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hopTo Work 2.0 -Transform Windows Apps into Touch Friendly Mobile Apps


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hopTo Work is the New Mobile Workspace.Transport & transform your existing Windows apps into touch friendly mobile apps- with NO coding required.

View the hopTo Work 2.0 product launch webinar recording -

View our hands-on technical webinar co-hosted by Doug Brown (Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware vEXPERT) -

You can find the hopTo Work 2.0 Youtube video demo playlist here -

Most IT departments face an exponential change – the explosion of mobile devices. The real challenge is the fact that most mission critical applications are Windows based, but most new mobile devices are not. While solutions exist to transport your mission critical apps to mobile devices, users often struggle a great deal with using a touch interface for an app designed for a mouse and keyboard.

hopTo offers a mobile workspace that overcomes the many challenges of transporting Windows apps to mobile devices by transforming the user interface to be touch friendly & mobile. hopTo Work uses an organizations existing Windows infrastructure to enable a complete multi-tasking mobility solution for all users while keeping all documents and content secure on the internal network. We enable you to transport your Windows apps to mobile devices, then transform those Windows apps into touch friendly mobile apps – with no coding required.

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hopTo Work 2.0 -Transform Windows Apps into Touch Friendly Mobile Apps

  1. 1. THE NEW MOBILE WORKSPACE Enable Business Applications on Mobile Devices hopTo Work “I am amazed to see how easily hopTo transforms the user interface of existing Windows apps into a touch enabled interface…” -Douglas Brown,
  2. 2. hopTo hopTo enables mobile workers to combine the power of Windows apps with the great user experience of touch enabled mobile devices. Our team has many years experience in building software solutions in three key areas • Developing multi-user Windows remoting products • Building mobile apps for Office document creation & editing • Creating touch friendly mobile interfaces for existing Windows apps Enable Business Applications on Mobile Devices
  3. 3. AGENDA Pieces of the Puzzle What is hopTo WORK? How Does It Work? Pricing
  5. 5. PIECESoftheMOBILIZATIONPUZZLE EXISTING WINDOWS APPLICATIONS • Powerful, fully functional Windows apps are mission critical • Organizations may have hundreds or thousands of apps EXPLOSION OF MOBILE DEVICES • 88% of all devices sold by 2018 will be mobile • iOS and Android currently own almost 90% of mobile device market MOBILIZATION IS A CHALLENGE • Solutions exist to transport Windows apps to mobile • Apps designed for mouse & keyboard can be very difficult to use on touch devices
  6. 6. What is hopTo Work?
  7. 7. hopTo Work delivers a new mobile workspace solution Existing Windows infrastructure Combines power of Windows apps with a full touch experience Switch between apps without closing or minimizing Keep all documents on the internal network
  8. 8. Non-WindowsDevices SecureDocumentsRemoteApplications MobileAppeXperience Internal&CloudStorage OfficeDocumentEditing
  9. 9. Non-WindowsDevices SecureDocumentsRemoteApplications MobileAppeXperience Internal&CloudStorage OfficeDocumentEditing Mobile Workspace
  10. 10. Introducing hopTo Work 2.0 with MAX - Mobile App eXperience Transform Windows Apps into touch apps Dramatically improve user experience Leverage local device resources
  11. 11. hopToWorkMAX MAXcontrol –Map Windows app functions to touch friendly toolbar –Customizable –Nest Menus
  12. 12. hopToWorkMAX MAXcam –Insert photos, barcodes & QR codes into a Windows app directly from device camera
  13. 13. hopToWorkMAX MAXedit –Touch Buttons for Cut, Copy, Paste, Select, Select All, Previous & Next –Touch Buttons for SHIFT, CNTRL, ALT, TAB & ESC
  14. 14. hopToWork • Rich, touch enabled document management & editing w/ Microsoft Office on Windows • Flexible document access –On Premise: Windows File Server, My Documents, SharePoint –Cloud Storage: Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Egnyte
  15. 15. hopToWork • Android Client released • OS version support –Android OS 4.1 or greater • Tested Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC & more
  16. 16. RAVES “hopTo Work delivers Windows applications to mobile devices with a touch-friendly interface, quickly and easily. “ Ronda Mish, COO, Resource Dynamics, Inc. “This new release of hopTo Work has some unique features that can help our customers immediately. The ability to combine the power of Windows apps with the ease of use and great touch experience of mobile devices is a new and exciting offering for us...” Patrick Carley, CEO, Precedent-Tech
  17. 17. How Does It Work?
  18. 18. DEMO
  19. 19. Pricing
  20. 20. Basic Support & Maintenance One Year Included List Pricing Perpetual license with a list price of $99 per User. Volume discounts available. Pilot License Program 50 Users for 60 days Per User Licensing 15 DAY EVAL Available at
  21. 21. RECORDEDWEBINARS hopTo Work 2.0 Product Launch Webinar Demo with multiple apps Hands on Technical Webinar Co-hosted by Douglas Brown Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware vEXPERT Via GoToWEBINAR
  22. 22. THENEWMOBILE WORKSPACE Transport & transform Windows apps into mobile apps with hopTo Work MAX. Quickly & securely access internal apps & docs from the latest mobile devices. Touch Friendly Access Existing Windows Infrastructure Secure Documents Internally Contact us at
  23. 23. hopTo WORK The New Mobile Workspace