. family What can I say about the best mom in the world? I love you so much Mom. - Carolyn Not only is she the best and most caring mother to my brother Phil and me, she is the most loving and giving grandma (Ima) to her 5 grandchildren … Gabe, Emma, Madeleine, Sam and Evan. I would love to share stories about you Mom, but there are so many - where would I start? This year is a very special year for our family in many ways. We are blessed to have you in our lives. I do know something about you. You would stop anything you are doing for your family. You even help with homework over the phone when the kids need information that I can't provide!
  23. 23. dedicated committed inspirational focused compassionate innovative beautiful funny! mentor amazing Carol McNamee!