Guinea pigs i want them


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Amazing what you can learn from your 8-year old daughter. Persuasive, succinct, good visuals, an "ask," and a recap at the end. Still no guinea pig but she does have a hamster.

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Guinea pigs i want them

  1. 1. I have my reasons 
  2. 2.  I want a guinea pig for many reasons
  3. 3.  They are intelligent
  4. 4.  They are useful
  5. 5.  They are cute
  6. 6.  They are fun to watch
  7. 7.  You can do stuff with their fur
  8. 8.  There is a pet smart super rodent sale discount
  9. 9.  They are intelligent, useful, cute, fun to watch, and you can do awesome stuff with their hair and the lucky thing is there is a rodent discount at Petsmart!