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E-textbooks Presentation Spring 2012


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William Paterson University’s Cheng Library, Instruction and Research Technology department, Office of the Provost, and Technology Across the Curriculum Committee, hosted this forum to clarify e-books for faculty by providing an explanation of the landscape of e-books, profiling e-book delivery systems and evincing their pedagogical uses. Marketing and Management Professor Dr. Bela Florenthal examines the pros and cons of using e-textbooks in an academic course.

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E-textbooks Presentation Spring 2012

  1. 1. E-Textbooks Bela Florenthal
  2. 2. Outline The e-textbook market E-textbook options  CourseSmart  Strengths and Weaknesses  Demonstration  Inkling  Strengths and Weaknesses  Demonstration  McGraw-Hill Connect  Strengths and Weaknesses  Demonstration
  3. 3. The E-Textbook Market Sources: USA TODAY (8/3/11), Pearson Foundation $4.5 billion worth of textbooks were sold in 2010 Predicted growth of e-textbooks:  3% of sales in 2011 30% 25%  44% of sales by 2017 25% 20% 15% College students 10% 7% 2011 5% 2012 who own tablets: 0%  Quadruple growth in 2012 College Students Owning a Tablet
  4. 4. CourseSmart: A Rent Model Strengths Weaknesses Above 7,000 titles are  Rent is available for 180 available days, non transferable Price:  No option to read  about 50% of the printed offline version  Does not scale well for Free iPhone and iPad iPad landscape apps  Search option is limited iPad app:  iPhone app  Can highlight content  Can’t take notes  Can add notes  Can’t double click to  Ruler for easier read zoom
  5. 5. Inkling: A Purchase Model Strengths Weaknesses Can buy a chapter at a  No rent option is time; $2.99 per chapter available User friendly search  Can be slow to Social options: download  Share notes with other  Only iPad app students  Very limited selection  Connect through Facebook  about 100 titles Free iPad apps  A start-up company iPad app:  Can highlight content  Can add notes  Can take quizzes
  6. 6. McGraw-Hill E-Textbook A Rental Model Strengths Weaknesses Text is interactive  Web based  Can copy to a word  Can’t use offline document  Can’t use through an Bundled with Connect app interface  Not very scalable Pages can be printed  Connect + costs about Interactive search $80  Word based  Can’t resell to recoup Definitions of concepts by the cost hovering over them
  7. 7. THANK YOU