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Measuring value-social-funnel


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Measuring value-social-funnel

  1. 1. Measuring Value in the Social FunnelNew  Repor)ng  for  Social  Media  Justin CutroniAnalytics Advocate at Google+Justin Cutroni@JustinCutroni
  2. 2. Social Media… Blah  Blah  Blah   Complaint…     Complaint…   Blah  Blah  Blah   Complaint…     Complaint…   Blah  Blah  Blah   Complaint…     Complaint…   … it’s not just conversations.
  3. 3. Return The Focus to The Business Acquisition Engagement Conversion
  4. 4. Return The Focus to The Business •  Social Sources •  Social Pages •  Social Plugins •  Social Visitor Flow •  Social Conversions
  5. 5. •  Where did they come from?•  How do they interact with my content?
  6. 6. Social VisitsTotal VisitsSocialNetworks NEW! Social Data Hub partners!
  7. 7. What’s Happening off site?
  8. 8. Social  Data  Hub  partners  send    off-­‐site  ac5vi5es  to  Google  Analy5cs  
  9. 9. Count of data hub activities……Grouped by social content (URL)
  10. 10. Social actions are specific to eachsocial network.
  11. 11. Activity Stream:Detailed informationfrom a data hub.
  12. 12. Conversations: Any activity that involves along text entry.
  13. 13. Events: Any activity that does notinclude a long text entry.
  14. 14. Data: bookmark
  15. 15. Social Hub data is different from one partner to another. BECAUSE  EACH  SOCIAL  NETWORK  IS  DIFFERENT.  
  16. 16. By the way… Link to ripples, pages, etc. to learn more about who these people are.
  17. 17. •  What do they do on the site?•  Which content do people share?
  18. 18. Standard On-Site Behavior Metrics
  19. 19. Tracking On-site Social Activities _gaq.push([ _trackSocial, network, socialAction, opt_target,How often do people opt_pagePathuse these things? ]);
  20. 20. Segment by Social Source & ActionWebsite Content On-site Actions
  21. 21. Traffic Flow Insights How do people, from social media sources, navigate my site?
  22. 22. ~40% Start on these pages…but don’t get very far
  23. 23. •  What is the impact of social?•  Do people convert now?•  Do people convert later?
  24. 24. Direct Conversion from SocialGoalMulti-touch dataConversions & valuefrom social sources
  25. 25. Use Assisted Conversions to > 1.5 Upper Funnelget a multi-session view of ~ 0 Lower Funnelsocial sources.
  26. 26. Look for Social Data Hub Partners.What actions happen on their network?
  27. 27. Traffic Sources > Social > Overview Report
  28. 28. One more thing…Customiza)ons  using  Social  
  29. 29. Leverage Social Customizations
  30. 30. Leverage Social in Customization
  31. 31. Key Takeaways•  Use the Social Conversions Report to measure the direct, and assisted value from social.•  Analyze behavior of socially engaged visitors. Are they different?•  Learn what content is popular on various social networks. Can you create more content and share?
  32. 32. Thank you.Please  keep  in  touch.  Justin Cutroni+Justin Cutroni@JustinCutroni