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Gem 1

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Gem 1

  1. 1. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies       Webinar Series Multilevel Governance
  2. 2. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      112 Thebig topics in Wind Energy The Idea Governance, Environment and Market Initiative - from short-term and single-focus approaches to embracing multilevel complexity for durable results
  3. 3. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      122 Thebig topics in Wind Energy The Experts Available Interdisciplinary GEM Advisory Board
  4. 4. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      132 Thebig topics in Wind Energy The Connecting Link Multilevel Governance - not restricted to one layer of influence global non-state domestic market local
  5. 5. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      142 Topics of the series include The big topics in Wind Energy - land use and climate change - NGO corporate partnerships - Global governance in the forest sector - Globalization, consumption and environmental solutions - Climate change as a super-wicked problem
  6. 6. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      152 Interactioninas key component The big topics Wind Energy Scientific Knowledge Practice
  7. 7. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      162 Two expertsWindeach session The big topics in in Energy GEM Scholar Practitioner Dr. Benjamin Cashore Rony Soerakoesoemah GEM Advisory Board ASEAN Secretariat
  8. 8. Yale  School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies       1 7 2 How we structure each session The big topics in Wind Energyintroduction lecture practitioner discussion
  9. 9. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      182 Post your questions anytime The big topics in Wind Energy lecture practitioner discussion Your question will be collected and prepared for the discussion
  10. 10. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      192 The big topics in Wind Energy
  11. 11. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      Session # 1 November 20, 2012Your scholar today: Professor     Environmental  Governance  &   Political  Science,  Yale  UniversityDr. Benjamin Cashore
  12. 12. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      Session # 1 November 20, 2012Your practitioner today: Head  of  IAI&NDG  Division     ASEAN  Economic  Community   Department     ASEAN  Secretariat,  Indonesia  Rony Soerakoesoemah
  13. 13. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies       Webinar Series Multilevel Governance
  14. 14. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies       Series: How can multilevel governance foster sustainableSession # 1 November 20, 2012Webinardevelopment? Linking knowledge and learning to practicable solutions.Your scholar today: Professor     Environmental  Governance  &   Political  Science,  Yale  University Solving deforestation and degradation through multi-level learning: The GEM approach to managing knowledge for policy in the global area.Dr. Benjamin Cashore
  15. 15. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 GEM Overview Governance, Environment, and Markets (GEM) Initiative It aims to reorient environmental governance research and practice results based problem solving that embraces, rather than bypasses, multi-level complexity.
  16. 16. Yale  School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 Point of DepartureThe last quarter century has witnessed well intended efforts toaddress environmental and resource challenges International Conventions Biodiversity Climate Market mechanisms Marine Stewardship Council Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil Payments for ecosystems services REDD+ Multitude of development aid projects
  17. 17. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 Despite pockets of successMost challenges becoming more acute Fisheries depletion Deforestation and Degradation Climate change super wicked problem Coral reefs Water scarcity
  18. 18. Yale  School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 Five year attention spansThe result is that we are locked in a vicious cycle 5-8 year attention spans A new instrument emerges Lots of excitement, belief this approach will be different Then frustration at limited impacts New instrument then emerges to create new excitement Meanwhile challenges getting more acute
  19. 19. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 GEM Project: Focus on creating durable and effective approaches Must think more carefully about Evolution How to nurture support among stakeholders Impacts on the ground Interaction How to uncover synergies across Local, national, global Private/market
  20. 20. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 The task: Managing Knowledge for Policy Foster policy learning among stakeholders On interaction and evolution Learning about potential of instruments Unfolding pathway Long term effects Turns from often insufficient compromises among stakeholders to Collective problem solving
  21. 21. Yale  School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 Approach Advisory Board Network of scholars and practitioners Five programs linking research to strategy Forest Policy and Governance Including work with IUFRO Task Force on International Forest Governance & GIZ Private Authority Climate Policy and Governance Law, Rights, Environmental Governance Green Markets Lab (with CBEY)
  22. 22. Yale  School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 The Approach in Practice: Deforestation and Degradation
  23. 23. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies       1 Deforestation 51,1%   11  
  24. 24. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies       1 Forest Degradation 51,1%   12  
  25. 25. Yale  School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 Many International Efforts International Tropical Timber Organization Criticized by NGOs as logging charter Global Forest Convention efforts at Rio Failed Global Forest Certification systems Initial firm reluctance Now, most industrial forest companies certified in Europe and North America Trick is to see how might improve support in tropics
  26. 26. Number of hectares under different certification standardsSource: Prepared by Ben Blom, 2009
  27. 27. Yale  School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 The Curious Case of Legality Verification Gaining widespread support to weed out illegal logging from global markets Coalitions opposed previously now working together US, EU forest companies and environmental groups Legislation forbidding importing illegal wood Aid agencies and trade agencies Targeting poverty alleviation, trade liberalization Developing country government emerging As aim is to reinforce sovereignty, not challenge Capacity building, training Private third party auditors (who provide assurances of compliance)
  28. 28. Yale  School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 What to Make of Legality Verification? Pessimistic door Modest is best we can do Optimistic door Part of ratcheting up evolution process Synergistic interaction with Domestic good forest governance initiatives Might pave the way for forest certification
  29. 29. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 Opening the Optimistic Door: Strategic Implications Must first focus on why support/coalition is so large Bootleggers and Baptists coalitions Weeding out illegal supply improves legal operations Price goes up NGOs see weeding out some of worst practices
  30. 30. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 Opening the Optimistic Door: Strategic Implications Requirement for cross coalition benefits? Supply chain tracking Once supply chain tracking in place Standards can be increased In ways that reward companies, not punish May pave the way for broader market based forest certification systems Since lack of supply chain tracking key stumbling block Could even trigger consumer consciousness
  31. 31. Yale   School  of  Forestry  &   Environmental  Studies      1 Concluding thoughts If we are correct Need to link practitioner strategies Away from short term focus To longer term nurturing Interaction and evolution And this requires expanding time horizons Especially so if initial modest standards Might kick start evolutionary process in ways that big bang single step approaches are unable