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2010 NYC Presentation


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2010 Youth Group NYC Presentation @ Brownsville Church of the Brethren

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2010 NYC Presentation

  1. 1. by Mike Kenney
  2. 15. Oh no!!! A Flat Tire….. It’s ok ….it is Victoria’s fault….
  3. 27. What does a dorm room look like without Air Condiontioning?..... Our dorm rooms!!
  4. 34. Our Favorite Time!!! Worship Service Time Stand up Sing Clap your hands!!
  5. 37. Small Groups!!
  6. 42. … .and we made some great friends!!
  7. 57. Ask us about the light show….
  8. 84. Our hike up into the Rocky Mountains
  9. 114. Service Project – we went to a local community park and did landscaping
  10. 148. We even participated in a Ping Pong Tournament
  11. 153. Squirrel!
  12. 170. To our Families, Pastor Alan, The congregation of Brownsville Church of the Brethren, all those who supported us and donated to assist in our cost to attend. THANK YOU!