Week 1B: Begin with the End in Mind


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Week 1B: Begin with the End in Mind

  1. 1. Week #1: Begin With the End in Mind or “There and Back Again” Part 2: An Introduction to Synthesis and Integration  Key Concept/Academic Vocabulary  What is “synthesis”? And what is “curriculum       integration” Where can you find the answers? What do we need to “synthesize” from prior learning? Pre-assessment: Integrated Curriculum Four Fold Concept Activity (Concept Formation) Examining “Integrated Unit” Examples Assignment: Integrated Unit Plan
  2. 2. Integration and Middle School
  3. 3. ….more specifically in terms of curriculum, instruction and assessment
  4. 4. ….more specifically in terms of curriculum, instruction and assessment
  5. 5. Planning for Learning: Quality Instructional Design “Those who Fail to Plan …..Should Plan to Fail.” **Alan Lakein
  6. 6. Unit Title: Grade: Subject, Topic: Time: Learning Target(s): Students will understand that… Students will know… Formative Assesssments: Learning Activities: Accommodations: Stage 1 – Desired Results Critical Questions: Students will be able to… Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence Summative Assessments: Stage 3 – Learning Plan High Yield Strategies: Differentiation:
  7. 7. Understanding by Design….in real life  A Wedding  Building a house  Planning a family  Planting a garden  Shoveling the driveway  Planning a trip  Raising chickens/livestock  Getting a Master’s Degree
  8. 8. The Quality Teaching Document defines the end….and the beginning….for now Alberta Education: The Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Quality Teaching
  9. 9. …and the future?
  10. 10. “If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.” ― Yogi Berra
  11. 11. Are we teachers?  Determining the learning destination  Creating questions that foster inquiry  Designing units, backwards  Determining assessment evidence  Recognizing the benefits of performance criteria or are we designers? Architects of instruction? Facilitators of learning? AGENTS OF CHANGE?
  12. 12. …Further Thinking and Doing  Complete the “Logistics” part of your integrated unit plan (e.g. What grade/subjects/topics will you be teaching during practicum? Print off/save program of studies for your designated grade/subject/topics and have with you at all times (due next week)  Professional Reflection: You will assigned one of five readings (placed on Googlesites). Please read and provide a one page reflection on how you feel this article is relevant in terms of our conversations/key learning this week (due next class) We Swim Together, or We Sink Together “ JUMP IN – The water’s fine, and so is the learning