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Week 1 - Getting Ready to Manage


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Published in: Education
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Week 1 - Getting Ready to Manage

  1. 1. EDPS 310: Managing the Learning Environment “The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain…he is inspired by it. The persistent winner is not discouraged by a problem…he is challenged by it” Week #1: Ready, Set, Manage
  2. 2. We are the people we’ve been waiting for
  3. 3. • How would you begin your first day of school as a middle years teacher? • How can you “learn” some tips for a successful first day?
  4. 4. Make a choice • #1. I was hired to teach, not to make kids behave • #2. You can be friendly with kids, but you can‟t be friends • #3. Minimize student misbehavior by maximizing student learning • #4. Manage your class, don‟t discipline it • #5. Don‟t let them see you smile until Christmas • #6. Catch „em being good
  5. 5. Other BIG Questions: • What do you wish to learn in this course? • What are your beliefs about teaching? • What are your beliefs about good classroom management? • Is great teaching a Science or an Art? Are some “born” to teach while others are “trained” to teach? • Who were influential teachers in your life? How did they “manage” their classrooms? • Why is this course called “Managing the Learning Environment” and not “Classroom Management”? • What are your “initial thoughts” about classroom management? • Others
  6. 6. ADHD: Your Thoughts • ADHD: My Thoughts (….the final word)
  7. 7. Pedagogy, Philosophies, Portfolios and Plans • Discussion: What is good teaching? • I am a gardener – Sliderocket presentation: • Discussion: What are my beliefs about managing the learning environment? • Optional Activity: Life in the Beehive – interactive “choral reading” poem, What does this say about management? Portfolio Piece #1: My Philosophy of Classroom Management
  8. 8. Course Outline Assignments Course Participation Tasks Classroom Rules Pet Peeves Cohort Norms Mission Statement Course Readings Final Exam
  9. 9. The Final Word….