The Right Social Media Platform for your Business


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Choosing the right social media to suit your business needs and save your time.

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The Right Social Media Platform for your Business

  1. 1. For the Right Business Social Media Day Meetup 2013 Kathmandu, Nepal
  2. 2. No matter you are a Startup… or a well kicked off enterprise… • You must be fascinated about growing your business/brand online • But how do you do that?
  3. 3. Website? • A Must have for ALL
  4. 4. Social Media Profile? •Ofcourse but how many ?
  5. 5. Its no fashion so •Choose only the BEST RIGHT one/s
  6. 6. •With over a billion active users •Casual environment •A must be place for ALL businesses •Kids to Seniors; Male & Female •A Whole Family •Opportunity for increasing reach is incredible •Some nice analytics and targeting tools to make paid advertising easy and effective
  7. 7. •Pre-launching Products •Event Promotion •Sales Promotion (contests, offers) •Consumer Feedback •Conversation So what do you use it for:
  8. 8. • Not quite as large as Facebook's, • Still pretty impressive • Effective for businesses with constant updates. • Higher Male audience & a bit techy • Think media services, hospitals and restaurants (wait times, specials), daily deals services (dealerdai, sastodeal) and widely spread/engaged branded products like automobiles, phones, etc.
  9. 9. So what do you use it for:
  10. 10. •All about stunning visual impression, •visually appealing products. •Design oriented •Picturization of feelings, expressions, etc. •All businesses including florists, design firms, building contractors, restaurants •A better fit for products rather than services relatively
  11. 11. So what do you use for:
  12. 12. •One of the fastest growing network •Doesn't have the same kind of user base as other •Not the same frequency or quality of interaction •But it's good for stronger Google+ presences will help with SEO efforts down the line.
  13. 13. •Integration around many platforms like Blogger, YouTube, Gmail, etc. So what do you use for:
  14. 14. •Strictly Professional •Networking, Industry Impressions •Posting company news and product updates •Real impact is on human resources •Guaranteed to generate interest more potential candidates than otherwise, •In addition, particularly effective for B2B enterprises to prospect for new leads.
  15. 15. So what do you use for:
  16. 16. More Social Media Accounts = More Time, Effort & Care
  17. 17. Remember !!! •Less is More •Its good to be Choosy •Be there where your Audience are •Engage with customers in just the right way
  18. 18. Brands are not built overnight but… they can be destroyed in that short So be SOCIAL. Make your Customer the STAR.
  19. 19. Thank you all! Yogesh Aggrawal Inbound Marketing Officer Sparrow SMS @theyogee
  20. 20. Disclaimer • All images, trademarks, designs & logo used here are the properties of their respective owners. • The use of these properties here is for non- commercial purpose only and doesn’t intend to infringe any copyrights of the owners.