Lessons in CRM Change Management - Presented at CRM Evolution 2012


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Lessons in CRM Change Management - Presented at CRM Evolution 2012

  1. 1. Customer Relationship Management Lessons In Change Management By Banafsheh Ghassemi @Banafshehgh VP, eCRM and Customer Experience Presented at CRM Evolution 2012
  2. 2. The Evolution
  3. 3. 1980sThe all-knowing database
  4. 4. 1990s – Early 2000s Plug in the machines!
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. …and watch magic happen! Customer Survey: Excellent: Very Good: Good: Fair: Poor: 7
  7. 7. Billions Spent. An Abysmal Track Record. 70% Of CRM Initiatives Fail - Cap Gemini 75% Fail To Impact The Customer Experience - Gartner
  8. 8. Mid 2000 – TodayIt s a business strategy!
  9. 9. The Building Blocks Of The Strategy Business Brand Strategy Experience Vision Voice of the Customer Wants, Needs, Customer and Expectations CapabilitiesPeople, Process,  EnablersPolicy & System  Initiatives
  10. 10. And Just As We Began To Get The Hang Of It… The social brand
  11. 11. Follow User Like Friend Generated Crowdsource Content Fan Aggregation Viral Marketing Social GraphSocial Social Your CustomerCRM Marketing Sentiment Word Brand Online Community Of Mouth Colaborate Share Mayor Check In Influence Gamification Badge Listen Engage
  12. 12. What is a Like/ What s Follow/ the ROI? Fan worth? Where do Why is we start? Everybody doing it!
  13. 13. Even today we will find most organizations somewhere on this maturity continuumThe all-knowing database Plug in the machines It s a business strategy The social brand What is a Like/ Follow/ Fan What s Busine Brand ss worth? the ROI? Strate Experien gy Why is ce Where do Vision we start? Everybody doing it! Voice of Customer Wants, the Customer Needs, and Expectations Capabilities People,  Process ,  Enablers Policy  &  System  InitiativesLeast Mature Most Mature
  14. 14. Change Management: The Foundations
  15. 15. Evolve From A CRM Mindset To A Customer ExperienceStrategy Or a Brand Experience Strategy Mindset Customer Relationship Management Customer Experience Management Strategy Strategy Who §  Lead by line of business leaders §  Lead by CEO with strategic focus on brand (CSO, CMO, CCO) with tactical focus value proposition (outward looking). on operational efficiencies & priorities (inward looking). What §  Captures what you know about a §  Captures what a customer thinks about you customer with an interest on the and the value you bring to them. value of the donor to the enterprise When §  Generally focused on acquisition §  More holistic lifecycle focus that includes cycle (sales, revenue, profits) both acquisition & retention (sales, revenue, profits AND churn, Net Promoter Score)
  16. 16. In The Absence Of A CEM Strategy, Even The Best CRM Technology Can Make Life More (Not Less) Difficult
  17. 17. Postpone The Technology Investment Until You Have a Strategy But our …they all haveThe strategy has customers expectations, needs to be customer are not the & wants…they each centric… same… have diff life-time values CRM technology will facilitate a business strategy designed to learn about, select, optimize and manage the most valuable customer relationships …whatever the …do our Are their needs, they need data, expectations them to be met internal aligned with their across the touch- processes, life-time value? points. orgs, policies, rules of engagement support their expectation s?
  18. 18. Developing The Strategy: An Approach Voice of the Customer  Ini;a;ves  Business Strategy    Stakeholder Interviews  CEM    Inside‐Out Workshops  Vision    Focus Groups  CRM  •  Business Requirements for  Voice of the Customer  Wants, Needs, and    Primary Research  CRM PlaEorm  Expecta;ons    Best Prac?ces  Moves  •  Moves Management  Capabili;es  Management  Framework People, Process, Policy & System  Enablers  •  Donor Communica?ons  Other Ini?a?ves  •  Cross / Up‐sell  Ini;a;ves  CRM/CEM Strategy & Roadmap  Define CE Vision and Strategy Statement Develop guidelines for operational direction Prioritize Top Donor Wants / Needs Show prioritized list of initiatives against goals Align with Enterprise and Brand Strategies Determine key loyalty and touch-point metrics
  19. 19. This Is Not About You, The Management Team,And Your Insatiable Appetite For Their Data!
  20. 20. Make It Clear From The Onset Why You Are Doing This…  More successful front-line employees   Train better customer engagement, not how to use the system   Communicating Effectively   Identifying Opportunities   Building Relationships  More engaged and loyal customers who will also be your advocates
  21. 21. To Be Effective Your Strategy Must Span The Entire Customer Lifecycle And High-Value Touchpoints Learning how donation was used Aware/ Learn Ease of donation (Stewardship) Renew Donate Acknowledgement Request information and appreciation of regarding specific Confirm/ donation issue Seek Help Appreciate
  22. 22. CRM Investments Are Not Cheap & Cutting Corners Can Lead To Costly Write-Offs…
  23. 23. Don t Skimp on Necessary Steps  Voice Of The Customer   Continuously assess customer sentiment, needs & wants and refine organizational capabilities and enablers to satisfy the ever changing landscape   Requires investment in structures that are focused on VOC  Make investments in   Process definition Ongoing Customer Feedback Methods    Data migration/management Customer Feedback  *Welcome Calls      *Transac;onal Surveys    Training *Customer Panels      *Rela;onship Surveys    Communications *Call/Inquiries Into Frontline Orgs  *Social Media      Post implementation user & system Employee Feedback  *Employee Panels  support *Front‐line Surveys  *Rep Quality Monitoring  *Execu;ve Immersion  *Employee Engagement Survey 
  24. 24. Change Management: Social CRMTake It To The Next Level
  25. 25. Don t Be Intimidated It s Just Evolu?on! 
  26. 26. CRM, It s A Bigger World Than It s Ever Been!
  27. 27. Social Media & Customer Experience Disconnects  43% of consumers consider direct response to their inquiries on social media most important  31% expect direct access to customer service reps or product experts - Oracle, March 2012  60% of companies don t respond to customers via social media - Capgemini  55% of customers call their experience of communicating with brands via social media disappointing or mediocre. -Conversocial
  28. 28. Organize as you always did  Do you have a letter, email or phone department? So why a social media department?  Think channel strategy and channel operations   Sales, marketing, customer support  If you don’t know where to start, customer support is a good bet.
  29. 29. Operationalize  Red Cross   Social Specialist across the organization serving as SMEs offering insights, expert advice, engaging on behalf of the brand.   DigiDoc monitoring mentions during disasters using heat maps to determine response needs  Best Buy TwelpForce   ~3000 on retail team responding to customers  South West Airlines   Experts across functions serving customers during flight hours.
  30. 30. But Strategize & Operate Differently  Can t sell or market as you always did   Peer to peer   Nurture advocates and evangelists   Empathetic, high value content  Can t service as you always did   Real-time   Nurture support communities
  31. 31. Thank you & Let s Connect Email:Banafsheh.Ghassemi@redcross.org Twitter: @Banafshehgh