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Partnership Activation 2.0 Newsletter - August 2008


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The Partnership Activation 2.0 newsletter shares sponsorship/marketing best practices in the sports marketplace.

Published in: Sports, Business, Technology
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Partnership Activation 2.0 Newsletter - August 2008

  1. 1. AUGUST 2008 ISSUE I Partnership Activation 2.0 Are You Looking Welcome to the first edition of Partnership 2.0, a newsletter that this issue to Expand Your provides sports business professionals with industry insights, crea- Network? tive activation tactics, and new ways to generate incremental reve- Partnership Activation 2.0 P.1 nue for their organizations. Top 10 Ways to Fans Live in the Fast Lane P.2 Connect with Other To subscribe to the newsletter, or to unsubscribe, simply send the request (with “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” in the subject line) to The Next Wave of Signage P.3 Industry Professionals Please include your full name, 1. National Sports Forum company affiliation, and contact information when subscribing. In-Game Promos are a Hit P.4 2. Linked In If you have a link, tip, or best practice that you would like to share, please also send them to: I 3. Sports Marketing 2.0 would love to include your insights in the next newsletter! 4. NACDA If you like what you see, please pass this newsletter along 5. Partnership Activation to all of your friends and colleagues in the industry! — Linked In Users Connect Group 6. Sports Business INDUSTRY WATCH LUCAS OIL STADIUM Graduate Programs • 63,000 seat home of the Indianapolis Colts (Alumni, Students) (expandable to 70,000 for football/basketball) 7. Relay Sports Sponsor- • Cost: $720MM ship Symposium • Unique Elements Include: • The Colts “Main Stage” featuring top performers on game day 8. National Sports Marketing Network • Bud Light Blue Zone (11,520 sq. foot gathering space for fans) • The Quarterback Suite ($375/game all-inclusive ticket section (includes game ticket, buffet 9. Youth Sports meal, beer, and wine) Professionals Network • Moving Windows (six operable windows that can be opened to provide a view of the 10. World Congress of Downtown skyline) Sports • Two (2) 97’x53’ High Definition Scoreboards • Corporate Partners Include: Lucas Oil, Air Tran, Sprint, Meijer, ProLiance, Huntington Bank, HH Gregg, DEEM, Coca-Cola, Clarion Health, Chevrolet, Anheuser-Busch, Advantage “Build partnerships, not Health, and Baker & Daniels sponsorships.” • End zone section branded with the Indianapolis Colts logo – Brian Corcoran, Fenway Sports Group 1
  2. 2. AUGUST 2008 ISSUE I Are You Living in the Fast Lane? CREATIVE In recent weeks, numerous professional sports teams have signed partnership agreements with companies that provide fast admis- ACTIVATION sion/discounts for fans. Clear and FLO Corporation, two (2) compa- nies that provide expedited airport security lanes for all consumers IDEAS who purchase a $100 annual pass, have recently begun transferring Creative Ideation their services to the sports marketplace: • Denver Broncos - Clear ( • San Francisco 49ers - Clear • Baltimore Ravens - FLO Corp. ( • Washington Redskins - FLO Corp. The New York Mets collabo- rated with Topps to create a The Denver Broncos “Clear Card” will also provide fans with special offer coupons unique “Game Day Starting Lineup” display at the (e.g. 15% off non-game day purchases at the Broncos Team Store) and exclusive ad- team’s ticket box office mission to a pre-game tailgate party. Broncos fans can purchase a one year team Clear Card membership for $128. This Month’s Activation Tip - Capitalize on Concurrent Events Have you considered incorporating “Olympic Fever” into your game entertainment? MetLife teamed up with the New York Yankees to spon- sor the Yankee Stadium The Washington Nationals staged an Olympics-inspired Presi- Countdown Clock dents Race during the 4th inning of one of the team’s recent home games. The team tasked its 10-foot President mascots with jumping over hurdles during the team’s traditional Racing Presidents in-game feature. The team even outfitted Abe Lincoln with gold running shoes (ala Michael Johnson) during the contest. The Baltimore Ravens aired Michael Phelps’ final race at the Bei- jing Olympics live at M&T Bank Stadium after the team’s preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings on August 16th. The team re- ceived permission from NBC to broadcast the event on the sta- dium’s SmartVision scoreboards and promoted the event by sending Minute Maid and the Hous- out press releases prior to the game and encouraged fans through- out the game to stay. The Ravens supported Phelps by sending him ton Astros Offer the Minute an autographed No. 08 jersey, distributed “Ravens for Phelps post- Maid Squeeze Play area for ers to all in attendance, and provided Ravens fans the opportunity young Astros fans to record Good Luck messages to the U.S. Olympian. III
  3. 3. AUGUST 2008 ISSUE I Searching For a New Way to Distinguish Your Brand In-Venue? Are You Looking to Expand Your The next wave of signage inventory waiting to hit the United States is 3D signage. Logo Paint, a company that specializes in creating 3D Sports Business signage and field boards for a variety of sports, has emerged as the Knowledge? industry leader in producing this signage. Top 10 Daily Sports Logo Paint ( currently delivers its patented 3D Business Reads signage and technology to sports arenas and organizations in 30+ countries. The company has developed innovative signage pieces for 1. Sports Business Daily the likes of Siemens, Toyota, Kia, KPMG, Nippon TV, JBS, Victoria, 2. IEG Sponsorship Report and Bayer worldwide. 3. Logo Paint specializes in creating 3D signage and field boards for a variety of sports, including: 4. The Migala Report • Soccer (Ajax Amsterdam, FC Schalke ‘04, Hertha BSC) 5. Youth Markets Alert • Motorsports (DTM) 6. CNBC’s Sports Biz • Basketball (BBL, Bayer, 17th Gulf Cup 2004) 7. Sports Marketing & PR • Hockey (Danish Ice Hockey League) Roundup (Joe Favorito) • Tennis (ATP Challenger 2005) • Volleyball (Mens World Grand Champions Cup) 8. Veritix Sports Marketing Newsletter • Handball (Womens European Cup) 9. Marketing Daily It is only a matter of time before this signage piece becomes a branding piece that will serve as a new revenue stream for profes- 10. Deadspin / The Big sional organizations in the United States. For more information, Lead / check out and/or send an email to: Have You Seen This? HC Slavia Praha of the Czech Extraliga hockey league currently sell glass signage to their corporate partners (as seen on the right). The team currently features Skoda Auto and Nokia branding on their rink glass - a piece of inventory that is yet to be sold in the United States. While the glass signage is semi-obstructive, it does provide a new outlet for sponsors looking to differentiate their brands in- venue and serves as a branding piece that can be picked up on television. II II
  4. 4. AUGUST 2008 ISSUE I Gila River Casinos and the Arizona Diamondbacks Hit and Win EYE ON IT with Their New Promotion... Top 10 Current The Arizona Diamondbacks recently collaborated with Industry Trends Gila River Casinos to create an in-game "Gila River 1. Shifting Dollars to 2.0 Casinos Million Dollar Hit & Win" promotion. During each Diamondbacks home game (from July 18th (Advertising, Activation, through the remainder of the season) randomly se- Promotions, Measurement) lected section(s) will be deemed the "Gila River Casi- 2. Maximizing Dollars During nos Million Dollar Hit & Win Section". Economical Woes 3. Social Networking If a Diamondbacks player hits a home run off the Gila River Casinos target in left-center/right-center field 4. Global Penetration during the 4th, 5th, or 6th inning, eligible fans in the 5. Teams Going Green selected section(s) will win Circle K gift cards worth a combined total of $1MM. The Diamondbacks have also opened the promotion up to fans everywhere 6. The Rise of Fantasy Sports - five (5) fans not in attendance will be selected from mail-in entries to participate in each game pro- 7. Technological Advances in motion. Ticketing and Mobile 8. Measuring Levels of The actual amount of the gas cards distributed is dependent upon the number of eligible fans in the Consumer Engagement winning sections that are 21+and have a valid ticket for that section. The targets are located 425 feet from home plate, making a HR off the target a feat in itself. The team selects the "lucky sections" when 9. Leagues Streaming Media it lowers the targets from the LED boards during the bottom-half of the fourth inning. To claim their in Regional Markets prize, fans just have to fill out a completed affidavit form and submit it with their ticket stub to Dia- 10. Licensing mondbacks representatives located at the Hit & Win Headquarters in Section 300. Looking to Advertise to Thousands of Sports Business Professionals? INSERT YOUR BANNER AD HERE Very Affordable Opportunities For More Information Please Contact Brian Gainor at For Consulting Assistance, Please Contact: Partnership Activation, Inc. provides sports business pro- Brian Gainor fessionals with creative ideation insights, unique activation tac- tics, and innovative ways to drive incremental revenue for their Partnership Activation, Inc. business. 3649 Warp St. Founded in February 2008, has rap- Charlotte, NC 28205 idly become one of the industry’s most valuable resources for P: 305.302.7861 sports business professionals to obtain unique partnership ideas E: and industry updates. IV