Creating a power point presentation


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Creating a power point presentation

  1. 1. B Y B R E A G L E N NCreating a PowerPointPresentation
  2. 2. Creating a PowerPoint PresentationThe purpose of this tutorial is to provide a stepby step explanation of how to open and create anew PowerPoint presentation. By the end of thistutorial you should have all the basic skillsnecessary to create your own presentation.
  3. 3. Open Power PointFirst let’s open upPowerPoint. Left click onthe “Windows Orb” or StartButton in the bottom leftcorner of the screen.
  4. 4. Opening PowerPoint (cont.)Then click on “All Programs”just above the orbScroll Down until youfind Microsoft Office. Leftclick on the folder andthen left click on“Microsoft PowerPoint”.It should have an orangeP icon.
  5. 5. Opening PowerPoint (cont.)This is Whatyour screenshould looklike whenPowerPointopens.
  6. 6. Changing the ThemeTo change the theme first left click on the“Design” Tab on the “Ribbon” at the top of thescreen. Then choose whichever theme bestsuits your presentation. I chose the last one onthe right for mine.If you decide later tochange the theme just rightclick on the new theme andselect the “Apply to All”option.
  7. 7. Adding TextTo add text simplyleft click in the boxthat you want totype in, a flashingcurser will appearand the box will beoutlined withdashes. When youstart typing yourtext will show up inthe box.
  8. 8. Adding text (cont.)To add additionaltext to anotherbox, simply leftclick in that box.The curser willappear in thenew box andanything youtyped in theprevious box willremain there.
  9. 9. Adding Text (cont.)First slide looksgood. Now to adda new slide to ourpresentation.
  10. 10. Adding a New SlideIf you want to addanother slide just likethis one you can leftclick on the “NewSlide” button.
  11. 11. Adding a New Slide (cont.)Depending on the type ofpresentation you are creatingyou may want to use a differentlayout. If you click on the smallarrow where it says “New Slide”a drop down menu will come upwith several different optionsthat you can use. For my nextslide I’m going to use the “Titleand Content” layout.
  12. 12. Adding a PictureMany times whensetting up apresentation youwill want to addpictures. Thereare several waysto do this. Let’sstart by addingthem from a file.First left click onthe Add a Picturefrom file button.
  13. 13. Adding a Picture (cont.)This will bring upyour directory.Navigate to thelocation of the filewith youpicture, left click onthe file name, thenclick “open”
  14. 14. Adding a Picture (cont.)The box will resizeitself with yourpicture in it. Youcan change the sizeof the picture byleft clicking anddragging thecircles on thecorners of thepictures, and youcan move it aroundon the slide byclicking on thedashed line anddragging the boxwhere you want tomove it to.
  15. 15. Adding a Picture (cont.)Let’s add another slidewith some morepictures. This time I’mgoing to choose the“Comparison” layout.
  16. 16. Adding a PictureMaybe you want toadd a picture fromanother source, likethe internet or froma Word Document.This is easy too.Right click on theimage you want toadd to yourpresentation, thenleft click on copy.
  17. 17. Adding a Picture (cont.)Then right click in thebox you want to addthe picture to inPowerPoint and leftclick on the picture ofthe clipboard with apicture on it.
  18. 18. Adding a Picture (cont.)You can do the same thingto add another picture inthe second box.This layout lets you labeleach of the pictures, orgive information aboutthe items you arecomparing at the bottom.
  19. 19. Adding Animation to the TransitionWe certainly don’t want to create a boring presentation, so lets add someanimation at the transition of our slides. First click on the “Transitions” Tabat the top of the screen.
  20. 20. Adding Animation (cont.)There are severaldifferent optionshere. If you click oneach one it will showyou what theanimation does. Ichose “Uncover” formine. In most casesyou will want to usethe same animationthought the entirepresentation, to dothis just left click“Apply to All”
  21. 21. Saving Your PresentationNow that ourpresentation is justabout finished wewant to make surethat we don’t looseall of our hardwork. Click on theorange “File” tab atthe top and select“Save As” from themenu on the left.
  22. 22. Saving Your PresentationThis will bring up a boxsimilar to the one wesaw opening a picturefile. In the box labeled“File name” type whatyou want thepresentation to be calledand make note of whereyou are saving it to. Irecommend saving todesktop, “Documents”,or your own flash driveso you know where tofind your file later.
  23. 23. Presenting the SlideshowContinue adding slidesuntil you are finished.Make sure you save yourwork if you make anychanges! Once you areready there are 2 ways tostart your presentation.The first way is to left clickat the bottom right on thepicture of the projectorscreen. The other way is topush the F5 button on thekeyboard. Once thepresentation is started justleft click or hit the spacebar on the keyboard to goto the next page of thepresentation.Make sure you are on the first pageof your slideshow before you startthe presentation.
  24. 24. Creating a PowerPoint PresentationIn this tutorial you learned how to: Open a new PowerPoint presentation Change the theme of the presentation Add new slides to the presentation Add text to the presentation Add pictures to the presentation Add animation transitions to the presentation Save the presentation Present a slideshow of your presentation.
  25. 25. Creating a PowerPoint PresentationThere are many other options available andso much more that you can do inPowerPoint. Now that you have the basicsyou can explore and expand on the thingsyou learned here. Have fun and createenlivened presentations with MicrosoftPowerPoint.
  26. 26. A N Y Q U E S T I O N S ?A N Y C O M M E N T S ?A N Y S U G G E S T I O N S ?Thank You