Webinar DAAD Session 1


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Webinar DAAD Session 1

  1. 1. Talents in RenewablesA Special Film Series by the Alumniportal Deutschland
  2. 2. Welcome Back to the Webinar
  3. 3. Talents in Renewables• The idea behind it• The main actors in the industry• The technologies involved
  4. 4. Focus: jobs and opportunities• Cutting edge information on technology and HR• Tips on how to apply in the Renewables business• The technologies involved
  5. 5. Info boxes • Strategy / Technology • Human Resources
  6. 6. Topics discussed • R+D / Competitiveness • Market Potential / Capacity • Industry consolidation
  7. 7. Watch out: bilingual
  8. 8. The challenge for us• Strong dynamics in the Renewables industries• Markets in transition • External, large-scale trends • Industry-specific trends (consolidation, technology development)
  9. 9. Whom you will meet• Technology leaders• Large players – upcoming, strong-growing companies• Inventors, niche applications• Companies affected by the Renewables boom
  10. 10. Talents in RenewablesGo straight to the first film on Solar PV: CLICK HERE FOR THE MOVIE!