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Our Iceberg is Melting


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Our Iceberg is Melting

  1. 1. Our Iceberg is Melting Coping with change when the world as we know it is shifting……or melting By Brent Galloway School of Education
  2. 2. Urgent Matters: Moments that change your life MY STORIES • My first teaching job • The week before my wedding • Big strike/Teaching in Australia • A gift named “Justine” • Empty Gardens • Curling is bad for your health (part 1)
  3. 3. Let’s Date (or at least agree to see other people) My Breakfast Date with ___________ My Lunch Date with ___________ Afternoon Tea with ___________ My Dinner Date with ___________
  4. 4. Urgent Matters: Moments that change your life YOUR STORIES • What moments in your personal histories have caused a great deal of change, challenge or stress? • What moments in your work histories have caused a great deal of change, challenge or stress? TURN & TALK: Breakfast Date
  5. 5. A Unique Cast of Characters • Fred, the curious and observant • Alice, a penguin boss, action-oriented • Louis, the head penguin of the Penguin Leadership Council • Buddy (storyteller, man of the people) • The Professor (intelligent, scientific) • Sally Ann (a young child/student in the colony) • NoNo (the name says it all)
  6. 6. The Problem: Our Iceberg REALLY is melting • What if……our “iceberg” melted, or even worse “exploded”? What would happen to our “penguin” way of life? What would happen to our children? How would we survive? • Step 1: Create a sense of urgency to deal with the difficult problem and DO NOT FEAR CHANGE
  7. 7. Back to Reality: What if…..? • …we could no longer use Context Based Learning as an instructional approach due to budget restraints? • …our class sizes doubled (once again due to budget restraints) or our student numbers dropped by 50% • …your workload was changed….tomorrow? • …a new Dean was appointed who had a different vision for the Nursing program? • …Red Deer was not successful in its bid to host the Canadian Winter Games resulting in the cancellation of the Health and Wellness Centre? • …the Alberta government outlawed and disbanded the “United Nurses of Alberta” union? • …the Canadian government adopted a two tier public/private health care system? TURN & TALK: Lunch Date List 3 steps/ideas to deal with this
  8. 8. The Answer is ALWAYS in the room (and I don’t mean the room at the top) • Step 2: Carefully select a group of varying skills/background to guide the change • Step 3: Using evidence, collaborate to create a “sensible” vision for the future
  9. 9. Communicate Communicate Communicate • Step 4: Communicate the vision so others will understand and accept it • How has Red Deer College’s transition to a new School/leadership model been communicated to the students, to staff/faculty, and to the public? • TURN & TALK: Afternoon Tea Date
  10. 10. ENERGY Needed! • Step 5: Remove obstacles to action. Decide how you will deal with change and determine how you will use your energy (positive ways/negative ways) • What obstacles are in the way of you doing your best work? How can you remove these obstacles? TURN & TALK: Dinner Date
  11. 11. CELEBRATE……and often • Step 6: Create success quickly and celebrate (and not with squid & fish) • What are the “wins” in the work that you do?
  12. 12. TRUE GRIT • Step 7: Never Give Up until the change is firmly established (and check in) • Remember: Failure often precedes success, and change is difficult • A new message: “We’ve ALWAYS done it that way” is not a solution
  13. 13. Yah-buts, Quackers, & Shoulders • Step 8: Ensure that the changes will not be overcome by stubborn, hard-to-die traditions, but ensure that the past is honored (as well as the people) • Alternatives to the above: – I wonder if….. – Use “we could” instead of “we should” – “Tell me what you are thinking?” – “Focus on the solutions, not the problems” • Remember: Some sacred cows make great ground beef
  14. 14. …and Remember • We are Human Beings, not Human Doings • Think BATNA and the power of CHOICE • Accept that “Change is the only constant” • “We are the change we have been waiting for”…Gandhi • “Rather than waiting for the storm to pass, dance in the rain” • Icebergs will always melt; it is the colony of penguins that is important. Think TEAMS. • Celebrate the past, enjoy the present, and embrace the future… is a lot more fun! WE R NOT THE I C E B E R G
  15. 15. …and now “The Curling Story” part 2
  16. 16. Our Iceberg is Melting Coping with change when the world as we know it is shifting……or melting By Brent Galloway School of Education