2011 Home Care 100


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This is the closing general session slides for Brian Geyser's talk on Home Care and Social Media

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2011 Home Care 100

  1. 1. The Game Has Changed How social media is transforming the way home carecompanies are connecting & communicating with customers and prospects on the web Brian Geyser, APRN-BC, MSN
  2. 2. December 16th, 2010
  3. 3. December 16th, 2010
  4. 4. Top 5 Sites Visited by People 65+ (November 2009) 1. 2. 3. (In 2008 it was #45) 4. 5.
  5. 5. The HC100 Provider Study Social Media Adoption
  6. 6. Source: socialmediaexaminer.com
  7. 7. Source: socialmediaexaminer.com
  8. 8. 65%
  9. 9. 1/3
  10. 10. ave. =765 range = 7 -5,665
  11. 11. 22% Range = 46 - 8,261
  12. 12. 20% Upload Views Range = 410 - 196,145
  13. 13. 12
  14. 14. 7
  15. 15. 6
  16. 16. { websites }
  17. 17. 2 Big Questions About Your Website Will people find it? What will they experience they get there?
  18. 18. Business 2.0 Websites Boring EngagingOLD NEW Static Dynamic Billboards Gathering places Monologues Dialogs Non-interactive Interactive All about the company All about community Isolated outposts Connected social hubs
  19. 19. Give them what they want/need
  20. 20. Deeper Questions About Your Site For visitors, does it... For you, does it... help them solve their problems? help you build strong, lasting provide them with the information relationships with customers & they need? prospects? educate with relevant, allow you to learn from your informative content? customers, and therebyhelp them experience your improve?organization & interact with people foster a sense of community?who work there? reflect the passion, commitment, show them that you are a trusted & dedication of your staff? resource? showcase your companys help them connect with each unique personality? other? set you apart from competitors & engage them and help them demonstrate that you are the make decisions? right choice?
  21. 21. IS YOUR BRAND ?
  22. 22. Key QuestionsIf people can leave comments, share ideas, and interact on companywebsites but they cant do it on yours, what does that say?If family, referral sources, and patients can freely post content to acompetitors Facebook Page but they cant on yours, what does that say?If your competitors are demonstrating their expertise by posting videos,articles, helpful tips and you are not, what does that say?If family members are posting testimonials on a competitors FacebookPage but you dont even have a Facebook Page, what does that say?
  23. 23. Its not about being a better marketerIts about being a better communicator
  24. 24. Its not about targeting customers Its about joining them
  25. 25. Its about creating community AROUND your brand
  26. 26. Social Media Strategy 1. Clearly identify your objectives 2. Take a good look at your current website 3. Scope out your competitors 4. Put together a social media team 5. Choose your tools 6. Establish guidelines and policies 7. Decide how to measure your efforts
  27. 27. Key Questions (before you start)What are our business objectives?How will social help us achieve thoseobjectives?Who are we trying to reach, how canwe help them, and where do theyhang out?How much time can we devote tosocial each day/week/month?What are the demands of goingsocial?How will social integrate with thestuff we do every day?
  28. 28. { team }
  29. 29. ExecutivesCommunications Marketing Activities Clinical Residents/Families Interns Consultants
  30. 30. 512 million monthly site visits1 million Twitter followers1.3 million Facebook fans29 thousand reviewers on travel guide site
  31. 31. { tools }
  32. 32. 7 Best Tools for Health Care 1. Facebook 2. Blog 3. YouTube 4. Twitter 5. Online Community 6. Linkedin 7. Email marketing
  33. 33. 8 Success Criteria for Facebook Page Marketing1 Set community expectations2 Provide cohesive branding3 Be up to date4 Live authenticity5 Participate in dialog6 Enable peer-to-peer interactions7 Foster advocacy8 Solicit a call-to-action
  34. 34. Blogs
  35. 35. Community Sites
  36. 36. Email Marketing
  37. 37. { ROI }
  38. 38. Link
  39. 39. { ROI }Facebook Page drives 500-1,500 visits to website per month2617 fans on Facebook who frequently interact and provide freemarketing for the company in the form of testimonials, positivecomments and the likeSignificant lead capture - Prospective customers and employeesfrequently engage on the FB and are directed to companywebsite for lead nurture
  40. 40. Link
  41. 41. { ROI }Top listing on Google searches in their markets2500 monthly visitors to their Facebook page (number growsevery month)For the six-month period of Oct, 2009 to April, 2010: 70% of referral inquiries due to online sources (up from 45% a year ago) 57% of move-ins originated as online referral inquiries (up from 35% a year ago)
  42. 42. Link
  43. 43. { ROI }In six months:Increased reach 4x to over 500 contacts per monthSocial media referrals quadrupledWebsite traffic up 20%
  44. 44. Link
  45. 45. { ROI }In five months:16K page views; 77% were new visitorsMothers Day contest = 700% spike in trafficOne lead converted to a $5K/mo. client
  46. 46. 2011 Trends
  47. 47. TrendsCompanies will become publishers - producing contentdesigned to entertain, inform, educate, and inspireSelf-serving online marketing tactics will diminish as peoplecatch on to tricks and gimmicksWebsites will be updated to reflect new and emergingtechnologiesSocial integration in websites will become more mainstreamVideo will be everywhereSocial networks will become more specializedShift from social media marketing to The Social Business
  48. 48. Brian Geyser web: carenetworks.comemail: brian.geyser@carenetworks.com twitter.com/bgeyser facebook.com/carenetworks phone: 203.915.0524
  49. 49. {outtakes}
  50. 50. For Business... "Social media is a critical part of a larger, more complete sales, service, communications, and marketing strategythat reflects and adapts to markets and the people who define them." Brian Solis New media analyst, author
  51. 51. "Social media is both distribution channels and rivers of knowledge,education, and experience...A never ending fountain of lessons and insight" Brian Solis New media analyst, author
  52. 52. What canSocialDOfor Us?
  53. 53. What Can Social Do For Us? Marketing/brand awareness Lead generation Public relations Loyalty building Communications Customer support Recruitment Networking
  55. 55. Whats changed?More people onlineMore surface areaMore touch pointsMore opportunity Need to seize opportunity, deliver brand promise consistently and coherently across all touch points, and mitigate risk
  56. 56. Benefits vs. RiskLower cost of doing Irrelevancebusiness Poor searchBetter access to rankingsknowledge Inability to stayIncreased marketing currenteffectiveness Poor customerInsights for perceptionimproving service Loss of business toofferings competitorsHigher revenues
  57. 57. What are companiesanxious about? 1. Loss of control 2. Privacy & confidentiality 3. Potential for bad comments 4. Budget constraints 5. Employee productivity
  58. 58. What else? Increase website traffic Boost natural search rankings Help monitor competitors Optimize customer service Establish company as a leader
  59. 59. Social Media Resources http://carenetworks.com/blog - The CareNetworks Blog covering social media and online community for senior living, LTC, and home care http://facebook.com/carenetworks - The CareNetworks Facebook Community with tips, tricks, and advice about how to leverage social media for your senior living company http://blog.hubspot.com - The popular internet marketing blog from the Inbound Marketing experts at Hubspot http://www.marketingprofs.com - A comprehensive online marketing resource with how-to articles and webinars http://mashable.com/social-media - The online social media guide