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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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  1. 1. the product
  2. 2. the descriptionInfinit provides end-users a way to store, share andaccess all their files from any of their computing devices:PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, Internet-connected TVetc. The technology differs from the Cloud-basedservices in the way that Infinit does not require serversfor storing the users data. Instead, Infinit aggregates thestorage capacity from the users devices in order tocreate a virtual storage drive.
  3. 3. the description
  4. 4. the descriptionThe unique community aspect of Infinit enables users toinvite their friends, family, co-workers etc. to join andattach their devices to the network. This way, the storagecapacity offered by the network increases along withthe amount of content that users can share with theother users.
  5. 5. the description
  6. 6. the descriptionThe business can also benefit from Infinit especiallyregarding its security and confidentiality features.Indeed, within a Infinit network, all the files are encryptedwith a bank-level cryptography algorithm, which ensuresthat files remain unaccessible from unauthorized users,including the Infinit developers.
  7. 7. the features O Cost no storage capacity needs to be bought in the Cloud. O Reliability the data are dynamically replicated so that devices cancrash without incurring data loss. O Simplicity Infinit can be installed in a matter of minutes, which is notthe case of other professional solutions. O Security every file is encrypted locally with a bank-levelcryptographic algorithm.
  8. 8. the features O Access Control: users decide who has access to theirfiles/directories so that nobody else can access them. O Synchronization: the files are automaticallysynchronized between the users devices. O Capacity: the user/company decides how muchstorage to allocate to the Infinit network. O Unconstrained: users can store and share any file nomatter its type, size or else. O Streaming: files can be accessed directly withouthaving to enter a password, wait for it to be downloaded
  9. 9. the featuresO Community: the community aspect enables users to invitetheir friends to attach their devices to the network.O Integration: once Installed, a virtual Infinit drive appearson the users computer, which behaves as usual.O Offline Access: the user can access her recent files evenwhen disconnected from the Internet.O Interoperability: Infinit works everywhere: Windows, MacOS X, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android etc.
  10. 10. user experience
  11. 11. the installation
  12. 12. user interface
  13. 13. user interface
  14. 14. user interface
  15. 15. user interface uploading synchronized
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