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Microsoft Azure Sentinel


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Microsoft Azure Sentinel @Microsoft - Muammer Benzeş

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Microsoft Azure Sentinel

  1. 1. Microsoft Azure Sentinel: Build next generation security operations with a cloud native SIEM Muammer Benzes Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft MEA | @muammerbenzes
  2. 2. Phishing attacks Cryptocurrency mining Supply chain compromises Phishing continues to grow as a risk to global businesses. Clandestine attacks on cryptocurrency act as malware posing security risks. New entry vectors make for an ever-broadening category of threat, software and hardware alike.
  3. 3. Security Operations Team Expanding digital estate
  4. 4. Too many disconnected products High volume of noisy alerts Security skills in short supplyLack of automation Rising infrastructure costs and upfront investment IT deployment & maintenance Sophistication of threats Traditional SOC Challenges
  5. 5. Cloud + Artificial Intelligence Security Operations Team
  6. 6. Introducing Microsoft Azure Sentinel Collect DetectRespond Limitless cloud speed and scale Faster threat protection with AI by your side Bring your Office 365 data for Free Easy integration with your existing tools Investigate Cloud-native SIEM for intelligent security analytics for your entire enterprise Security data across your enterprise Rapidly and automate protection Threats with vast threat intelligence and AI Critical incidents guided by AI
  7. 7. Microsoft Security Advantage $1B annual investment in cybersecurity 3500+ global security experts Trillions of diverse signals for unparalleled intelligence
  8. 8. Limitless cloud speed and scale
  9. 9. Focus on security, unburden SecOps from IT tasks © Microsoft Corporation Azure No infrastructure setup or maintenance SIEM Service available in Azure portal Scale automatically, put no limits to compute or storage resources
  10. 10. Reduce security and IT costs No infrastructure costs or upfront commitment Only pay for what you use Bring your Office 365 Data for free Cloud-native, scalable SIEM
  11. 11. Integrate with existing tools and data sources
  12. 12. Pre-wired integration with Microsoft solutions Connectors for many partner solutions Standard log format support for all sources Collect security data at cloud scale from all sources across your enterprise Proven log platform with more than 10 petabytes of daily ingestion Microsoft 365
  13. 13. Bring your own insights, machine learning models, and threat intelligence Tap into our security community to build on detections, threat intelligence, and response automation. Optimize for your needs © Microsoft Corporation Azure Bring your own ML Models & Threat Intelligence Security Community
  14. 14. AI by your side
  15. 15. Correlated rules User Entity Behavior Analysis integrated with Microsoft 365 Bring your own ML models Pre-built Machine Learning models Threat Detection and Analysis ML models based on decades of Microsoft security experience and learnings Millions of signals filtered to few correlated and prioritized incidents Insights based on vast Microsoft threat intelligence and your own TI Reduce alert fatigue by up to 90% Detect threats and analyze security data quickly with AI
  16. 16. Investigate threats with AI and hunt suspicious activities at scale, tapping into years of cybersecurity work at Microsoft © Microsoft Corporation Azure Get prioritized alerts and automated expert guidance Visualize the entire attack and its impact Hunt for suspicious activities using pre-built queries and Azure Notebooks
  17. 17. Respond rapidly with built-in orchestration and automation Build automated and scalable playbooks that integrate across tools ! Security Products Ticketing Systems (ServiceNow) Additional tools
  18. 18. What our partners and early adopters say about Azure Sentinel © Microsoft Corporation Azure “Azure Sentinel provides a unique and cloud centric security incident and event management solution that is both simple to deploy and able to manage complex hybrid customer environments.” Jeff Dunmall Executive Vice President of Global Managed Services “My team has the upper hand with Azure Sentinel. I get unbridled capacity, and the built-in AI and threat intelligence based on Microsoft’s years of cybersecurity experience really helps my team focus on keeping our clients secure vs managing infrastructure and threat feeds”. Andrew Winkelmann Global Security Consulting Practice Lead
  19. 19. Take actions today- Get started with the preview Connect data sources To learn more, visit Start Microsoft Azure trial Open Azure Sentinel preview dashboard in Azure Portal