Senior Living in a Socially Networked World


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Brian Geyser's Slides from ALFA 2011 in Orlando, FL during for the Emerging Issues in Technology for Senior Living Providers Speed Session.

Social media, social networks, and online communities are transforming the way companies communicate and engage with customers and prospects. Most business experts agree that companies in every industry need to embrace social technologies or risk facing irrelevance - and senior living is no exception. Regardless of where you are on the social technology curve, developing the right strategy, deploying the best tools, creating appropriate policies, and building a stellar internal team of champions are all keys to success on the social web. Learn how senior living companies around the country are embracing social media, transforming their websites into connected social hubs, and deriving business value through social engagement.

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Senior Living in a Socially Networked World

  1. 1. SENIOR LIVING in a socially networked worldHow Contemporary Websites, Social Media, and Online Communities Will Change the Industry Brian Geyser, APRN-BC, MSN
  2. 2. The Game HasChanged• More social tools• More people online• More surface area• More touch points• More opportunity Need to seize opportunity, deliver brand promise strategically, consistently and coherently across all touch points while mitigating risk
  3. 3. What Can Social!Do For Us? •Story telling •Recruiting •Community building
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. Its about creating community AROUND your brand
  7. 7. What are YOU afraid of? 1.Loss of control 2.Privacy & confidentiality 3.Potential for bad comments 4.Budget constraints 5.Employee productivity
  8. 8. IS YOUR BRAND ?
  9. 9. 86% of U.S FG100 Companies use at least one SM platform
  10. 10. 5,800 Hospitals in U.S. 1,000 (17%) use social media
  11. 11. 33,000 Homecare Providers1/3 have a Facebook Page
  12. 12. 65% of homecare companies have an outdated website
  13. 13. 18
  14. 14. ROI?
  15. 15. 20
  16. 16. { ROI } • Facebook Page drives 500-1,500 visits to website per month! • 2,836 fans (PR: 368,680) on Facebook who frequently interact and provide free marketing for the company in the form of testimonials, positive comments and the like! • Significant lead capture - Prospective customers and employees frequently engage on the FB and are directed to company website for lead nurture
  17. 17. Link
  18. 18. { ROI } • Top listing on Google searches in their markets! • 3,000 monthly visitors to their Facebook page (number grows every month)! • For the six-month period of Oct, 2009 to April, 2010: o 70% of referral inquiries due to online sources (up!!from!45%!a year ago) o 57% of move-ins originated as online referral inquiries (up from!35% a year ago)
  19. 19. { ROI } April 2010 - April 2011:• 6,000 visitors• 9,000 visits• 42,588 page views• New lead source
  20. 20. 30