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  1. 1. Real Estate + Tech ProductHuntTO Brandon G. Donnelly @donnelly_b November 26, 2015
  2. 2. My story Startup Weekend #1: Dirt ( Startup Weekend #2: Crowdsourced valuations Why we failed / challenges Opportunities (real estate lifecycle)
  3. 3. BSc Computer Science Dropped Out BA Architecture University of Toronto Masters in Architecture & Real Estate Development University of Pennsylvania Real Estate Development Morguard Investments Office, Retail & Rental Apartments MBA Rotman School Innovation & Entrepreneurship Startup Weekend #1 Dirt Quit Job Daily Blog Architect This City Real Estate Development TAS Condos Startup Weekend #2 Crowdsourced Home Valuations Real Estate Development CAPREIT Rental Apartments
  4. 4. Design Real Estate Technology Focus
  5. 5. “One of NYC's great strengths is the diversity of its economy – finance, real estate, media & entertainment, retail, fashion, health care, education, and now tech. And the reason tech is growing so fast in NYC is that it is embedding itself in all of these other industries.” -Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
  6. 6. Only so many people who know about and can review a building. Not unlocking enough valuable data. (like status certificates) Owners have a vested interest to only provide positive reviews. Real estate agents only provided fluff pieces to generate business. Why We Failed
  7. 7. Very difficult to get homeowners to engage when they’re not yet ready to sell. Problem wasn’t immediate and big enough. We had to take photos of people’s homes otherwise we didn’t get any. Higher barriers to entry for supply-side. “Free market evaluation” is a common tactic used by agents to acquire customers. Hard to break through noise. Why We Failed
  8. 8. High cost Low frequency Strong barriers Supply aggregation Unique transactions Challenges
  9. 9. Opportunities / Real Estate Lifecycle
  10. 10. Land Sales Land Use Policy Market Research MapYourProperty PiinPoint Opportunities
  11. 11. Design / Coordination Project Financing Community Engagement PlaceSpeak Projexity (US) FundRise (US) ShareStreet Opportunities
  12. 12. Initial Sales/Leasing Construction Initial Occupancy (Pre-Delivery Inspections) Invent Dev Floored (US) BuzzBuzzHome HonestBuildings (US) H+ME Technology Bazinga Opportunities
  13. 13. Community / Management / Operations Resale Market / Ongoing Leasing Data & Analytics Evercondo NextDoor (US) Bazinga
 MappedIn Opendoor (US) Open Listings (US) Casalova Epigraph (Blockchain) HomeUnion (US) CompStak (Commercial) Opportunities
  14. 14. Dramatically reduce transaction costs and friction. Peer- to-peer marketplaces + blockchain. Improve transparency and access to information. Opportunities to leverage the crowd. Democratize real estate via community engagement and crowdfunding. Next iteration of REITs in a way. Optimize design and production methods to improve efficiencies and drive down costs. Summary of Opportunities
  15. 15. Thank you :) @donnelly_b